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33 Best Xuanhuan & Adventure Light Novels

You might know light novels as ranobe or LN or web novel. This particular style of novel has become a popular novel genre all over the world. It all started in Japan back in 1975. And, since then, many authors and publishers started to release new light novels.

And, due to their popularity, many light novels have been translated into many languages over the course of time.

Eventually, authors from many other countries other than Japan also began writing light novels. And in this post, we will be talking about the top 32 best light novels, you can read right now.

So I have read half of novels in this list starting from number 1 and each one is an amazing gem , these are just so addictive that I forgot to eat or sleep. All my time was consumed in reading. Right now I am reading ” The Genius system without equal ” , 150 chapters in. I feel blessed that I have so much time , energy and access to all these wonderful novels. Although I can’t be the MC in each but it’s exciting and beautiful to read. My sincere thanks to all the writers , their brilliant minds that can create these work of art.

Shubham from

Let me know your favorite ones in comments , so I can add more here.

Best Xuanhuan & Adventure Light Novels

1. The Gate Of Good Fortune

The gate of good fortune

This is an ongoing novel , I have caught up to the latest translated chapter. While it is your typical cultivation novel with MC finding treasures and resources , but there is a certain drama element too.

The world is created well , people get offended easily. The MC is originally from earth and is reincarnated in a cultivation world. The growth of this novel and expansion of world is quite good , with time it just keeps getting more and more interesting.

Anyone looking for a new cultivation novel , this is it.

2. Power and Wealth

Power and Wealth

One of my latest hidden gem that I discovered. This novel will keep you engrossed till you catch up to the latest chapter , while missing your sleep and work lol. That’s how interesting it is , a bit different from the basic cultivation novels.

It does have the OP MC situations when you get goosebumps and feel all excited , it also got me curious about new things like how power dynamics work in government offices. How carefully you have to take each step and of course OP MC using the cheat to rule them all. Plus there are lot of cute women , overall highly recommended.

3. Extraordinary Genuis

Extraordinary Genius

Don’t blame me if you loose your sleep while reading this , hehe. The novel is about business and that too in god mode. This novel will open your eyes to financial world , business , branding and many other things.

It is a gem ofcourse , I have read so 300-400 chapters already. In this novel you will see how the technologies and companies evolved around the world , the likes of Sony , AIWA , LENOVO etc. It’s all fictional though , but you will enjoy it very much as they have made it by taking reference from real word. You will see the figures like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet appearing.

Highly Recommended!

4. Lord Of Mysteries

I am reading this novel currently 500 chapters in , this is a masterpiece. It’s different from your regular cultivation novels and power plays. The world of this novel is created quite well and pulls in the reader. I can forget eating and read this continuously for hours on end.

This is not your typical xuanhuan cultivation novel , but something much different and interesting.

It can be a bit dark , but not too much. The humor in this novel is something you will enjoy and burst out in frequent laughs. Fight scenes are well written and story , characters develop adeptly.

All in all , it’s a must read and highly recommended from me.

5. Reverend Insanity

So , I started this novel and currently 100 chapters in. It’s about collecting Gu worms , cultivating and using these Gu worm’s various capabilities to advance and fight.

The MC gets reincarnated 500 years back after being chased for the power he got. After being reincarnated his story begins , with a cheat of 500 years of experience.

So , it interesting yes. It doesn’t have that many outstanding cheats but a lot of mind calculation going on. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea like MGA , ATG etc

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6. Against the Gods

Yun Che Yun Che Yun Che , That’s all you are gonna say for the days you will read this beast. This guy is a real OP character , who gets god level cheats and stomp the rich arrogant privileged antagonists.

This is a Chinese novel from the famous author Mars Gravity. This light novel is based on the action, comedy, romance, and fantasy genre.

You will love how he turns around his own and family’s situation , how he conquer all the world with mind and power. (and cheats)

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7. I Alone Level-Up

You might know this as ‘Solo Leveling’. This is a popular web novel all around the world. Matter of fact, it has been adapted as a Manhwa due to its popularity. This light novel is written by Chu-Gong.

And, it is a South Korean light novel from the Action and Fantasy genre. This LN was published back in 2014. And, it is still ongoing.

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If you want to be a part of the 1.5 million readers of this web novel, you can begin reading that.

8. Martial God Asura

This is another Chinese light novel written by ‘Kindhearted Bee’. It is also an Action and Fantasy web novel. According to many readers, this is a great novel with a myriad of characters.

It is an ongoing novel that has over 4200 chapters.  So, if you want to catch up to the latest chapters, you should start with it as soon as possible.

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9. Martial World

If you love a blend of mystery, fantasy, alchemy, romance, and tragedy, then you should read the ‘Martial World’. It is written by ‘Cocooned Cow’. The story is based on the life of Lin Ming.

Most readers have praised this novel to a greater extent. The majority of them have said everyone should read this light novel once in their lifetime.

