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Best Bathroom Shower Caddy & Corner Shelf in India

A shower caddy is one of the most important things to keep in the bathroom as it can help you in organizing your toiletries. You can keep your soap, shampoo, towel, and so on in it and enjoy a nice and effortless shower.

With a shower caddy, you don’t have to squeeze the empty shampoo bottles anymore or walk on empty products, you have an idea about what product is over and what can still be used. You will find shower caddies in all shapes and sizes which can make it difficult to choose the right one for yourself.

But with the help of this guide, you will know what features to look out for and how to select the best shower caddy for your bathroom.

Best Corner Shower Caddy

bi3 Blossoms 4 Tier Corner Shower Caddy

bi3 Blossoms 4 Tier Adjustable Bathroom Organiser Corner Shower

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1) One of the best corner shower caddies in the market, bi3 Blossoms 4 Tier Corner Shower Caddy is really easy and convenient to use.

2) Built out of metal tubes and PP plastic, this shower caddy is strong and has a good loading capacity.

3) And the powder coating ensures that it won’t rust, hence making this product long-lasting.

4) It also features a strong spring tube at the top and two stand bars on the sides to make this caddy stable.

5) You can store up to 2 kg of products on each tray and can also adjust the height of the tray according to your needs.

6) Its compact design makes it comfortable to use and the installation is pretty easy as well as there is no need for any drilling or tools.

7) With its 4 large trays and 1 shower rail, you can easily keep all your toiletries organized in one corner of your bathroom.

Best Wall-Mounted Shower Caddy,

ORPIO (LABLE) Shower Caddy with Mounted Suction Cups

ORPIO (LABLE) Plastic Bathroom Kitchen Storage Organize Caddy Basket

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1) If you are one of those who has a smooth bathroom wall which is built out of a material like glass, marble, metal, etc. then this wall-mounted shower caddy is the perfect choice for you.

2) Orpio Shower caddy features suction cups which help you attach it to the bathroom wall and organize your products in it.

3) So, you can simply mount this shower caddy near your washbasin or your bathtub and store your bath products in it.

4) Since it is small and compact in size, it makes your bathroom look quite neat and doesn’t take any floor space as well.

5) And it is easy to install and uninstall so you can take it with you if you are shifting to a new home as well.

6) Made out of plastic, this shower caddy is durable and perfect for people who are looking for an affordable bathroom organizing solution.

Flexible to Install Shower Caddy,

AmazonBasics Shower Caddy with Adjustable Arms

AmazonBasics Shower Caddy with Adjustable Arms

Check Price : Amazon

1) Are you looking for a shower caddy which is flexible and easy to install? Then AmazonBasics Shower Caddy with Adjustable Arms is the best product for you.

2) This shower caddy can be mounted both over the shower and the door so you can place it wherever you want.

3) Made out of matte white plastic, this shower caddy is rust free and quite sturdy.

4) It also includes built-in hooks which can be used to hang your sponges, loofahs, etc. And the 4 suction cups ensure that the shower caddy is secured to the wall and can be easily adjusted.

5) One more great thing about this shower caddy is that it includes drainage holes so you don’t have to worry about water gathering inside the caddy baskets as well.

Best Over the Door Shower Caddy,

INDIAN DECOR 285600 Over Door Shower Caddy

INDIAN DECOR 285600 Over Door Shower Caddy

Check Price : Amazon

1) This is the best choice for anyone who is looking for an over the door shower caddy and would like to keep all their bath products neatly separated and organized.

2) There is no need of drilling to install this shower caddy, all you need to do is hang it over your door and use the suction cups to keep it properly positioned.

3) It features two fixed and two flexible baskets which can be used to store your bath products like soap, shampoos, etc. And a single rail is perfect for hanging your towel when you are taking a bath.

4) Made out of stainless steel, this shower caddy is durable and rustproof.

5) And its minimalistic design ensures that it doesn’t take up a lot of space while having a sufficient area to store your bath products.

6) So, apart from being highly functional, it is also attractive in appearance and adds a certain charm to your bathroom.

Best Over the Showerhead Shower Caddy,

InterDesign Classico Shower Caddy

InterDesign Classico Extra Large Shower Caddy

Check Price : Amazon

1) Perfect for people who are looking for an over the showerhead shower caddy, InterDesign Classico Shower Caddy is a little expensive but completely worth the price.

2) This shower caddy is actually available in three sizes so you can choose the one which fits your bathroom perfectly.

3) Made out of steel with a satin coating, this shower caddy is both long-lasting and durable.

4) Also, this shower caddy utilizes the wall space so you don’t have to give up your precious bathroom floor space in keeping your bathroom products organized.

5) And the non-slip grip of the caddy makes it easy to keep it securely hung around the shower head while the 2 suction cups help you to keep it in place.

6) This shower caddy also has a shelf which is big enough to hold your shampoo and conditioner bottles which makes it quite efficient for bathroom use.

