Aventho Wireless Headphones by Beyerdynamic & MIY App

“transforming  the sound” 





The Aventho Wireless Headphones by Beyerdynamic are a new launch with new and unexpected features that will work on the idea of customising audio and making it all yours.

Research shows that the way we hear is as different as we humans as individuals are. In order to make the headphones suit your individual choice, the Aventho headphones are built on the Mimi Hearing Technology.

Aventho Wireless Headphones by Beyerdynamic & MIY App

The Mimi technology helps in creating a personal listening profile. This profile is created on ‘thesoundcheck’ in the ‘Make It Yours’ (MIY) app. It directly gets uploaded to the headphones. Thus, you can enjoy your favourite music in a customised manner and make it sound just perfect.

The MIY App

The basis of these possible customisations making the music sound perfect is the through the soundcheck. This feature present in the MIY app.

Your type of hearing is identified through a sophisticated test that then creates a listening profile within 6 minutes. All you need to get that test done is a quiet environment, your smartphone and the Aventho Wireless Headphones.

You will, as a result, get an entirely tailored music as saved in the chip of your headphones. The intensity of the sound can be adjusted through the Beyerdynamic MIY application.

Aventho Wireless Headphones by Beyerdynamic & MIY App

The touch Control

The headphones further have a touchpad on the right which is used to move to the next song, adjust the volume, take a call, hang up, pause and a lot more.

You can keep your smartphones inside your pocket and will never need to take it out. MIY app also allows the user to adjust the sensitivity of the touch controls as per individual preferences.

aptXTM HD Bluetooth Audio Transmission

As the name suggests, Aventho Wireless, the audio transfer from the phone to the headphones is free from wires. It has a Bluetooth 4.2 protocol and the best sound with the presence of aptXTM HD codec from Qualcomm.

The aptXTM HD enables unique audiophile transmission. The product prefers Android devices to the first choice. It also supports iOS Apple products and the AAC codec.


One can enjoy up to 20 hours of music at once. The headphones come with an internal rechargeable battery. They also have a microphone fit to the device.

If calling with the smartphone and the headphones are on, you only need to double tap on the headphones to get the caller on the line. This headset is an ideal choice to make videoconferences on tablets and notebooks too.

Technical features

With a Dynamic, Tesla transducer, the headset is made using a closed operating principle. It has a frequency response of 32 ohms. The transmission being through Bluetooth, the codecs used in the device are aptXTM HD, aptXTM, SBC and AAC.

The transmission rate of the headset is 48 kHz or 24 bit. It has a touchpad remote control integrated to the right ear cup and a hands-free microphone. The coupling type is on-ear. Without the cable, the product weighs merely 240g and can play up to 20 hours at once.

Final words

The Aventho Wireless Headphones by Beyerdynamic are the best choice to make if you want to stay updated with the technology. The technology used in these headphones seem like completely changing the way we will hear in future.

Beyerdynamic has managed to bring a private and individually tailored solution for music through these headphones.

The company already stands pioneering for its audio products, technology and a high sound quality. The release of these headphones have thus made a buzz and created love for itself in the market.


Selling for €449.00 in October 2017.

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