10. Warlock of the Magus World

Another Fantasy and Action filled web novel on our list. This is from ‘The Plagiarist’. The story revolves around ‘Leylin’, a scientist. And, Leylin is from a futuristic world. However, he is reincarnated in a world of magic.

If you want to enjoy the later part of this light novel with over 1200 chapters, you should check this one out.

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11. The King’s Avatar

You might be familiar with the ‘The King’s Avatar’ anime. Interestingly, this anime was adapted from the light novel of the same title. This is another Chinese light novel written by ‘Hu Dielan’.

This novel tells us the story of an online multiplayer video game named ‘Glory’ and the story of a fictional eSports scene in China.

12. Dragon-Marked War God

The main character of the ‘Dragon-Marked War God’ is ‘Jiang Chen’. This is also of Chinese origin.

Here, you will learn about a great saint who was reincarnated after a century. The writer of this light novel series is ‘Su Yue Xi’. And, it is definitely worth a read.

13. Release that Witch

Ok So , this is a bit different kind of light novel. Here a guy from China wakes up in a medieval kind of world where there are witches and magic.

Here you will see how he introduces modern world technology in a world of king’s and witches. Some dialogues are quite funny and you can relate so much to them.

There are over powered fights and he gives weird funny names to things. All in all this is a very relatable novel , you will imagine as if you are in that world.

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14. Emperor’s Domination

‘Emperor’s Domination’ is a popular web novel written by Yanbi Xiaosheng. It revolves around the story of a 13-year boy trapped in the body of a crow that is immortal.

And, he was trapped inside the crow for over millions of years. But inside the crow, he is billions of years old mentally. Want to know more? Then don’t waste any more time and read it.

15. World Domination System

Recently, the ‘World Domination System’ has become a popular light novel among many light novel lovers across the world.

For your information, it is an ongoing web novel based on the Fantasy genre. And right now, there are about 1100+ chapters of this ranobe. So, you should begin reading it shortly.

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16. In a Different World with a Smartphone

This is a Japanese light novel written by Patora Fuyuhara. This is another ongoing light novel. However, it is a very popular one. As a result, it has been adapted to both manga and anime.

If you have read the manga or have watched the anime, you should also read this light novel. Frankly, the web novel version of this has more detailed character developments and plot.

17. Overgeared

Overgeared is written by ‘Park Saenal’. It is a South Korean light novel regarding action, comedy, adventure, and fantasy genre. Right now, it has over 1000+ chapters.

However, this is also being translated into English due to its high popularity.

This is about a boy named ‘Grid’ who had a hopeless life. But suddenly, his luck turned around while he got ahold of the legendary ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’.

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18. The Legendary Mechanic

Are you a fan of ‘Game’ light novels? Then you will love ‘The Legendary Mechanic’.

The main character here wakes up and suddenly finds him inside the game he loves the most. This transmigration light novel is a unique one. You should definitely read it.

19. Ancient Dragon Spell

The ‘Ancient Dragon Spell’ is written by Meng Xun Qian Gu. It has over 2800 chapters. And it is still ongoing. This is about ‘Win Feng’. He is the king of the elixir. However, he was reincarnated to the age of 16.

His life turns into struggle and his status was getting lower day by day. However, while he was reincarnated, he was given the power of the ‘Ancient Dragon Spell’. Will he become his savior this time?

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20. Library of Heaven’s Path

If you want to read an entertaining and fun light novel, then the ‘Library of Heaven’s Path’ is for you. This is written by ‘Heng Sao Tian Ya’ and has over 2200 chapters.

The story of this web novel revolves around an honorable teacher named ‘Zhang Xuan’. It is also a Chinese web novel based on the Fantasy genre.

21. Everyone Else is a Returnee

The main character of this web novel is ‘Yu IlHan’. He is ignored by everybody including God. And, in that situation, he spent thousands of years working on his skills to get ready for the Great Cataclysm.

And, after the Great Cataclysm starts, he is needed. Can he apply all the tricks and skills he learned while ignored by everyone when it’s crunch time?

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22. Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

‘Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss’ is a well-recognized web novel all around the world. Matter of fact, it has been adapted to a manga series for its high popularity. This is about a genius doctor who can bring anyone back from the dead with just a silver needle. To know more about the mysterious story of her, you have to read the novel yourself.

23. MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

From the name, you can guess that it is a video game-related light novel. The protagonist of this light novel is Zhang Yang. Once he was a pro gamer in the world’s most popular game named ‘God’s Miracle’.

But he committed suicide due to many issues with his life in the first place. However, he has been reincarnated. And, we can’t recommend this enough, if you love video game-related light novels.

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24. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

This is also another Korean web novel written by ‘Nam Heesung’. The story revolves around the main protagonist named ‘Lee Hyun’. Generally, he is a slave to money. But at the same time, he is not that bad at all. So, the story will take you through the story of him becoming an emperor against all types of obstacles and struggles.

