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10 Best Artificial Christmas Trees in India

Now that the holidays are around, it is indispensable to disseminate the knowLEDge of the Christmas Tree and its importance to the younger generations. The evergreen fir tree, also known as the Christmas tree is widely used by many households to celebrate the festival of joy, happiness, and togetherness. Christmas is deemed to be a festival of joy because it is the birth occasion of Jesus Christ, aka son of God. Christmas is all about bringing smiles to others faces and doing everything that you can do for others to stay happy. And to keep that tradition alive, many households from all around the world celebrate this joyous day of the year. 

When it’s a holiday and you are most probably to set a get-together and when in get together, you are required to bring gifts for your loved ones. And there is no other gift that can surpass the beauty of gifting Christmas Trees to your close ones. Christmas Tree is a symbol of joy and togetherness and there is nothing much more satisfying than making a promise of your presence in your loved ones’ lives. Holiday traditions are really important for some families as it brings them closer and helps them retain and regain their bonds with each other. By gifting them a Christmas Tree, ensure them you are showing a sense of belonging and that they are important to you.

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Why buy a Christmas tree?

It’s been decades that we have been decorating a Christmas Tree every year but how many of you actually know the reason behind doing so?

Well, let’s provide a descriptive detail on why to buy a Christmas Tree. Evergreen trees are brought home and decorated for thousands of years now. The Christmas Tree is said to symbolize Christ and that is one of the many reasons people from around the world buy and decorate the tree to celebrate his birth. Along with keeping your house joyous and cheering, Christmas Trees are bought to give pleasants in the house through its greenery and calmness. Celebrating winter is one reason but bringing a sense of bonding and togetherness is another: many parents buy a Christmas Tree to glorify their kid’s excitement about the festival and the tradition, of course. When decorating a Christmas Tree, a family shares their problems and laughs over joker or play with their children and take care of their old parents whom they haven’t met for years. By doing this, you are making sure that light is being reflected at each angle evenly and that your tree is looking beautiful from every angle possible.  While Christmas is a festival of joy, the Christmas Tree brings out the will in every family member to cherish that joy, that this festival has to offer. 

Get yourself a Christmas Tree and enjoy the season of holidays with your close and favorite ones.

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Artificial vs Real Christmas tree?

By keeping in mind different aspects including environmental and impact, we are going to classify which tree (artificial or real) Christmas Tree is a better option. 

Pros of a real Christmas Tree-

  • They are biodegradable and reusable
  • Keep the festive family tradition alive in a household
  • Smell incredible
  • They support the local economy
  • Are often cheaper than artificial ones.

Pros of an artificial Christmas Tree- 

  • You can use them for several years
  • They require low maintenance and are lesser messy
  • Are fire-resistant
  • They are highly customizable

Christmas is not about getting a Christmas Tree, it is about how hard you are trying to bond with your family and friends. Christmas is a festival of joy as it has a unique tendency of bringing out the sensitive yet joyous part in every household, this is the only time that the family gets together and this, hard to get chance can never be missed!

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How to decorate a Christmas tree?

The style in layers! 

The decoration of a Christmas Tree is quite an easy task to adopt, all you have to do is adopt some patience and follow a few easy steps. 

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Step 1- Hang your Christmas lights

There is a variety of Christmas lights to choose from- Traditional Incandescent Lights, LED lights, Globe Lights, Bubble Lights, etc. Pick out any of the references and start to lightning your tree and give your room a dazzling look in real-time. There isn’t any perfect placement of lights to be worried about, don’t forget to decorate with your family members and enjoy the moments to their fullest. 

Step 2- Add garland to the tree

Draping garland is one of the easiest jobs and doesn’t require any kind of rocket science to place it.  For every vertical foot of a tree, try to use two garlands because this would make it extra beautiful and eye-catching. Avoid giving your tree a busy look!

Step 3- Hang other ornaments

Place the Christmas Tree ornaments in the prime position first to give your tree an attractive and dazzling look. Now, fill in with the large ornaments followed by covering the left areas or least covered areas with small and medium ornaments. 

Stand back and observe the extra or missing elements of your tree. 

For such amazing Christmas Tree options to lighten the mood of holidays, below is a list of reliable Christmas Trees to check from- 

Best Artificial Christmas Trees in India

1. ARCHIES Christmas Tree Pack of 76 Items Decorations for Home Gift Combo

ARCHIES Christmas Tree Pack

Want to convert your home into a Christmas wonderland? Then bring home this ‘ARCHIES Christmas Tree Pack’ in which you will be getting 76 Items of decorations to embellish your home with.  This is the best deal to grab as it takes only teeny-tiny minutes to set it up. The set is filLED with the joy of Christmas embodied in Balls, Bells, Gifts, Drums, Stars, Candy Sticks & Santa Claus. Now, you don’t have to rush into the market and get decoration items, all you have to do now is spend three to five minutes into decoration and spend the rest of the evening with your family and friends.

