Amazon Dash Button For Fast and Easy Ordering

Amazon Dash Button

Amazon has a fantastic facility for its customers known as Amazon Dash Button which uses a proprietary device to order stuff over the internet from Amazon , It hasn’t been launched in India yet though.

The hardware permits its prime members to order whatever they want just on a push of the button.


1) It has an Amazon Dash wand, a barcode scanner connected to Wi-Fi and a voice command device used to get consumer goods inventory to the house assimilating with Amazon Fresh.

2) The Amazon Dash button is a small tray like electronic device that is placed at home.

And programmed in a manner that one can order consumer goods such as paper towels, wipes, detergent, etc.

3) It also features an Amazon dash replenishment service that lets its creators add a physical button or an auto detection capability to the hardware.

This helps in reordering the supplies from Amazon whenever required.

The barcode scanner

– The Amazon Dash wand is a Wi-Fi connected device.

– That lets you create a shopping list by scanning barcodes and order them by speaking out their names loud.

– Your request will directly connect with Amazon Fresh which is the online grocery store of Amazon.

– In October 2016, a 2nd generation model was announced.

– Which is an inch smaller and has a magnet letting you attach the device with your fridge in the kitchen.

Other uses

The device is not just useful for customers in case of ordering household stuff online, but one can also order pizzas, track time and a lot more.

Thus, it has been a very useful and convenient to use device specially launched for the Amazon Prime members.

Final word

Introduced back on 31st March 2015, the Amazon Dash button has received mixed reviews.

However, positively considered by most of the users, the reviews favoured the convenience to prime members enjoyed ending up with no shortage of household stuff.

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