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Apple Apology and Battery Replacement At ₹2000 in India

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Apple released its apology the last week on the slow performance of old iPhones due to poor battery conditions without the users’ knowledge on the same. It was found that the aged batteries slowed down the performance of the phones.

It promised to offer the batteries for the slowed down phones at a price $29. It’s actual cost being $79; the company has begun offering its batteries at $50 discount. The customers can now replace their batteries and continue using their phones without slackening their performance.

Apple discovered that it was the operating systems that throttled their performance. The company started this after testing various models. There were multiple lawsuits filed against the company post which it was found that the operating systems had diminished the batter performance.

Apple’s battery replacement in India

This battery replacement service alluded in the previous week is also available in India now. The discounts will prevail until December 2018. This will ensure that every user facing the problem can get their battery replaced without hassles and rush. In India, one can avail the battery at just ₹2000 plus taxes.

Formerly, the price of the batteries prevailed at ₹6000 in the country. Thus, there is at least a 66% discount on the batteries. The replacements can be made for any of the batteries of iPhone 6 and its further versions.

Precisely, the old iPhone 6 models, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7+ and iPhone SE models are available for a battery replacement at the discount mentioned.

Apple Apology and Battery

Apple tries to identify and resolve the issue

It is identified that the iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and SE have a slow performance as their batteries get older. They failed to provide the required power to the processor. The problem is not new. It was also previously announced last year that the problem persisted with iOS 10.2.1 when there would be unexpected shutdowns with iPhone 6.

The battery experienced a failure to provide enough power to the processor. Meanwhile then, the performance was not at a significant penalty; but the new standards show that the penalty is much more substantial than formerly alleged.

Apple states that it never intentionally slowed down the process and it is working its best to manage the phones’ performance maximising its batteries’ lifespan. It is found that the power management works with a combination of the state of the battery charge, device temperature, and the impedance of the battery.

The processor speed is simply a part of the battery, its performance and a puzzle to the management. It is identified that the iPhones with aged batteries may cause a lot of other damage such as lowering down of the maximum speaker volume, dimming the screens, disabling the flash of the camera and a lot more. However, the battery will not cause any effect to the cell radio, camera quality and the GPS.      

Apple wants to build back its trust with the customers

With the big news that broke on Apple’s battery degraded performance, the company has to move a long way rebuilding its trust with its customers. A lot of people had already believed that the company had slowed down their phone performances and this big news gave them a feeling of confirmation. It’s difficult to get them back.

However, Apple stated in one of its letters that they always wanted their customers to use their phone for as long as possible.

They intentionally did not ruin the durability of the phone. The company being seriously worried about its performance and loosing of customers, it has launched the discount scheme for the entire 2018 letting its customers replace their batteries and build trust with the brand again. The iOS update planned for 2018 will undoubtedly ensure new features and an enhanced battery performance for its users.

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