This package is not only built to suit your house but it can do wonders in your office, and other business places as well. The 4 feet high tree is manufactured using non-toxic PVC plastic and the base is provided while using the sturdy metal. No need to worry about any breakages as this tree is built to stand tall and last long. Ornaments inside the package are thoughtfully given to suffice all your decoration needs and helps you convert your home into some twinkling wonderland.

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Holiday gifts have become an indispensable ritual that you heartily follow, so why not gift your loved ones with this ‘ARCHIES Christmas Tree Pack’ and help them decorate their house more beautifully? This product is efficient but needs you to assemble them carefully to expect great results.

2. HK balloons Artificial Christmas Tree And Stand

HK balloons 4Ft Artificial Christmas Tree

Bring home the product of this true-to-its word as it is highly durable and worthy of every penny you spend on it. This Artificial Christmas Tree has the capability of providing a lifelike experience to the celebrators. The tree is manufactured by using dense and realistic PVC needles, which makes it more impacting and real! The best thing about these Christmas trees is that they are easy to assemble and can be decorated by anyone: all you have to do is follow some given steps in the manual and the tree is interestingly separated into 3 sections that allow you to dismantle, store and decorate it. Using an iron stand rather than a plastic stand is one of the main reasons that makes this product a must buy.

The iron stand also ensures a great deal of stability and durability of the tree, so there is no other better option than gifting your colleagues and friends this amazing package of the gift. Buy this fully stacked tree by just expending a genuine amount of money.

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You will be getting a free Merry Christmas banner along with this astonishing royal tree for your beautiful home. Add a sense of extra excitement to your life by making your home holiday-ready with ‘HK Balloons Artificial Christmas Tree and Stand’.

3. Pop the Party Christmas Pine Tree

Pop the Party Christmas Pine Tree, X-Mas Tree 5 Feet

Thinking of a Christmas party? The Christmas tree is an indispensable addition to the room to make the party extra touchy and joyous. This tree is thick, long, and sturdy to last for a longer time and it is also available at an affordable quotation of price. So, if you really want to convert your house’s vibes into holiday then bring this ‘Pop the Party Christmas Pine Tree’ at home and embellish your house with the glowing, twinkling, and lightening joy of Christmas.

Though simple, the tree is capable enough to provide a renaissance to joy, closeness, and happiness. This tree is built to be decorated indoors as well as outdoors as it is easy to assemble because of the three-hinged sections. Bring home this cost-effective tree and make your Christmas even more lifelike and delightful.

This 5Ft. Christmas Tree is all you need to get back your holiday vibes all over again as the product is manufactured to stay long and provide reliability to the user as the product is evidently true to its advertisement.

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You are going to be happy with your purchase once you have made your decision of buying this attractive and not so extravagant Christmas Tree for your house. Even if you want to gift it to someone, go right away and gift them this Pop the Party Christmas Pine Tree. 

4. BDMP Artificial Christmas Pine Tree with Solid Metal Legs

BDMP Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

Are you a holiday enthusiast but also a nature lover? Then there is nothing more relaxing than knowing that there is a product that is essentially built to suffice your hidden requirements. The tree is manufactured by keeping in mind today’s environmental conditions, the material which is used to build this extra lush and lavish tree is non-toxic PVC plastic.  BDMP Artificial Christmas Pine Tree is overloaded with branch tips and natural green color which, together, makes it more real and eye-catching. The anti-crush capacity of the tree is a feature that makes the buyer even more excited about the tree.

The product is skillfully designed to take care of your floors but also to make sure that the tree is durable: the stand is manufactured by using durable metal and plastic is added to the end of the stand to keep both the promises.

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The metallic stand ensures that your tree can be put outdoors in the chilling wind too without being worried about any breakages. You have to follow only three steps and your elegantly standing Christmas Tree is ready to reflect holiday vibes. 

5. TIED RIBBONS Christmas Tree 5 Feet Christmas Decorations for Office Home Restaurants

TIED RIBBONS Christmas Tree 5 Feet Christmas Decorations for Office Home Restaurants

Highly suitable for small spaces this ‘TIED RIBBONS Christmas Tree’ is built to bring a whole different sense of joy and happiness in this holiday season. Enjoy the fun of decoration and spend some luxurious time with your friends, family, and close ones this Christmas. The tree comes with a pre-hinged three sections which makes it easy to be assembLED as you need to follow the detaiLED instructions mentioned in the manual. ‘TIED RIBBONS’ promotes an interesting thought of spending your utmost imagination skills and lesser limitations, so that you can thoroughly enjoy the art of decorating with your favorite ones.

