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10 Best 16 Gb RAM Laptops In India

First thing that might come to your mind is why? Why should you buy a laptop with 16 gigs of RAM when you can buy a laptop with 8 gigs of RAM in the first place and then upgrade yourself by buying another stick of 8 gig RAM and add it in the additional slot. It is perfectly fine and can save you bit of money sometimes (yeah!). 

Now let me tell you why, not everyone wants to open up the back of their laptop and do the nerdy stuff of upgrading the components as there is always a certain risk involved and the second reason is that most of the you  cannot but the RAM from the same company that is preinstalled on your laptop which is not a big deal by any means but certainly something that needs to mentioned and the most important reason is in lot of thin and light laptops and even some gaming laptop’s the RAM is soldered on to the motherboard so you cannot upgrade or change the ram once you have purchased the laptop. 

Latest 16 GB RAM Laptop Deals We Picked For You!

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So, if you are looking for a thin and light and your work requires a lot of RAM and you think of upgrading it later then good luck! You can upgrade the RAM later on for lot of laptops but there is always a certain peace of mind when you know that you don’t want to tinker stuff in your laptop after purchasing it.

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Why Do You Need 16GB RAM?

For Gaming:

In today’s day and age there are lot of next generation games releasing with recommended specs as 16 gigs of RAM. Though the games will run fine with 8 gigs of RAM there are some games that could take advantage 16 gigs of RAM. 

Moreover, the laptops that come with 16 gigs of RAM usually come with then installed in dual channel configuration which is much more beneficial to games than single channel RAM.

The difference in frame rate is pretty significant with differences ranging from few fps to even 30-50fps in some games. Multiplayer games seem to favor dual channel RAM configuration more than single player ones do.

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For Productivity:

Some applications require a lot of RAM and 16 gigs of RAM is baseline for those application. For example, AutoCAD used by mechanical engineers and designing apps used by architects require a lot of RAM to process those real-world simulations.

Not to mention video editing software’s as they tend to love RAM during heavy video editing sequences or when the software handles high resolution footage such as 4K clips.

Those applications even consume more than 16 gigs of RAM but 16 is a pretty good baseline.

And if you are someone who browses a lot and opens unlimited number of google chrome tabs then RAM is pretty significant for you.

Google chrome is notorious for consuming a lot of RAM you could only open so many tabs in google chrome and run applications in the background before the applications crash.

You can find 16 gig RAM laptops in a lot of genres from gaming laptops to ultra-portables or thin and light workstations and they are available in wide variety of price range so keep an eye out for the pricing of laptops too. 

I will simplify things for you right here!

Best 16GB RAM Laptops For Gamers

People who specifically look for gaming laptops in most cases gamers love to see high RAM count or the word Dual channel mentioned in the spec list. 

People who look for productivity-based laptops can also look at the gaming laptops if the comparatively higher weight and “gamerish” design aesthetics don’t matter.

Here I give you a slight overview of the best laptops in the segment if you want a detailed overview of these laptops you could check out my other blogs. (Do check them out if you want to know in detail about these laptops that will be linked somewhere down below) 

Let me roll on with the best laptops not in any order.

 1. ASUS TUF A15

( Good for both productivity and gaming)


This is the cheapest laptop that comes default with 16 gigs of dual channel RAM by a long shot. You can find that a laptop has dual channel RAM when the specifications list mentions it as (2x8gb).

The TUF A15 is unmistakably a gaming laptop by its look and its bulky feel which not everyone will like.



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It comes with Ryzen 5 4600h and GTX 1650 processor in the base model but has a lot of variants to choose from up to Ryzen 9 4900H and RTX 2060.

The Display is poor by the standards for professional as it comes with only 45% of NTSC coverage which should not be a problem if you are a gamer.

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The thermals are pretty poor and needs to be tweaked. The keyboard and trackpad are pretty good for the price. The battery life is also pretty good.