Budget-Friendly Over the Showerhead Shower Caddy

AmazonBasics 3-Basket Adjustable Shower Caddy

AmazonBasics 3-Basket Adjustable Shower Caddy

Check Price : Amazon

1) For people who are looking for an affordable over the head shower caddy, AmazonBasics 3-Basket shower caddy is the perfect choice.

2) This shower caddy features 3 plastic baskets which can store anything from soap to shampoo bottles.

3) It also features a ball chain which helps in hanging this shower caddy from the showerhead.

4) Also, since it hangs from the showerhead, it is easier to access during your bath and allows you to keep your products neatly organized.

5) Another great thing about this shower caddy is that is can be easily removed and stored and is actually quite sturdy.

6) And since it doesn’t cost a fortune, you don’t have to think twice about purchasing it for your bathroom.

Other Models

Livzing 3 Tier Over the Showerhead is another great shower caddy which can be hung from your shower head which is easy to both install and remove. It is made out of high-quality chrome-plated metal which is rust-resistant and helps in making this shower caddy durable and long-lasting. With its smart design, you have three baskets to store your bath products like a razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. along with a few bottled products as well. And while it is a good product for organizing your bathroom, it is slightly expensive compared to other similar products.

Romino Plastic Inter-Design Corner is another great shower caddy which can be installed in the corner of your bathroom to make efficient use of the bathroom space. Quite inexpensive to use and install, this corner shower caddy has a triangular design which helps in utilizing the corner space and is extremely easy to use as well. This shower basket features 2 adhesive pad which secures it to the wall and allows you to store your bath products in an organized manner. Also, since it has a porous body, it drains water and keeps your bath products dry. Also, it can be used both on smooth and non-smooth walls but be prepared because this shower basket can often fall down. The suction can often turn out to be faulty which can make it difficult to mount it on your wall.

LIFETIME WIRE PRODUCTS Wall Mounting is a good wall-mounting shower caddy which features 3 shelves for keeping your bath products organized. Made out of steel, it has multi-layer chrome plating along with anti-rust coating which makes it long-lasting and durable. It is quite easy to install and helps you in saving some floor space as well. However, one major issue with this shower caddy is that it is too small in size. So, you might not able to store all your bath products in it.

How to Choose a Shower Caddy

Make sure that you check out the following factors when looking for the best shower caddy for your home.

Types of Shower Caddies

The first thing that you need to decide on is the type of shower caddy that you will be looking for. Essentially, there are 4 major types of shower caddies to consider for yourself: Over the Door Shower Caddy, Over the Showerhead Shower Caddy, Corner Shower Caddy, and Shower Totes.

An Over the Showerhead Shower Caddy is a convenient and easy tool to use. It is also easy to install as you just need to hang the caddy over the shower head. You won’t face any problem in finding a model in this design and it is easy to remove the shower caddy and store as well.

On the other hand, a Corner Shower Caddy is not easy to install and cannot be removed frequently. It requires suction cups and tensile poles to keep it in place and can only be installed at the corner of a bathroom. But once installed, you don’t have to worry about the caddy falling down and can keep your bathroom easily organized.

An Over the Door Shower Hood is again easy to install and uses a long hook as its mounting point. You can remove this caddy when you wish. Also, a few of these type of shower caddies also come with a suction cup so that the caddy stays in place and keeps your products secure.

Perfect for travel and vacations, Shower totes are extremely portable and used for carrying all your toiletries in one bag. They can be hung from the shower head or the door hook and also includes meshes and holes for draining the water.

Look for an Appropriate Height Shower Caddy

An important thing to consider when looking for a suitable shower caddy is the height of the caddy. Different bathrooms have different floor to ceiling distance so you need a shower caddy which will securely fit this space.

So, measure the floor to ceiling height of your bathroom and then look for a suitable long shower caddy. Look for a shower caddy with extendable height as it will give you more freedom to shift it to different places. A few shower caddies can be extended from 5 – 9 ft. while others usually have a varying height range.

Choose a Strong and Durable Shower Caddy

Another important factor to consider is the material used in the construction of the shower caddy. You can go for a plastic caddy which will be lightweight and inexpensive but it will easily fall down under more weight. Wooden shower caddies, on the other hand, are likely to rot in a few months and will need to be replaced.

If you are looking for a long-lasting and durable shower caddy then a stainless steel product is the best choice for you.

Consider a Removable Shower Caddy

Another thing to consider is whether you want a permanent shower caddy or not. If you don’t want a permanent shower caddy then look for a product which you can hook over your showerhead and then remove it once you are done with your bath.

Such type of showerhead is easy and convenient to use and you can store it after use as well.

Look for Some More Options

You can also look for shower caddies with extra features like multiple tiers so that you can keep your towels, shampoo, etc. properly organized. A few shower caddy models also include hooks for you to hang your towel or soap which makes it easier to use.

So, you can keep a lookout for these effective features to keep your bathroom organized.

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