Eco-friendly materials like high-quality PVC needles and robust iron pipes are used to design the whole structure of the tree and stand, respectively. When we say eco-friendly, we mean that the tree is designed by keeping climatic factors in mind, the brand only wants to disseminate a clear message of the balanced ecological system.

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The tree has indefinite bushy branches that make this tree even more lifelike and closer to nature. So don’t waste your time scrolling any further, buy this one, and ensure the beguiling beauty of your courtyard and room. 

6. Zest 4 Toyz Christmas Tree with Multicolor LED Light, Solid Metal Legs Xmas Tree

Zest 4 Toyz Christmas Tree with Multicolor Led Light, Solid Metal Legs Xmas Tree for Office

Still, scrolling and trying to find an ideal Christmas Tree to decorate your home corner with? Why not buy a tree which is beautiful, lush green, and tall? Yes, there exists such types of trees and Zest is providing them to help your holiday glow with lights and embellished with Christmas balls. The tree is tall enough to accommodate all your decoration ideas, the best thing about this product is that it stays true to its words. ‘Zest 4 Toyz Christmas Tree’ is tall enough to make your guests notice the tree as they enter the house. The instant connect technology with an easy plug-in adapter is in-built in the product to make your decorating experiences less perspiring and more amazing!

The product is sturdy enough to hold all your decoratives including garlands and other ornaments. The blades of these Christmas Trees are designed by using high-quality PVC plastic which makes it an eco-friendly product.

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This additional feature is not only efficient enough to make this product look lifelike but it also adds and accelerates the anti-crush capacity of the tree. In the package, you should be expecting a Christmas tree of height 4Ft. and multicolored LED light. 

7. Urban Festivities 6 feet, Six feet Artificial Christmas Tree

Urban Festivities 6 feet, Six feet Artificial Christmas Tree, Xmas Tree for Home Decoration

Want to put your Christmas Tree in the middle of your living room or installing it outside your house? Then bring home this extra efficient and highly reliable Urban Festivities Artificial Christmas Tree. If you are judging the assembling of the tree by its height then you are making a big mistake because the tree is delivered to you in two hinged sections to make the assemble even more easier and feasible. One of the most considerable benefits of these trees is that they are eco-friendly and you don’t have to cut trees to celebrate an occasion.

These eye-catching artificial trees are all you need to make your house extra attractive and your love for nature extra pious and true. Bring home this cost-effective Christmas Tree and lighten your living room with joy and happiness of holidays in the embodiment 6 Ft. tall tree.

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You can set these trees up easily as all you have to do is to join three legs to the main stand and then attach the tree to the stand followed by attaching the branches and the tree. Make sure to straighten out the branches, if you want to enjoy the real Christmas joy. 

8. FIZZYTECH Artificial 6-ft Christmas Tree Xmas Pine Tree with Solid Metal Legs

FIZZYTECH Artificial 6-ft Christmas Tree Xmas Pine Tree

Christmas is a festival of joy and happiness so why waste it perspiring about decorations and arrangements of Christmas Tree? Get a firm hand at this ‘FIZZYTECH Artificial 6 Ft. Christmas Pine Tree and lighten your house with joy, love, and happiness. You are free to order the tree as per your size preference because you are the one who is investing money, right? The branches of these trees have a decent density of leaves and the product is highly recommendable because of the overall quality and durability. The tree will be delivered to you in three parts by making the transportation and assembly an easier part during these rush hours of holidays.

The blades of the trees are simply manufactured by using non-toxic PVC plastic as a superior material and the anti-crush capacity of the tree is beyond mentionable. The metal stand is used to make the tree stand which makes this product extra reliable and durable, the PVC plastic is included to ensure that the tree not only looks real but also bushy and greeny.

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You want to give extra attention while expanding the tree, because if you want to feel Christmas even more evidently then the expansion of the trees is a must to enjoy the lifelike bush of this artificial tree. 

Trending Trunks X-Mas Tree for Christmas Decoration

Trending Trunks X-Mas Tree’ is providing affordable artificial trees to cheer up your holiday season with joy and love. This is an acutely built one foot Christmas Tree that is manufactured to be decorated in your home, office, and at your table and balcony. This tree is designed to resemble pine trees to which you can cheerfully decorate and create lovely memories. To keep your tree stand tall in your living room, bedroom, balcony, or at tables the product is manufactured using a foldable plastic base which not only provides an attractive look to your room but also provides assurance of sturdiness and robustness of the product.

