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10 Best Bedside Tables in India

A bedside table is a crucial piece of furniture besides your bed that can help you keep your bedroom clean and organized. You can use it not to just place night lamps but it also makes accessing your belongings easier and quicker from your bed.

There are lots of different types of bedside tables available in the market so you can easily find the one to suit your needs. In this guide, we have listed down the best bedside tables in India and discussed a few important aspects of a bedside table that make it a functional and important piece of furniture at home.

So, read on to learn more about bedside tables and how to choose the best one for your room.

Why Buy a Bedside Table?

As I mentioned above, a bedside table is a great piece of furniture to keep your belongings near you in your bedroom. It not only makes it easier to access the necessary items but reduces the chances of any accidents at night due to drowsiness.

Here are a few more uses of bedside table that make it such an important part of any home:

Keep a Lamp

Of course, one of the most common uses of a bedside table is to place a night lamp on it. This way, you can easily read before bedtime and then easily switch it off when you are about to sleep.

Store Books and Electronics

Apart from a night lamp, a bedside table can also be used to keep your books, magazines, and gadgets before turning in for the night. This way, you don’t have to get out of bed to keep these things and can easily access them in the morning once you wake up.

Place Medicines and Emergency Items

A lot of us need to take medications daily before sleeping or after waking up. In such a case, a bedside table comes handy as one can keep the medications and water to take them. Moreover, you can keep other important items such as a torch, phone, alarm clock, etc. on the table that you might end up needing in the middle of the night. 

Improve your Room’s Aesthetics

Finally, a bedside table is not only highly functional but is also quite attractive and can complement your room décor. You can even decorate it to match your bedroom interiors so that anyone who enters your room is mighty impressed by it.

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Best Bedside Tables in India

1. DeckUp Bonton Side Table

DeckUp Bonton Side Table is a value for money and is quite easy to assemble and use at home. This bedside table is small and compact but has sufficient space to keep your laptop, book, alarm clock, and so on. Since this table is made from engineered wood with a laminate, it is strong and durable and can easily manage the weight of your personal belongings.

Another great thing about this bedside table is that it has a walnut matte finish so it matches your home décor and looks quite elegant.

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There are two open shelves in the table where you can store books and accessories while the table surface is perfect to keep your night lamp, plant, laptop, and so on.

Overall, this is a good side table at a reasonable price.

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2. Furniturewallet Solid Wood Bedside Table for Bedroom

Furniturewallet Solid Wood Bedside Table is a great choice for anyone who is looking for both style and functionality in their bedside table. Made from assorted Sheesham wood, this bedside table is beautifully crafted and is an elegant choice for most rooms. This handcrafted table consists of a deep cubby shelf and 2 drawers to organize and store your personal belongings.

One can easily fit several books on the shelves while the drawers can be used to store other smaller accessories and items.

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This side table has a natural honey finish that further adds to its charm and makes it such a popular choice among the users.

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3. Shri Karni Handicraft Solid Wood Bedside End Table 

Another popular bedside table made from Sheesham wood, Shri Karni Handicraft solid wood bedside end table has a simple and stylish design. This bedside table is strong and durable and comes pre-assembled so you don’t have to worry about setting it up at home. Due to its design and functionality, this table is well-suited to all kinds of rooms and gives a slightly luxurious feel to your room.

With this table, you get two open shelves for additional storage along with the table surface. Also, since it is small and compact in size, it can easily fit in any space.

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It has a simple brown finish and isn’t particularly expensive. So, if you want a simple and compact bedside table then this is the perfect product for you.

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4. DecorNation Sheesham Engineered Wood Bedside Table

DecorNation Sheesham Engineered Wood Bedside Table is a mix of classic and modern design and works well with both bedroom and living room décor. Made from Sheesham engineered wood, this bedside table is strong and features a walnut brown finish that lends it an elegant touch as well.

This bedside table features 1 drawer and 1 storage shelf to store and organize your personal belongings such as remote controller, family photos, books, and so on.

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It is a slim and delicate side table that doesn’t occupy a lot of space and can easily fit beside a sofa, bed, etc.

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5. DriftingWood Wooden Bedside Table for Living Room

A handy side table, DriftingWood Wooden Bedside Table is made from Sheesham wood which is quite strong and sturdy. As a result, this bedside table is durable and features a dark walnut finish that will give your home a luxurious look. You do need to assemble this side table before using it but with the help of the DIY instructions, assembly is quite easy.

The bedside table features 2 drawers for storage and can be used to keep your magazines, books, etc. quite easily.