25. I Shall Seal the Heavens

‘I shall Seal the Heavens’ is a Chinese web novel written by ‘Er Gen’. This novel is about Meng Hao, who is a young scholar. But incidentally, he was recruited into a team of immortal cultivators forcibly. And to know the rest, get ready to read this epic light novel full of comedy, drama, and action.

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26. The Second Coming of Gluttony

This web novel was written by an up and coming writer named Ro Yu-jin. The novel is written in the South Korean language. However, due to its sky-high popularity, it has been translated into English for a long time. This novel has everything from romance, intense action, a touch of comedy, and great character developments. We can tell that you will enjoy this one.

27. God Of Slaughter

The ‘God of Slaughter’ takes us through the story of Shi Yan. He is the main character of this novel. All of a sudden, he was reincarnated in Grace Mainland as a little boy.

And, his life changed since the day he found a ring and a blood pool inside a cryptic ancient cave. To be a part of his transformative life, one should definitely read this light novel.

28. Long Live Summons!

This light novel tells us the story of the mysterious world ‘Soaring Dragon Continent’. Here, the only way to become stronger and powerful is to become a summoner.

The main character of this light novel is Yue Yang. He was a normal high schoolboy. But one day, after waking up, he finds him in that mysterious world. This web novel has over 700 chapters in English.

29. Battle Through the Heavens

When it comes to the best light novels, there’s no way we can exclude the ‘Battle Through the Heavens’ light novel. This is so much popular that it has been adapted to a TV series in China.

This light novel is also known as ‘Fights Break Sphere’. If you have seen the TV series, you know how great the plot is. But to get the best experience of the story, you must read the web novel.

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31. World Defying Dan God

Written by ‘Ji Xiao Zei’, this light novel takes us to the story of Shen Xiang. Initially, he was not a formidable character as he didn’t have any spiritual roots.

Later, he met a couple of goddesses in a fortunate even in his lifetime. And, they provided him with 2 divine veins upon their meeting. Since then, he became a powerful protagonist of the story.

31. Super System Plundering the Heaven

The next light novel on our list is the ‘Super System Plundering the Heaven’. It is written by ‘Dong Fang Qing Liu Shui’. The main character of this novel is Ye Yu. If you enjoy martial arts, slice of life, and adventure genre, you will love this.

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32. Womanizing Mage

If you are in search of a romantic light novel, you should go with the ‘Womanizing Mage’. This web novel revolves around the story of a righteous man named Long Yi.

But unfortunately, he was killed. But things get different when he was reborn in the body of a womanizer. This is a Chinese light novel. And, many chapters have already been translate into English. So, you can give it a read.

33. The Genius System Without Equal

The genius system without an equal

I was reading this novel last month , but caught up to the latest chapter and had to drop. Well , this is quite an interesting work , something which can give you feels and goosebumps.

It has a lot of action and power packed fights , something that will surely keep you immersed.

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  1. Well IMDC not even in the list – how should I take this list seriously then?

    • That novel “Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation” is bad plotwise generic xuanxhuan that had me raging nonstop. I stuck with until the end because I wanted to be fair.
      This MC would be a side character in other novels. He’s a moron, he falls for every trick imaginable. It’s just 2500 chapters of him s*upidly walking into one trap after another.
      The cultivation system is dumb. The author spends too much time on leveling up side skills and bloodline. It wouldn’t be bad if side skills and bloodline provided the MC with a big boost. They don’t though. All they do is ensure that he’s unbeatable among people of the same cultivation level. His cultivation itself, is on par with throwaway arrogants throwaway side characters. That plot literally centers around throwaway characters. It was frustrating because the author had so many plots he had yet to wrap up with the MC, and he wastes so many chapters towards the end, on throwaway characters.
      This novel should not have a harem tag. He only has one woman. And she’s gone for 99.9% of the novel. In the.1% that they are together… There’s barely any dialogue between her and the MC.
      I regret picking this novel up. I regret sticking with it until the end. Not recommended but I do recommend these..

      -Reverend Insanity
      -Renegade Immortal
      -Cultivation Chat Group
      -Martial World
      -Desolate Era
      -True Martial World
      -Warlock of the Magus World
      -Reincarnation of Sword God
      -Cultivation Online
      -Warlock of the Magus World
      -A Record of Mortals Journey of Immortality
      -I Shall seal the Heavens
      -History’s Number One Founder
      -Library of Heavens Path
      -Dragon-Marked War God
      -Against the Gods
      -Super Gene
      -Release that Witch

    • Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation , I will check it out. Currently I am reading Renegade Immortal , looking fine.

  2. Check out Invincible also

  3. where do i find SUPER SYSTEM PLUNDERING THE HEAVEN ???babel novel has locked chapters …but other site has mtl chap…please provide me the link….

  4. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas A Will Eternal et Transcending the Nine Heavens à lire.

  5. Reincarnation of strongest sword god it is op read it

  6. lame, this lists is stupid. that no.1 started fine and then downhill. fff

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