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10 Best Exercise Bench in India

In this evolving world, mindset is changing as the new emerging peer is making their way to the world. With the changes coming, a habit of staying fit and healthy has emerged and been embraced by most of the population of the world. Everyone wants to lead a healthy life by staying in the best shape and to achieve your fitness goals one must have access to good exercise equipment that ensures all the possible safety measures. If you want to stay fit and looking for an ideal candidate for equipment, then you must rely on your trust upon the exercise bench. Yes, you heard it right, an exercise bench is just like a staple of any fitness center, and getting acquainted with these benches could help you achieve the most desirable posture you wish for. 

These sturdy benches help you to improve your muscular strength, endurance, and mass, on the other hand, promising your safety and health at a time. Basically, there are a few renowned styles of an ideal strength training bench like- abdominal, hyperextension, flat, and multi-purpose  bench. But, before making a decision you might want to go through the following discussed points regarding an ideal strength exercise bench.

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Which Exercises Can I Do On The Exercise Bench?

Having access to an exercise bench is like setting up your own gym at home! Yes, an exercise bench can help you get a toned and fit body without being overwhelmed by the gym’s monthly prices. The exercise bench allows you to perform basic, advanced, or even intermediate fitness sessions depending upon your preferences and experience. Below is a list of exercises that you can totally opt for if you have access to an exercise bench-

Bench press with dumbbells: Get yourself a pair of dumbbells and a bench to work on your pecs differently and naturally.

Inclined press with dumbbells: A bench and a pair of dumbbells, is what you require to tone your pectorals, shoulders, and triceps as it provides a comprehensive movement mainly to your upperparts.  

Dumbbell pullover: This exercise requires a bench and a dumbbell to work effectively over the long head portion of your triceps. Please follow the safety measures while performing this exercise. 

Dumbbell row: Get a bench and a dumbbell and you are ready to go. This exercise usually tones the back of your shoulder and supinator longus. Don’t forget to put your back flat during the whole session to avoid any wobbling.

Lying triceps extension: You will need a bench and a straight/curl bar to perform this exercise. This routine will help your triceps gain solid muscles. This exercise requires greater attention as the bar could hurt your chest accidentally. 

Concentrated curl: This exercise too requires a bench and a dumbbell and the main targeted muscles would be your biceps in this exercise. 

If you are buying an exercise bench for your house then you must be aware of all the safety measures that need to be taken while performing a workout on it. To help you pick out the best exercise bench that would satisfy your needs, requirements, and comfort level, we are here to provide proper guidance through the selection of an ideal exercise bench. Below is a brief note about different styles of an exercise bench that you can choose from.

Best Exercise Bench in India

1. Flat Travel Weight Bench

Flat Travel Weight Bench is a highly durable and foldable bench which can be used for a wide range of exercises and is compatible in both gym and house. You can perform the heavy workout on it including Ab exercises, chest press, triceps, and much more in both the positions- inclined and declined. Rotating Round Shape Grip Clamp Knobs makes it extra flexible and you can carry this product anywhere you want without puzzling with the difficult tools and screws.

This table is ready to use as it encourages high health concerns with its sturdy and robust product personality. Flat Travel Weight Bench endures a capacity up to 200 kilograms endowed with 2 inches thick cushioned sheet made up of high-quality Rexine Leatherite.

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Go for this high quality, rust-free, robust, and authentic travel bench and enjoy a seamless experience while exercising on it. 

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2. Kobo EB-1011 Steel Exercise Flat Bench

Kobo EB-1011 Steel Exercise Flat Bench is ideal for home fitness routines like strength training exercises, free-weights, crunches, and much more! The product is thoughtfully and ergonomically structured to provide comfort while you are wrestling for better health.

Kobo EB-1011 Steel Exercise Flat Bench is a true example of sturdiness and robustness as it endures weight capacity up to 140 kilograms and provides the perfect posture, so that you can follow your daily exercise routine without being health conscious.

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This bench is filled with a thick cushion that provides extra support to your spine and being small in size, this bench covers minimal space and can be positioned in any corner of your house you want or even in a garage alongside the other equipment. Clear and easy instructions provided with the product helps you to assemble this bench effortlessly.

