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Best CPU & GPU Combinations In India 2021

This article here covers what I think are the best CPU and GPU combinations for Indian Gamers 2020.

As this article is written in October 2020 , the AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPUs launched recently and their non availability in the market. So , for now I will be including those CPUs relying entirely on the claimed information during the launch as they will take some time to arrive in the market but will serve well whenever arrived and the claimed information is reliable to suggest combos for them. Hence, this list will consist of products that you can buy after reading and your future builds too.

So let’s start without wasting any minute more.

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Things To Know Before Getting Into Combinations

So why is it important to get the perfect pair of CPU and GPU and why you cannot invest more of your money in the one you prioritize higher depending on your specific purpose. The answer is simple and is referred to as bottleneck. Now this simply means that the full potential is not displayed due to limitations caused by the particular component which is bottlenecking.

The term bottleneck can be seen easily anywhere when we are talking about PC gaming performance. Bottleneck happens when there is a restrictive element holding back the performance that could otherwise be achieved which means what we just discussed above. If you are getting started with planning your first ever PC build this might be a hard concept to understand and that is why this bottlenecking explanation is very important. When you are dealing with bottlenecks it is fairly important to know why one would ever occur, how to find them and most importantly how to avoid one.

The term “bottleneck” comes from the way that fluids flow much slower through the neck of a bottle than it would if that neck didn’t exist, hence another word for bottleneck is choke point but do not get confused as you now know what it basically means. For example let’s turn a bottle full of water upside down and open the cap or stopper, the water will be flowing out of the bottle but only at the rate the bottle opening permits, the wider opening means the faster the water will now flow out of the bottle and the smaller opening means the water will now flow relatively a lot slower. Imagine that in the place of water we have frames and these frames are displayed on the monitor you are using, displaying the frames is of course your PC but let’s keep it with the concept of a bottle for now. The opening of this hypothetical bottle can be used to represent any specific component in your system that may avoid the number of frames that could potentially be displayed to you.

The easiest way to explain this is to consider you take a very old computer and assume that it is even compatible for whatever you put in and then you put the very latest expensive graphics card in the PC. The PC is not going to slow down and the gaming performance will most probably be improved but that card would not reach the  highest potential even though the new card might be many times faster than the old one. Depending on the bottleneck you may get just a small increase in the performance due to the CPU, memory and potentially other components being so slow that they cannot send the graphics card data at a fast enough rate to keep it engaged. 

So now let’s talk about the two scenarios we are more concerned for in this article, CPU bottleneck and GPU bottleneck.

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CPU Bottleneck

The most common bottleneck that you will see is the CPU bottleneck, meaning that the CPU you are using would be restricting the potential number of frames that are being drawn from your GPU. The simplest explanation for how this occurs is to understand that your CPU is just not powerful enough to keep itself up with your GPU.

In this case the CPU is on the weaker side so the GPU would be rendering frames faster than the CPU can prepare them and at this moment here is the bottleneck. Your GPU could be utilized 100% if your CPU was relatively more powerful but in this case it wastes time not doing anything and not even rendering frames because of the bottleneck situation which appeared. Let’s say a GPU is capable to render frames in 16.67 milliseconds, but the CPU requires 25 milliseconds for it to prepare them, now in this 25 millisecond time period the CPU is performing a lot of work in addition to preparing the data of frame for the GPU it also has to process other things such as any game or  any other background actions that may be existing in other programs.

All these tasks significantly increase load on the CPU and can therefore increase the amount of time that it will take to send a draw call to the GPU. This is why some of the games are more CPU intensive than others, such as Battlefield one which is CPU intensive considering that there is a lot of network data, etc. to handle while riding your horse in a forest in Witcher 3 is comparatively a lot less CPU intensive.

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GPU Bottleneck

Apart from CPU bottlenecks which is considered to be a bad thing when it comes to gaming, a GPU bottleneck is considered beneficial. What this depicts is your CPU now has to process all of that game and frame data faster than your GPU could even render which results in a 100% utilization of the GPU. At first this may sound bad, but because the GPU is the one which renders and displays the frames to the monitor in the first place and the fact that it is rendering 100% of the frames that it possibly can is a good thing and it’s exactly what you want when you’re gaming.

