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7hz Eternal IEM Review – “Mid”Philic

7Hz, a newly established brand based out of China, got a good reputation among the Audiophiles. They are well expertise in the production of high end IEMs since the Timeless IEM is a testimony for that.

The Timeless, a planar driver IEM got a raving response among the consumers for its spectacular sound hence the price to performance ratio was solid with that product. To celebrate their anniversary they launched this single dynamic driver IEM named Eternal and in this review let’s check out how this fares against the current competition.

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Resistance – 30 ohm

Sound pressure level – 109db/1 khz

Frequency response range – 10-20000hz

Driver – 14.5mm moving coil

14.5mm LCP Dynamic Driver-Laboratory level

CNC Aluminum Cavity Sapphire Optical Glass Faceplate

OCC+Single Crystal Silver Cable


The design language is same as that of the Timeless but with some minor changes like the sapphire glass faceplate instead of the usual aluminium faceplate. The use of expensive sapphire glass does help in avoiding the scratches and the breakages. The circular shell does help in providing a nice isolated fit with good comfort.

They adopted the MMCX connection and as per my usage the connection felt secure and easy to remove. The provided stock cable is an OCC cable with copper and silver cables. The braiding is done sturdier and does have the outer sheath to provide uninterrupted connection. They are available in different terminations varying from 2.5, 3.5, and 4.4mm. 

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The provided case is well built enclosing a full metal construction. They are very satisfying to open and close with a nice felt lining inside. The case colour is very attractive where its bronze metallic colour matches the colour of the IEM making this look like an expensive jewellery! 


The sound profile of the Eternal is more on the balanced side with more emphasis over the mid range section. The bass is present but it’s very much subdued out while the treble is kept at a pleasing rate. The mid range is where the show starts by displaying its natural tone and lush timbre. Being a dynamic driver they could have done even better but hope in the next iteration that just changes and improves. Let’s dive into the full dissection of the audio.

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The bass here in the Eternal is more mature than fun organised. The quality is where the eternal excels while misses out a lot on the quantity side. The balance between the quality and the quantity is missed out. The sub bass especially is not that great in terms of reach, rumble and presence. Even in the sub bass prominent tracks the sub bass notes appear to be subtle.

The mid bass is present but it too requires the quantity to make it sound fuller overall. The punch and the slam is missing out here and the attack is not that authoritative. The quality however is kept nicely where the control and the speed is admirable here. The bass is pretty fast here hence the separation in the low end is pretty good in the eternal. The clarity and the texture in the low end is kept nicely without any sort of distortion or excess bloom.

Overall the bass is focussed more on the quality side over the quantity side. The slam, attack and the weight is missed out while the separation, control and the speed are kept at a steady rate. The fullness factor is not present here due to that weightless bass response and being a single dynamic driver thought that the bass is going to be pretty fuller but the reality is kind of opposite even after the utilisation of the LCP diaphragm which is known for its impressive bass response.


The mid range is the perfect star show with excellent tonality and timbre representation which we usually see from a dynamic driver IEMs. First the vocals, where even though they are tuned to be presented in the forward position, they still sound pretty comfortable for the longer listening sessions without causing any harshness in the long run. The vocals are presented well articulated with natural sound reproduction without making them too smoother and muffled. The natural tonality is displayed out everywhere making this a very good vocals centric IEM.

The instrument has a nice warm timbre giving a nice engaging experience for the listener. The piano notes and the acoustic guitar strings have a nice note weight thus they sounded very much fuller. The detail retrieval in the mid section also appears pretty good hence the minute instruments are brought out really very well hence the separation aspect is a thumbs up in this eternal.

Both the upper and the lower midrange are tuned well with equal emphasis. The whole midrange section appeared pretty fuller yet clean with no noticeable distortion. The tonality is kept natural with a nice warm and lush timbre producing a nice thick overall sound. The detail retrieval in the mid range is pretty good and does bring out minute instrument notes even in the busy tracks.


The treble is kept in a silent manner where the sibilance is kept under control. The extension in the top end is pretty good providing some great amount of airiness in the top end. The overall signature is neither too dark nor too bright; rather , they are safely tuned to provide an adequate amount of brilliance and shimmer in the top end.

The cymbal crashes sounds pretty good with nice attack and decay but still they appear to be slightly recessed and subdued. The splash in the instruments is kept quieter to provide a pleasing and non fatiguing listen in the long run. 

The detail retrieval is kept at a good pace since the extension in the top end tuned great. The adequate amount of brightness gave the Eternal a great amount of separation in the top end thus the instruments never sounded congested and appeared pretty spaced out.


STAGING: The staging in the Eternal is pretty good. It’s wide enough and above average for the price but it’s definitely not that big enough in terms of depth and height. The nice wide staging helped in bringing out a nice grandeur presentation. The layering is made well to where the varying depth in the notes is brought out really well. The vocals and the instruments are layered out very well with nice positioning. The depth in the stage is not that great since the bass response in the Eternal is pretty much subdued.

IMAGING: The imaging is pretty good here with nice precise placement of the instruments where the listener can easily spot out the instruments even when the busy tracks are replayed out. The channel sweep and the transient response felt pretty smoother. Since the staging is wide enough nothing felt constricted out thus the placement felt pretty much precise.


Eternal, the latest offering from the House of 7Hz is a solid package for the consumers who love the mid range a lot. The Eternal is equipped with a 14.5mm LCP Diaphragm Dynamic Driver producing a nice balanced mid range focused sound. The Timeless is their previously launched product, being a planar product it produced a fantastic sound for the price and that’s my primary recommendation for the price. The Eternal is not their direct successor since the driver is a Dynamic Driver.

The sound out of the Eternal is pretty balanced with more emphasis over the midrange. The bass being on the weaker side with subtle quantity lacks the impact. The treble section is tuned out offensively with adequate brightness in the top end providing a nice pleasing overall listen. The mid range has that natural tonality with warm and lush timbre providing a nice full and thicker sound. 

Technical aspects like the staging are pretty wide enough, depth being on the shallow side due to that impact less bass response. The imaging and the layering are spot on with precise placement of instruments and representing every varying depth notes accurately. The detail retrieval is good enough but definitely not the best out of the competition.

The design language is pretty unique and follows the same pattern as that of the Timeless having a disc shaped shell providing nice comfort and isolation. Instead of the usual aluminium faceplate the eternal equips the sapphire glass which is pretty much seen in the luxury wrist watches to avoid scratches and breaks. They do tend to show scattered effects when the light strikes on them.

Overall, the Eternal being a single dynamic driver produces a well matured mid centric sound with excellent design choice. That unique dynamic driver tonality and timbre is so addictive, providing a nice pleasing listen overall. The bass is the weaker aspect and could have been improved considering the LCP material that they have used. This is surely a MID”PHILIC” iem that every audiophile out there should have in their collection if you do love the mid range that much. If i have to pick one, then i would go with the Timeless as my option since that sounds better to my ears.



  1. Melodious Midrange
  2. Tonality and Timbre
  3. Technical Aspects
  4. Design and Fit
  5. Accessories


  1. Non Authoritative Bass
  2. Weaker Cymbal Crashes
  3. Price

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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I’m Kathiravan from Tamilnadu. A budding audiophile here with high love towards music and audio equipment. My first experience of enjoying the hifi audio came when I started to use budget chi-fi gears and now it came all along the way of reviewing the gears with high end stuffs. I love reviewing audio products.

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