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3. ADIDAS Essential Flat Workout Bench

ADIDAS, the brand name is quintessential to know about the product, right? Well, ADIDAS Essential Flat Workout Bench is designed to broaden your exercise potential as the product is filled with amazing and dense foaming that provides an extra touch of comfort and protection. This bench can be used in both kinds of exercises- seated and bridged as the rubberish feet provide an extra assurance of durability to it.

Steel frame constructed ADIDAS Essential Flat Workout Bench has a praiseworthy endurance of about 150 kilograms and the product comes with an easy and simple manual for you to assemble the bench smoothly.

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If you are looking for a comfortable, sturdy, and long-lasting exercising bench, then ADIDAS Essential Flat Workout Bench is going to be your ideal choice. 

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4. JJ Jonex Incline, Decline and Flat Bench

JJ Jonex Inline, Decline, and Flat Bench are ideal for multi-functional exercise and it is compatible in both- gyms and houses. This is a package of 3-in-1 bench where you get flat, incline, and decline bench ergonomically structured to provide comfort and relaxation to the user.

The product is chemically tested power coated and extra stuffing of 20mm stuffed seat supports your posture better and helps you complete your fitness routine remarkably.

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The best thing about this product is that it is highly appreciated and adopted by every family member of a house as it provides just the comfort one requires while working out daily.  

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5. National Bodyline Weight Lifting Home Gym Multipurpose Fitness Bench

National Bodyline Weight Lifting Home Gym Multipurpose Fitness Bench is an adjustable bench ergonomically designed to support your comfort while your daily exercise routine.

The heavy-duty construction helps you work out in a very effective way and you can easily decrease the height of the rack during decline if you find it high enough to be reached while working out.

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This product is worth every penny you spend as it allows you to perform all four forms of exercise- incline, decline, flat, and even leg extension. National Bodyline Weight Lifting Home Gym Multipurpose Fitness Bench is a good quality bench and is highly recommended because of the soft seat facility which makes it extra comforting and desirable. 

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6. Cockatoo GY-40 Professional Flat Bench

Cockatoo GY-40 Professional Flat Bench is skillfully powder coated to avoid any future rust and the product has high-quality cushion padding to make your daily work out a little more comfortable and healthy. This bench is ideal for light and medium weight exercise and the stylish not only tone your abs but it also blends with whatever accommodation you provide to it.

You get this strikingly helpful Cockatoo GY-40 Professional Flat Bench which is easy to move anywhere you want and it doesn’t demand extra space to fit in. This neat, unmatched, and sturdy bench is easy to install even at your home and ergonomic structure gives an assurance of durability.

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The quality of this product is very reassuring and satisfying and the purchase is worth the price tag. 

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7. FITNESS YOUTH™ Adjustable Bench

FITNESS YOUTH™ Adjustable Bench is made up of pure alloy steel and proves to be an amazing addition to any workout space whether it’s a gym, a house, or even a workplace. The product itself comes in a package of 4 backrest pad positions, and seat pad position so that users with varying can work out daily without any difficulty and extra labor.

The material used to design this magnificent piece, i.e.alloy steel, names it extra sturdy and comfortable. FITNESS YOUTH™ Adjustable Bench is full of cushion padding to make your daily work out session more comfortable and less painful. 

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From sit-ups to push-ups and from bench press, incline to decline dumbbell, the bench can endure it all. 

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8. IBS Heavy Duty Flat Weight Bench

Want to perform a full-body workout but don’t have enough space for equipment? You must try out this amazingly helpful IBS Heavy Duty Flat Weight Bench designed to fit anywhere you want it to be fitted just to fulfill your comfort requirements. This flat weight bench is ideal for both beginning and advanced levels depending fully upon your preferences.

The product has a praiseworthy weight capacity of up to 320 kilograms and the anti-skid functionality on the base avoids any kind of movement while you are working out, hence, maintaining your utmost safety. The solid mechanic design is specially installed to increase stability and avoid any wobbly experience.

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This product allows full-body workout- from dumbbell press, lift, and row, situp, crunches, concentration curls, to reverse flies, and all this by promising your safety and health comfort.  High-density foam is ingressed to experience a comfortable workout and a sturdy steel tube makes this bench robust enough to endure any amount of tough workouts. 