Bottleneck Reduction

There are some things that may possibly reduce CPU bottlenecking in your pc and improve GPU utilization in gaming even if it is not at 100%. The first one is to close unnecessary background programs opened. By doing this you will be able to reduce some load on your CPU and hence process the data of game significantly faster, this will signify this that the draw calls referred earlier will now be sent quicker by CPU as it is now under lesser total load and this means that your GPU would not be waiting around long for draw calls. Another quick tip is to overclock your CPU if possible because it will be able to process the game data a lot quicker which in turn means higher GPU utilization. In case you still find out that your rig is being bottlenecked it may be the time to upgrade the parts which are outdated enough or the whole pc if needed.

But now you know that what is bad for you as you are not getting what you are paying for in some situations and to avoid this situation to happen with you simply choose a compatible combination that will perform with the maximum possible potential or simply you are getting what you pay for.

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Let’s Dive Into The Combos

These combos are ranked according to the budget you are working with and you should feel free to choose any of the following ones whichever fulfills your needs.

And do act smart and choose the best price on Amazon because of the price hikes now on some of the products which might break the deal and you should then opt for another listed combo which might be the one to go for the relative current price.

1. i3 9100f + RX 570 

This combo here is what you may want to invest in if you are on a very low budget but you are not satisfied with the performance of APU. This CPU is a quad cores CPU being a ninth generation processor from intel which goes up to 4.2 GHz using just 65 watts TDP. It is compatible with any motherboard having intel 300 series chipset.

Talking about the GPU here, the RX 570 has very good price to performance ratio and can run games at 60 frames per second for 1080p with decent settings in modern triple A titles.

The GPU might be outdated for some readers but with it is very much worth for the price it asks. The GPU has two 90mm blade fans and is overclockable up to 1255 MHz in the oc mode and 1244 MHz in the gaming mode. It has 4 GB of gddr5 memory too which is good for the price.

This CPU and GPU combo is for the readers who are on a very low budget but want to do gaming at 1080p and want to achieve 60fps in most modern gaming titles with decent graphic settings.

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2. Ryzen 3 3100 + GTX 1650 super

In this combination we are targeting the readers looking for a combo that serves the purpose of gaming and basic editing on a tight budget. This cpu is 7 nm architecture based which adds power efficiency grouping with 4 cores and 8 threads along with 18 megabytes of cache memory and maximum boost of 3.9 GHz and not forgetting the PCIe 4.0 support.

Moreover it is also overclockable and has a base clock Speed of 3.6 GHz.The cpu has a 65 watts of tdp rating. It is meant for a motherboard with a dedicated Am4 socket and cannot be usable with any other kind of motherboard. The GPU we are considering here is also one of the best for this budget in the market.

It has 1280 cuda cores, 4 GB of Gddr6 and 128 bit memory bus. It has a wattage of 100 watts and 1755 Mhz Boost. You can easily get well above 60 fps in the modern games with your preferred settings and in some games you can maintain 100+ fps.

3. i5 9400f + GTX 1660 super

This combo is meant for people who need a good value pc for gaming, editing and streaming on a low budget. The CPU has been included instead of a Ryzen 3 3300x or a Ryzen 5 3500 but due to unavailability and overly high prices I have not included any of them right now but if you are reading this at a time things have changed then you should consider them for sure.

But let’s keep it to i5 9400f which is not bad to consider right now. The CPU has 9 MB cache memory and up to 4.10 GHz clocks. You can pair a h310 motherboard or a b350 motherboard depending on your budget.

It is a ninth generation Intel CPU and does its job for the price and current situation. Coming to the graphic card it is a 1080p gaming beast and can run most modern games above or at 100 frames per second with medium to high settings.

Rs. 12,880 Rs. 24,000 5 new from Rs. 12,789
in stock
Intel® Core™ i5-9400F Processor (9M Cache, up to 4.10 GHz)
Rs. 39,999 Rs. 45,999 1 new from Rs. 39,999
in stock
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Super OC 6G Graphics Card, 2X...

Also this card is better option than the 1660 ti because of value and features. The 1660 super features a 6 GB of 192 bit Gddr6 memory. So you may want to consider a 144hz monitor for your setup because now your pc is capable for it and you can experience that high refresh gaming.

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4. Ryzen 5 3600 xt + Rtx 2060

Now we are looking forward to costlier combos with this one. You may want to point out that Ryzen 5 3600x should be here instead of this one but when you will check out their prices on Amazon then you will understand that xt is the way to go as they are priced similarly right now. The CPU offers 6 cores and 12 threads, 35 MB cache memory, base clock frequency 3.8 GHz and max boost frequency of 4.5 GHz and Am4 socket compatible. This CPU is based on 7nm zen 2 architecture which adds power efficiency to the table and features a 95 watts of tdp rating.