The base model of the laptop with 16 gigs of RAM goes on sale around 67-68k and for that price you won’t get a laptop with better specs/ram combo. So, if you are a gamer you can definitely go for it but the same cannot be said for the video editors or designers.

You can also go for the same laptop with other specifications like 1660ti that has 16 gigs of RAM but remind the shortcomings of this laptop while choosing the other variants.

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2. MSI Creator 15M

The Creator 15M is actually a gaming offering from MSI which is not that thin as the name suggests but is certainly light coming at 1.86 kgs which is actually light for a laptop of this caliber.

This laptop is primarily a rebranded version of MSI GF65 thin but comes in a grey color instead of red and black and a better and more color accurate 144hz display and some additional creator focused features.

The laptop looks pretty good with the grey color and is built pretty well.

The laptop comes with i7 10th gen and RTX 2060 graphics. The 16 gigs of RAM in dual channel configuration. 

The thermals are pretty good if undervolted. The keyboard is okay and the trackpad is nothing to boast of as its average at best. Speakers are also okay.

The screen is a 144hz one which should serve both gamers and creators as it covers close to 100% SRGB gamut.

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The battery is 51wh and should provide you around 4 to 5 hours under light use. MSI is not that good with after sales service so keep that in mind going forward.

The laptop is a pretty good offering and should cater a wide range of people and is pretty good in all segments but not the best. 

The Creator M15 is bob of all trades but master of none.

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3. Lenovo Legion 5Pi

The legion 5pi is one of the best gaming laptops with 16 gigs of RAM.

The laptop is pretty heavy and thick coming in at 2.3kgs. The build quality is pretty good all around but not as good as the metal built thin and light laptops.

This laptop does a lot of things right for a gaming laptop. It has a very good 144hz screen that would suit both gamers and creators alike as it covers almost 100% of the SRGB.

The performance is excellent with intel core i7-10th generation and RTX 2060 coupled with very good thermals which makes this laptop an ideal choice for the gamers. The RAM is dual channel 16GB.

The laptop also comes with 1TB of very fast SSD storage which is an added bonus in the world with 512GB SSD’s.

The keyboard is very good which is not surprising as Lenovo always nails the keyboard department and the trackpad is pretty good for all purposes intended. The speakers are also pretty good compared to other gaming laptops. The Keyboard also comes with 4 zones of RGB if that’s something matters to you.

The battery is also large coming at 80wh which should provide you around 6 hours as it is gaming laptop after all.

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The laptop doesn’t come with a webcam if that’s something matters to you.

In my honest opinion this is objectively the best value/feature packed gaming laptop that will satisfy most people whether a gamer or a creator/Engineer.

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4. Legion 5i

The Legion 5i is pretty much a legion 5pi but will a couple of caveats and an upgrade.

All the aesthetics of the laptops are pretty much the same but this is even more minimal as the 5pi has a legion branding on the top lid which the regular 5i doesn’t have.

The Screen is not as good as the 5pi as this comes only with a 120hz screen which is fine after all but the color accuracy is bad and is not recommended for the creators out there. 

The inputs and the speakers are similar to the 5pi but this keyboard has only white backlighting.

The performance is not the same as the regular 5i comes only with GTX 1650ti at max which is not even close in comparison to the 5pi. To be fair this should handle the needs of a casual gamer. This laptop also has the same RAM configuration as the 5pi.

The batter is also smaller at 60wh which gives you only 3 to 4 but you gain HDD slot if that’s something matters to you.

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The 5i comes with a webcam which its costlier sibling 5pi doesn’t have (Yeah that’s weird).

Make sure that you choose the right laptop between the regular 5i and 5Pi(premium) according to your use case and get your money’s worth.

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5. ASUS ROG Strix G17

This is the best 16GB ram laptop for the most hardcore gamers out there.

The construction is all plastic but it doesn’t matter because it is very heavy and thick which shouldn’t come as a surprise as it is a 17-inch laptop. The laptop clocks in at 3kg which is actually heavy. 

The laptop comes with RGB overloaded madness as it has RGB all over the frame of the laptop and the keyboard. If you want to make a big bold statement with your laptop look nowhere else.