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9. Dolphy Sit Up Bench 

Dolphy Sit Up Bench is specially designed with high-quality steel to offer sturdiness and durability. This product allows you to perform a wide range of core workouts. High-quality padding of foam allows an amazing experience while making a promise of your health and fitness. The soft padding provides extra comfortable support to your spine and eliminates any chance of back aching.

This product is highly ideal for commercial, light institutional, and home use. Dolphy Sit Up Bench helps you harness your fitness goals by providing comfortable and convenient features to make your workout more fun. The adjustable height, compact design features, and curved plate help you get a healthy body by increasing the bar of challenge.

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The benches of Dolphy Sit Up are stuffed with non-slip foam to provide a hundred percent security to your ankles and legs. Get your hands on this beautiful yet robust product that would enhance the experience of your daily work out with its amazing features and undeniable quality. 

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10. Lifeline 311 Adjustable Bench

Adopt a fit style with Lifeline!

Lifeline is an ideal product to perform your daily fitness session upon because of the different adjustable positions which makes it even more seamless for different core exercises. The thick seat padding and pipe structure help you stay fit for your life. Stay in the best shape by building brawny muscles while eliminating uncertainty and injury.

Lifeline 311 Adjustable Bench can be adjusted into 5 different positions and this helps you exercise multiple muscle groups comfortably.

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The product is skillfully and scientifically designed to provide just the right posture while you are working out using free weights. The seat of this bench is so comfortable to work out in that you would never want to leave it. Lifeline 311 Adjustable Bench is made up of alloy steel which is enough to authenticate its sturdiness and durability. 

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Speed up your metabolism and strengthen your bone by picking out the most suitable Exercise Bench for your daily workout sessions. 

Precautions To Take While Using Exercise Bench

There are so many harmful consequences associated with the bench press or exercise bench, in general. One of the most common injuries that you might suffer, if not followed precautions carefully, involves harming your shoulder, chest, wrist, and neck. Read more to find out the exercise bench safety measures to take beforehand-

1) Make sure that you maintain a good balance between the bench and your muscle to avoid any shoulder, back pain, or even a dislocation.

2) Don’t lift too much weight. If your exercise bench has a bar and you are not capable of holding it all alone and if there is even the slightest possibility that you might end up hurting your chest then you should consider lifting not too heavy or having a spotter to help you get through the situation.

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3) Make sure that your wrist is straight and fixed and not bent because this might cause severe wrist injury. Also, make sure that your grip is one and a half shoulder width wide to eliminate any undue pressure in your wrist or forearm.

4) Don’t apply too much tension during the bench press or this could harm your neck severely. Try not to press your neck into the bench rather try to keep your head in a resting position gently and comfortably. 

Things To Consider While Buying Exercise Bench

If you are a fitness-centered person, then you must know what could be the consequences of buying a bad exercise bench. An ideal exercise bench is the one that allows enough sturdiness for you to perform all your core strength exercises daily without causing any harm to your health or any part of your body.

An exercise bench comes with a plethora of benefits and buying an ideal Exercise Bench becomes, even more, easier, when you carefully examine and then determine the following factors mentioned-

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Performance: While buying an exercise chair, the foremost thing to consider is the quality and performance it would offer to you while working out. Check for the maximum weight or load the bench can endure. The exercise bench that you choose must be sturdy and durable, therefore, be honest while buying a bench because being a little tight hand could cost your health.

Adjustability: Buy an exercise bench as per space you have considered a lot. Like, if you want to put it in a gym, you can find a whole different section for whole different equipment, but if you are making a choice for your house then you must go for an adjustable bench for your own comfort.

Durability: You don’t shop for something sturdy and expensive every day. So, if you have finally decided to purchase an exercise bench, then you must look for the durability that the product offers. Also if you want your bench to stay a little longer then we suggest that you must look for a bench that has an enduring capacity of between 150-200 kilograms.

Comfort and safety: Well, everything comes down to your comfort and safety, doesn’t it? So, if you are looking for a bench to perform your daily fitness routine, you must look for a product that satisfies your comfort and safety measures unquestionably. 

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