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You can even put your cup of tea/coffee at the surface of the table and enjoy easy access to it while lounging in your bedroom or living room. 

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6. Sherif Art Wooden Iron Base Premium Quality Bedside Table

If you are looking for a unique bedside table then Sherif Art Wooden Iron Base Premium Quality Bedside Table is the ideal product for you. This is a vintage bedside table with a unique design that can be used for multiple purposes in your house and makes for a nice gift as well. The table has a wooden top that can be used to keep snacks, books, and so on while the black and brown antique wheels allow you to move the table around the house.

Users can use it as a coffee table, place a night lamp, book, etc. on it. And since it is made from iron and rosewood, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged soon as well.

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Most importantly, this unique bedside table is quite cheap and will easily fit your space and budget.

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7. Ikea NODELAND Bedside Table

Another budget-friendly option for consumers, Ikea NODELAND Bedside Table is a simple and compact table for your bedroom, living room, etc. This bedside table is easy to assemble and fits perfectly in small spaces. Since it has an open shelf design, it is easy to access your items from the table and convenient to reach for your belongings from your bed.

You can easily keep books, magazines, etc. on the open shelf while placing your night lamp, alarm clock, etc. on the table surface for easy access.

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This is a durable and easy to maintain bedside table and will easily blend with your room décor with its medium brown finish.

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8. MODWAY Sheesham Wood Bedside Table

MODWAY Sheesham Wood Bedside Table is a wooden table that looks modern and requires basic assembly at home. This bedside table is made of natural wood and is a combination of traditional and contemporary craftsmanship. Made from high-quality Sheesham wood, this is a strong table and gives a luxurious feel to your house.

Since it has a contemporary design, it matches any interiors and the wide-open shelf offers sufficient storage space to keep your belongings close to you.

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This table is quite easy to clean as well and isn’t very expensive as well.

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9. MODWAY Sheesham Wood Bedside End Table for Home

MODWAY Sheesham Wood Bedside End Table is a great addition to a contemporary-style home. Made from Sheesham wood, this table is strong and durable and features a brown finish that suits most home interiors. One of the best things about this bedside end table is that it has two open shelves where you can store your accessories, stationery items, and so on.

Moreover, since it is handcrafted from Sheesham wood, it has a natural grain pattern that gives it a little definition and character.

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Overall, this is a good product for anyone who wants a compact and spacious bedside table.

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10. Wooden Mart Side Table for Living Room with Drawer

Wooden Mart Side Table is another great option for anyone who wants a handcrafted table from skilled artisans. This bedside table features 1 drawer and can be used as a sitting stool, surface to place a flower pot, and so on.

It was made after careful selection of wood and paint and features a timeless classic design that will blend well in most households.

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This end table is not only beautiful to look at but also offers you extra storage space to keep your bedroom/living room organized and clean. 

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Do you have to match your bedside table with the bed?

One of the most frequently asked questions by users when they are about to buy a bedside table is whether it should match their bed or not. While it is completely okay to buy a bedside table to match the bed, it is not a necessity. There are lots of ways to design your bedroom with varying bedside tables and other pieces of furniture to make it look fun and attractive.

Here are a few ways in which you can make the most of your bedside table without needing to buy a matching set:

Mix and Match

One of the best ways to decorate your room is by using different material bedside table in your room. If you wish to use the same material, then ensure that at least the shape and the pattern of the bedside table is different to give your room a little texture.

Storage Option

Make sure that at least one bedside table has storage or drawer to keep your belongings. This will make your life easier and will make it simple to access it whenever you need it.

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Manage the Visual Weight

Another important thing to keep in mind is that your bedroom furniture shouldn’t make your room look too bulky or funky. If you have a bed or bedside table that is funky, then pair it with a simple and delicate bedside table to manage the room look.

Consider the Bed Style

While you don’t need to match your bedside table with your bed, you should still consider the bed style and shape for a visually appealing room. If you have a loud and uniquely designed bed, then choose a simple and compact bedside table. On the other hand, if your bed is simple, then opt for bedside tables with elaborate and funky designs.

Drawer vs Open Style?

Now, you might be wondering whether you should opt for a bedside table with drawers or open shelves. Well, this majorly depends on your usage and room aesthetics.

If you want a lot of space to keep your items and want easier access to them then an open style bedside table is the perfect choice for you. However, if you don’t want your personal belongings at a display and wish to keep your room organized then a drawer-style bedside table will be the better choice. You will also find bedside tables that offer you both a drawer and an open space to store your items. 

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