So after looking at the features and current price it is still worth it. Looking forward to the graphic card, I have chosen the rtx 2060 which is capable of the high refresh 1080p gaming for almost all modern games and with ultra settings and you can probably play at 1440p with adjusted settings on selective games at high refresh. This GPU features 6 GB of Gddr6 192 bit VRAM. It is the cheapest graphics card from Nvidia that features ray tracing technology which makes it capable for ray tracing in modern games.

Throw any game at it and you won’t be disappointed with the performance. This combo is for the users demanding a build capable for gaming, editing and streaming with a decent budget and good quality.

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5. Ryzen 5 5600X + RTX 3070

This cpu is the present latest processor based on zen 3 architecture featuring 6 cores and 12 threads, base clock frequency of 3.7 GHz and max boost frequency 4.6 GHz, 65 watts of tdp rating and 35 MB cache memory. It supports PCIe 4.0 too. Also the pricing is a bit high for these newly launched CPUs but trusting AMD we can say that it will be value for money. The latest gen has 19% IPC gain than the previous gen CPUs. So you can perform the cpu intensive tasks without worrying much. Coming to the GPU here we have included the rtx 3070 which is priced high in India than outside India but even with the overpricing done the rtx 3070 for 51k is still a better deal than the previous rtx 2080 ti which people bought for even above 1 lakh because it performs better than the 2080 ti even being fairly low priced comparatively. The rtx 3070 features 8 GB of Gddr6 memory along with 20 shader T flops, 40 ray tracing T flops and 163 tensor T flops. With this combo you can aim at high refresh gaming experience at 1440p with majority games at high settings and edit videos without any problem.

This combo is meant for what is considered the high end pc build in India and due to the non availability in market right now there are no links attached but you can definitely plan for this combo if you are saving for a future build.

6. Intel i9 10900k + RTX 3080

Here I have chosen a already available Intel CPU rather a RYZEN new 5000 series processor because the i9 10900k is clearly good enough for the rtx 3080 that you should not be considering a overpriced new processor that may or may not meet your needs but for the present the 10900k checks all of your needs that are meant to be to suit the RTX 3080. It features 10 cores, 20 threads, base clock frequency of 3.7 GHz and max boost frequency of 5.3 GHz with intel 20MB smart cache and bus speed of 8 GT/s  now you may think that the already existing RYZEN 9 3950x may be better than this but due to current situation and the equal or better performing 10900k you may want to choose this over it.

The CPU is a monster and this beast can shine with whatever you throw at it to perform. The GPU does not need any introduction, it is well valued and popularized GPU today as the consumers who earlier fantasized about 2080ti are attracted to this beast this time as it comes around the 71k in India and it is well far ahead of a 2080ti if you want to know that. Coming to the features the GPU has 10 GB of Gddr6x 320 bit memory, 320 watts power requirement, 8704 CUDA cores and 1.71 GHz boost clock and 1.44 GHz base clock.

Rs. 34,350 Rs. 51,000 4 new from Rs. 34,350
in stock
Intel® Core™ i9-10900K Processor (20M Cache, up to 5.30 GHz)

This thing can run every game at max graphics at 4K above 60 fps and even maintain a high refresh  of about 144fps in some games at 4k max graphic settings. The combo is as powerful as you can think of after looking at the specs and you can obviously do heavy editing and gaming works flawlessly.

7. i9 10900k + RTX 3090

As already discussed the 10900k is the best available cpu to go for with these excellent GPUs but that should not mean that this is must even the ryzen 7 3700x will do the job but to promise the best possible performance available now you should go for the recommended combo. The combo makes true what looked like a dream a couple years down the road but now you can game at 4k 144hz with all the settings cranked all the way up with it.

Rs. 34,350 Rs. 51,000 4 new from Rs. 34,350
in stock
Intel® Core™ i9-10900K Processor (20M Cache, up to 5.30 GHz)

The gpu here is not for those who want good or value for money it is for those consumers who seek the best possible and nothing less than it. The 3090 features over 10 thousands cuda cores and 24 GB of Gddr6x VRAM and costs 1,52,000 in India. This beast is capable of some huge GPU intensive softwares due to its giant 24 GB memory and this is obviously supposed to be and also is future proof as even after 4 years 24 GB memory would be well enough for the games and majority work.

So this is the combo for the readers looking for the best possible combo for 2020 and making no compromises in any manner. 

Hope that after reading the whole of it you are now confident to choose what is best for you and that you gained some knowledge from it.

I feel very grateful to help you out and thanks for your precious time. 

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