The screen is actually a good quality one with huge 17-inch screen size which is ideal for gaming with 144hz refresh rate and 72% NTSC coverage so the panel is actually very good for media consumption and creation too.

The keyboard is pretty good with pretty deep travel distance at around 2mm which is very high even for gaming laptop. The track pad is mediocre at best but it should not be a matter because if you are going to game you would want an external mouse anyways. The speakers are also pretty big and loud.

The laptop comes with 10th gen intel core i7 with 6 cores and GTX 1660ti which should be pretty similar to RTX 2060 around 10% margin.

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The RAM is 16 gigs and comes in dual channel configuration. The 1TB SSD provided should also come in handy and is also pretty fast.

The thermal system of the laptop is also pretty good as it manages to provide very good performance at decent temperatures.

Don’t expect any reasonable battery life be it any size of battery in a 17- inch gaming laptop. You can expect a maximum of around 3 hours unplugged. The laptop doesn’t come with any webcam if that matters to you.

If you want a full-on gaming laptop from look to functionality to RGB goodness then this laptop is your best bet especially with that big 17-inch screen.

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6. ASUS Zephyrus G14

ASUS Zephyrus G14

The Zephyrus G14 is a happy middle ground between gaming laptop’s and productivity laptops as it provides best of both worlds without any big compromise.

The laptop looks sleek and is very light at 1.6 kgs when you consider the fact that it comes with up to RTX 2060 GPU.

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The laptop can be configured on variants ranging from GTX 1650 to RTX 2060 and the best thing is that most of the things like battery and screen remain the same even in the base variants unlike other laptops.

The ram is 16 gig dual channel in higher end variants and the RAM frequency in all Ryzen laptop’s is 3200mhz if that matters to you.

The screen is 120hz pantone validated screen which is sweet for professionals and media consumption alike. It also comes QHD screen in some variants.

The laptop also comes with cool anime matrix LED’s on the lid in the expensive models if that’s something you look out for.

The keyboard and trackpad are very good and the quad speaker setup is very good for a 14-inch laptop. 

The thermals are also pretty good if tweaked. The laptop doesn’t come with a webcam but comes with a mic.

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The battery life is also very good as it has a 70wh battery combined with Ryzen goodness should provide you easy 8+ hours battery on normal use.

If you are looking for a middle ground laptop then this is the best or even the only laptop that tries to redefine the line between gaming and productivity laptops.

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Best 16GB RAM Laptops For Work & Productivity

As the title suggests these laptops are outright focused on productivity and getting things done. This genre laptops usually have their RAM soldered on and getting enough amount of RAM you need is must as it cannot be upgrade later on.

(Disclaimer: There are lot of laptops with 16 gigs of RAM but they are usually just a RAM upgraded version of their normal counterparts and are not usually aimed towards productivity so they are not included in the list. So excuse me if the laptop you looked for is not included in the list)

These laptops usually come in at a premium and cannot outright be compared with other laptops just because of the quality of life improvements they provide over others which add up in total to provide a much better laptop experience.

7. Asus ZenBook DUO

The ZenBook duo is a pretty unique offering from ASUS aimed towards creators. It is a thin and light laptop coming at 1.6kgs and 20mm in thickness which is pretty commendable for a laptop that comes with two screens.

The build quality of the laptop is very good as it is built with metal all around.

Yes, it has two screens. One of the screens is 14 inches and the other screen is 12.9 inches which is essentially an enlarged touchpad which is present on the MacBook’s. The secondary screen is touch enabled in all models and some models have the primary display with touch.

The laptop comes with an intel core i7 that is meant for ultra-books which means it has 4 cores and 8 threads. It also comes with a pretty basic mx 250 GPU that should handle everyday tasks with ease. The 16 gigs of RAM are soldered and is non expandable.

The performance is not the strong point of this laptop as it comes with only ultra-book grade internals.