The product is sufficient to give astonishing looks to indoor and outdoor as well because you can easily place lights and other decorative ornaments making your home Christmas ready. The best thing about using ‘Trending Trunks X-Mas Tree for Christmas Decoration’ is that it is easy to assemble and requires only some careful steps to set up.

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Fill your Christmas with cheers and joys by decorating your home, office, or table with these one feet Christmas tree. 

10. WebelKart® X-mas Tree, Christmas tree for Christmas Decor – 3Ft.

WebelKart® X-mas Tree, Christmas Tree for Christmas Decor

Need an artificial Christmas Tree that not only looks real but also is better? Then we are more than happy to introduce you to WebelKart® Christmas Tree which is especially and efficiently designed to fulfill your festive requirements. This is a brand new Christmas Tree that is skillfully designed to provide the essence of the holiday throughout its lifetime. Nowadays, no one wants to spend their holidays in the fuss and mess that traditional trees used to bring with them, so everyone’s choice is inclining towards artificial ones- save time and look nice!

The other best thing about purchasing an artificial tree for your Christmas is that it can be used again and again for many other Christmas’ to come. And to fulfill your long-term requirements, ‘WebelKart’ feels more than delighted to introduce you all with a sturdy and robust 3 Ft. Christmas Tree.

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The only thing to keep in mind is that these products are not built to suit your outside purposes, but other than that, these are capable enough of providing a cheery look to bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, etc. 

FAQs about Christmas tree & Decoration

When is the best time to buy a artificial Christmas Tree?

Mid December is the best time to bring home a Christmas Tree.

Should I buy a prelit or unlit Christmas Tree?

Pre-lit Christmas Trees provide a much easier and quicker tree setup whereas unlit Christmas Trees happen to provide imaginative ventures for the decorators. 

How long do artificial trees last?

The average reusable lifespan of an artificial Christmas Tree is about 6 years. 

Are Costco Christmas Trees good?

Yes, also, they provide a lot of offers to those who have a membership to a nearby local Costco. Hurry up!

How much does a real Christmas tree cost in 2020?

The price of the trees depends upon your size preferences. But usually under Rs. 5000 in India , you can get a good artificial tree.

Can I order a artificial Christmas Tree online? 

Yes, many websites provides the easiest access to artificial Christmas Trees online like Amazon.

How do I make my house smell like a Christmas Tree?

Get a pot of water simmering on the stove and add aromatics like cinnamon sticks, pine, orange peel, or cloves. 

What Christmas tree sheds the least?

Firs, but these are more expensive than pine trees because they grow slower.

How do I stop my Christmas tree from dropping needles?

Buy the right tree, for starters, and regularly, cut the stumps along with keeping them away from heat and feeding them regularly with water. 

Which is better, Balsam vs Fraser?

Balsam grows naturally so they are a traditional choice of Christmas Trees and they are also deemed to have a stronger scent than Fraser.

Our Favorite apparels for decoration

1. Archies Christmas Candy Bag Stocking Sock Gift Bag Christmas Tree Ornaments Decoration

Archies Christmas Candy Bag Stocking Sock Gift

Who doesn’t want to treasure stories for generations to come? These super cute and soft stockings are manufactured just to suffice the purpose of every house. Getting yourself this ‘Archies Christmas Candy Bag Stocking Sock Gift Bag’ is a warm addition to the Christmas tree. The best thing about stockings is that it comes with a hanging loop which is sturdy enough to ensure that your stocking is hung easily and safely from the tree.

The 3D design with no-face Santa Claus character is available in different colors provides a super cute addition to the tree and it surely goes with all the decoration ornaments that you have applied on the tree. Hide some gifts inside the stocking and gift these large stockings to your kids and make their Christmas extra surprising and exciting. 

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2. KRIWIN Plastic X MAS Tree Decorations Combo

KRIWIN Plastic X MAS Tree Decorations Combo

Decorating Christmas Tree without knick-knacks is like eating dim sums without a dip! Decoration of a treehouse is something that brings a great sense of joy and closeness amongst family members as it creates moments worth cherishing for a lifetime. It’s like a tradition that has been carried forward in many households and it’s considered as one of the times when a family shares waves of laughter and joy together. Bringing home ‘KIRWIN Plastic XMAS Tree Decorations Combo’ is the simplest way of ensuring those joys and pleasures.

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These decorative ornaments are appropriate for an average-sized tree as the ornaments are cute and small, just look for the ones that you prefer the most. Do not forget about the photographic effects and lighting of the product, which is being shown on the display, before making a purchase. 

Wish you all a very happy holiday! 

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