5 Best Budget IEM Picks in India

Last updated on January 29th, 2024 at 09:48 pm

MY SIGNATURE TASTE: My preferred sound signature is fairly balanced with some noticeable sub bass presence with slightly brighter background. 


The T3 plus is one of my favourite or the most preferred iem in this list. Tin HiFi has its own sound signature for its product lineup and in most of the cases I’m not that surprised (especially with the bass performance)  with the T series lineup but it changed after trying out the T3 Plus.

The sound profile that you see here is excellent with that nice sub bass boost creating that ethereal environment (3D EFFECT) while keeping all other frequencies within the range. The layering and the staging capability it possess is very unique and overall they sound grand and excellent.  The midrange is nicely presented well and forward while the treble being modest. They are not that detailed but i would never regret that it doesn’t has that since it covers most of the other aspects solid. Coming to the fit they are the best i have tried, they just fit very snugly and don’t create that unwanted pressure buildup in the ears. The cable could have been improved and that’s the con i can say.

Surprisingly they even priced this nicely just under 70 USD and I would take this easily over the Moondrop Aria any day without any second thoughts.


  1. Balanced Sound Profile
  2. Tonality and Timbre
  3. Low End Authority 
  4. Layering and Staging
  5. Price, Design and Fit


  1. Resolution ( Very Nitpicky )


BQEYZ, the brand which always produces the high quality earphones and i never disappointed with any of their products. The SPRING series is one of the best sounding series but of course they are not that cheaper and to bring a sibling to that they have launched the SUMMER and definitely it’s a worthy sibling of the summer with some shortcomings.

The sound of the Summer is slightly a U shaped profile with a very energetic presentation so some might feel it’s too hot. The low end is very tight and punchy and has very good speed. Tribrid configuration for this price is always a surprising one and BQEYZ was able to do this by compromising on the build of it. Made completely out of resin and feels highly prone to breakage.

The midrange is very energetic with excellent forward presentation. The upper midrange is peaked a bit which might appear hot in the long run and slight sibilance is observed but gets reduced a lot after the burn is done. The treble is tuned well with nice resolution and the detail retrieval. Overall well worth the money that you spend.

C:\Users\CHRISTINA\Desktop\BQEYZ Summer\IMG_1143.JPG


  • Marvellous Mid section and Vocals
  • Detailed and Extended Piezo highs
  • Proper bass with mid bass emphasis
  • Tonality and Timbre
  • Exceptional Layering


  • Build
  • Nitpicky Con: An extra bit of low end rumble could have been good.


Final Audio, a brand which is the only odd one out since they are not chi-fi and purely out of Japan. They have a unique sound profile but the E1000 is an exception where this is completely neutral in profile hence you can’t expect that thunderous low end or the sparkly boosted highs but this thing is a technical beast. The staging, layering and the imaging is so so sweet that no IEM above this price point under 10k can beat this. 

The profile being very neutral, the clarity is just amazing and the resolution with high powered sources are just mesmerising. The staging being very big for very small sized earpieces is amazing. With some Zen Can X bass the low end of the e1000 can be listed up noticeably. The stick bass of the E1000 might sound leaner at the beginning but later you will start to appreciate the clarity and the separation it gives due to that leaness. The tonality is very nice and pleasing, being pretty natural. The design is very minimalistic and very comfortable to wear in the long run.


  1. Neutrality at its best
  2. Natural Tonality
  3. Layering and Wide Stage
  4. Price and Fit


  1. Bass lacks Authority
  2. Colder MIdrange


Tripowin Mele came into existence due to the collaboration of the well known reviewer BGGAR with the Tripowin team. He praised the BL03 a lot and the audiophile community knows it and many people including me liked it a lot but it had some shortcomings too. BGGAR knew that he wanted to rectify it by proposing a newer model which is going to be a perfect upgrade to the BL03.

When coming to the sound of the mele they are tuned nice and good. A slight v shaped tuning but the presentation is nicely done. The bass is nice with some less mid bass bleed thus the sub bass gets more attention now. The midrange feels slightly recessed but not in a drastic way. The treble is smoothed out a lot to avoid that unwanted sibilance. Definitely it’s not a detail king or even in terms of technicalities. But for casual listening and considering it to be a perfected blon this is definitely a worthy purchase in terms of that.


  1. Fine Tuned Balanced V shaped sound signature
  2. Imaging and Layering
  3. Sub Bass Boost
  4. Clean Output
  5. Design, Build and Fit
  6. Cable


  1. Slower Bass (Can’t handle faster tracks)
  2. Detail Retrieval

5. TFZ NO:03

The TFZ, brand known for its immersive low end performance and definitely the NO:3 takes that statement to the next level. The brand even though they don’t release the products frequently their existing  models do speak up for the brands sound. 

The NO:3 is a no slouch when comes to the sound. It’s a drastic V shaped sound and this is the only exception that i would say “It’s A well executed  V shaped profile”. The bass here is what a pure sub bass focus. The bass literally creates a nice ethereal environment thus creating that 3d effect. The thunderous amount of bass would make you drool while listening via the NO:3. It thick yet controlled and tighter without noticeable bleed.

The midrange is nicely tuned with energetic presentation but the fault here is that the tonality and the timbre is not upto the mark where the metallic taste can be easily figured out and for classical songs this doesn’t work well with them. The treble is boosted quite a bit hence the female vocals do sound sharper.

The NO:3 is exclusively meant for rock, electronic and EDM listeners. The technicalities are above average giving a nice depth to the staging and the layering, imaging are good too. The negatives are the things like the driver flex, static hiss with poor sources etc.


  1. Thunderous Sub Bass and Low End
  2. Airy and Well Extended Treble
  3. Separation
  4. Soundstage Depth
  5. Macro Details and Dynamism


  1. Dry and Metallic Timbre
  2. Driver Flex
  3. Too Sensitive To Sources

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