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The keyboard is a chiclet style one and is pretty good but the trackpad comes in at a weird position and is only meant for right handers. An external mouse is definitely recommended for the laptop. The speakers are also average at best

All in all, the laptop is not for everyone and is pretty niche but if you can take use of the secondary screen for the timelines or editing music then the laptop would prove pretty useful and helpful for you and your work.

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8. MacBook Pro 16

MacBook’s are for a select niche of people who require mac OS for their work flow. If you are looking for a MacBook or required to buy a MacBook this is the best mac laptop you could buy and most importantly the laptop comes with soldered RAM so you cannot upgrade the RAM after you buy it. But fortunately, the laptop comes with 16 gigs of RAM as base.

MacBook’s look very clean and are built extremely well and arguably has the best build quality of any laptop.

The screen is top notch for the creators and has almost 100% coverage in all color gamut’s except for the Adobe RGB. 

The keyboard is interesting to say the least. If you are looking for key travel this ain’t it chief otherwise it is a good keyboard but not great (Speaking form my personal experience). The trackpad however is large and is the best in any laptop period. The Speakers are also the best in any laptop and also has a great microphone for your calls.

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The performance is a matter of discussion. MacBook’s cannot be compared with windows laptop that have way better specs on paper because they don’t run mac OS. The performance is pretty good for all tasks but don’t compare it to an windows machine in the same price bracket. The thermals are also pretty good for a Mac.

The battery is almost 100wh and should give you the best battery life in any pro-consumer laptop.

If you are looking for the best mac laptop then this is it.

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9. Dell XPS 15

The Dell XPS lineup is the cream of the crop top end laptop form windows OS side that competes head on with the MacBook 16’s of the world.

The build quality is amazing and even some exotic materials like carbon fiber is used in the deck to enhance the feel of the laptop. One could argue that it is even better than the MacBook’s.

The Display is stunning with over 500nits of brightness and extended coverage of color gamut and impossibly thin bezels which makes it the best laptop for media consumption coupled with the excellent speakers you are in for a treat.

The performance is also excellent and especially for the application that professionals use as it provides great short-term boost to accelerate your rendering times and stuff.

It comes with a dedicated GTX 1650ti GPU which should be handy in bigger projects and also comes with dual channel 16 gigs of RAM.

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The keyboard and trackpad are excellent and is right up there with the MacBook if not better.

The battery life is also very good as it comes with 86wh battery that should provide you with 7+ hours of battery life.

If you are looking for the MacBook alternative but, on the windows side, then look no further than the Dell XPS 15.

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10. Lenovo Thinkbook Plus

The thinkbook plus is a thin and light 13-inch laptop from Lenovo that has some pretty unique features especially an external e-ink display that allows you to jot down quick notes with the pen that Lenovo provides.

It is a well-built laptop and is very thin and light weighing at around 1.4kgs.

The laptop comes with a 13.3-inch primary display and a 10.8-inch external e-ink display on the lid. The main objective Lenovo is trying to accomplish is that it’s trying to toss that the laptop can be also be used as a notetaking machine and notes reading machine with the use of the pen without the user needing to have any external tablet.

The laptop comes with 16 gigs of RAM and i7 10th processor for thin and light laptops with 6 cores.

The laptop can handle casual video editing and stuff but don’t expect it to hang on or beat the dell XPS and MacBook’s.

The keyboard and trackpad are very good as you would expect a high-end Lenovo laptop to be. The speakers are average as the laptop is only 13 inches.

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The battery size is only 45wh but it should not be a problem as it only has a 13.3-inch screen and the external display is e-ink which should be extremely power efficient. You can expect around 5-6 hours of battery life and the laptop apparently comes with fast charging which juices up the laptop to 80% in just 1 hour. 

At the end it is a unique laptop with unique use cases and is not for everyone. If you think that you can take advantage of the features that this laptop provides then definitely go for it as it one of the better ones around. 

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

So those are the best laptop you could buy with 16 gigs of RAM. If you disagree or have any other better suggestions leave them in the comments below.

Written By - Nirunjan Kumar 
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