Apple Iphone SE Prices to come down at Rs.19999 with cashback

Good news for all who look forward to buying iPhone but are out of a budget. Apple has lowered the price of iPhone SE making it available at ₹19,999. One can get the 16 GB model for this price.

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However, the 64GB model costs ₹25,999. Moreover, shoppers can earn ₹5000 cashback on their purchases through debit or credit cards making the phone cost you even less. The phone is known to be available until March 31.

Currently it is priced at ₹21,499 on Amazon.

Why the price cut?

Due to the falling market share of the company in the market, it had to make tough decisions to become more competitive in the market.

The 16 GB variant that was sold at ₹29,999 and 64 GB variants at ₹36,000 are seen to decline for this reason.

Further, the cashback is known to have attracted a huge number of customers letting the company stand upright in the market once again. Let us talk about the features of the phone:

Apple Iphone SE Display

The 4-inch screen phone is an amazing device for people looking out for a compact handset. Apple stands prominently in the Indian market for its compact sizes.

It has a retina display that was experienced by users first time in iPhone 5s.

Apple Iphone SE Performance

The phone being an upgraded version of iPhone 5s has entrailed the features of an iPhone 6. It has 2GB RAM and A9 processor making it work smooth and steady. The TouchId fingerprint sensor along with support for Apple Pay making the usage simpler and quicker. Moreover, it is fitted with a 1624 mAh battery.

Apple Iphone SE Prices to come down at Rs.19999 with cashback
Iphone SE Camera

It has a 12 MP iSight rear camera with Apple’s dual tone flash. It can shoot 4K videos with the same. It further has a 1.2 MP camera on the front.

Apple Iphone SE Prices to come down at Rs.19999 with cashback

The phone being available at such affordable prices makes it one of the popular phones in the market. The huge demand has let new customers join the iPhone family.

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