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6 Best Foot Massager in India

Are You Searching For The Best Foot Massager in India ?

Search No More!!

Are you feeling stressed recently? Or do you have pains on the lower part of the body? Maybe on your legs or maybe on your thighs?

Do these statements above ring any bell to you? If your answer is affirmative, then you need a foot massager, my friend. It can help ease stress, leg/thigh pain, muscle tension & so on. Luckily, there are a plethora of foot massagers available out there.

But, that brings another problem. It gets troublesome to pick the best foot massager for you among all these options. But, fret not! We are here to help you. To ease the situation, we have jotted down a list of the best foot massagers in India.

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So, if you want to know all about these foot massagers, then keep on reading…

A Quick Peek:

Top Pick: Lifelong LLM99 Foot, Calf and Leg Massager:

In India, Lifelong has become a popular foot massager manufacturer in recent days. They are manufacturing various types of foot massagers. Among them, the LLM99 is a remarkably good one.

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It has all the crucial features to be a high-end foot massager. But at the same time, it is not that expensive. Make sure that you have checked this one out prior to getting any new foot massagers.

The Runner UP:  JSB Hf51 Leg Foot Massager Machine:

This foot massager from JSB Healthline can also be a great option. It has everything from good build quality, useful features to an affordable price.

Thus, if you are a fan of the JSB foot massager line-up, you can definitely try this.

Even, if you are buying a foot massager for the first time, this will be suitable for you. But most importantly, if you prefer quality, then this one might be a great fit.

Budget Pick: Agaro Foot Massager with Kneading function:

It is very hard to find a cheap foot massager which is of great quality at the same time. But, Agaro has made it possible.

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Although this foot massager has a very affordable price tag, it comes with almost all the must-have features of a typical good foot massager.

Thus, if you have problems regarding your budget, then you should look no further than this Agaro Foot Massager.

Detailed reviews of the Best Foot massagers in India:

Let’s get to know about these foot massager in greater details, shall we?

1) Lifelong LLM99 Foot, Calf and Leg Massager


You should have already noticed that this foot massager machine is our top pick. But why? Actually, there are a lot of reasons behind it.

First off, the Lifelong LLM99 comes with a lot of beneficial features. Then again, it has a reasonable price tag. Also, this is very popular in India.

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In fact, this is the No 1 bestseller foot massager in Amazon India. And, if it was not a high-quality product then it wouldn’t have achieved this feat. This is not your typical foot massager. It is more than that. For instance, you can use it as foot, calf and as well as leg massager.

The best part about is that, you can massage both of your legs and calf at the same time. This is an energy efficient foot massager machine. So, you won’t have to worry about your monthly electricity bills. It is true that there are a lot of highly priced foot massagers available out there.

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And, you might think this cheap on might not be good enough for you. But, we can tell you that it would be a great choice for you nevertheless. Overall, this is one of the best foot massagers in India in terms of features and price.

Main Features:

  • Comes with 3 customizable and 3 auto programs (for Foot & calf, foot, calf)
  • Comes with a LED screen with touch button which shows the time, mode and other necessary information
  • It has custom modes for the arch, toe, and sole
  • Comes with 3-speed settings, and bi-directional rolling settings
  • Designed with ABS high-grade plastic and TPR material
  • Comes with 4 flexible kneading disks


  • The seating position of the massager can be adjusted
  • Come with 4 powerful copper motors
  • Comes with a removable fabric cover which can be washed if needed
  • Various types of massage include Shiatsu, Scraping, Calf, Rolling, Acupoint, and Kneading massage
  • 15-minute auto shut off feature
  • Mild IR heating feature perfect for the winter season
  • Consume only 80-watt power


  • Only available in one color

2) JSB Hf51 Leg Foot Massager Machine

Jsb Hf51 Leg Foot Massager Machine

This foot massager comes with almost similar features and specifications. However, it is a bit pricier than the last one. And, that is why it has earned the runner up place in our post.

There are two versions of this product. The JSB Hf51 model comes with a few improved features while the JSB HF05 model is more of a value for your money product.

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Thus, the JSB HF05 model is cheaper than the JSB HF51 model. You can go with either of the models. They have demos available in almost every major cities in India.

So, you can try it prior to buying it. However, if you don’t have time for a demo, you can be assured that this is a great quality foot massager in the Indian market. It comes with tons of advantageous features.

Main Features:

  • Comes with 3 kneading modes and 3 vibration mode
  • The JSB HF05 can recline up to 45-degrees while the JSB HF51 can recline up to 90-degree
  • Both come with 15-minute auto shut off feature
  • Comes with a rubber kneading pad for a more comfortable massage


  • It consumes only 60 watts of power
  • Comes with an especial gentle vibration mode for relaxation
  • 3-speed level (Low, Moderate, & High)
  • Comes with the reflexology message mode


  • Not suitable for people taller than 5 feet 6 inches

3) AGARO Relaxing Foot & Calf Massager 

with Rolling & Kneading Functions for Pain Relief & improving Blood Circulation

This massager was sent to me by AGARO and I have been using it for about 15 days now. The product arrived in perfect condition with all the parts intact. AGARO is making good name in massage products with so many models and functions.

After using this product I can say that it does succeed in providing the relaxation to my sore foot and calf muscles after a tiring day of work. My mom has also come to love this product as she faces some soreness problem in foot. While this may not be permanent solution to your pain , but can certainly provide relief.

It is designed to massage your feet, ankles and calves all at the same time. You can also choose the option to massage foot or calf separately. For the first try it might feel a bit funny , but in a few minutes you will get accustomed and love the feel. You might feel like a king/queen in your own world. The massager  can be inclined at 45 degrees , which gives you a perfect angle to put your foot inside.

It comes with 3 massage functions Kneading, Rolling & Arch Scraping which help in increasing blood circulation & provide good muscle relaxation.

Main Features:

  • 3 Massage Functions
  • Both Automatic and Manual options
  • Comfortable tilt angle 


  • Kneading, Rolling & Arch Scraping
  • Removable & Washable foot sleeves 
  • Comes with Kneading Pads
  • Good color theme , looks good in room.


  • Lacks Heat and Vibration

If you want a foot massager and can work without heat , vibration options then this massager is perfect for you. As it costs significantly less as compared to other brand models above. But , it you still want heating/vibration function in AGARO brand then you can look into this upgraded model – AGARO Amaze Foot & Leg Massager.

4) Agaro Relaxing Foot Massager for Pain Relief with Kneading and functions

Agaro Relaxing Foot Massager for Pain Relief with Kneading and functions

Do you need a cheap but good quality foot massager? Then we have got the best one for you. We talking about the Agaro Relaxing Foot Massager.

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This foot massager comes in 3 different styles such as Foot Massager, Grand Foot Massager, and Square Foot Massager. Interestingly, this one is one of the cheapest foot massagers in Amazon with good reviews. And, all of the 3 models are actually cheap. And, yes, there are slight differences among these 3 models in terms of features and design.

For instance, both the Foot Massager and the Grand Foot Massager comes in full black color. But the Square Foot Massager model comes with black and white color.

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All of these models are very compact in size. So, it can be used anywhere, you can even take it with you as it is very portable compared to many other foot massagers in the marker.

Main Features:

  • Auto and manual massage mode — 4 auto+3 custom mode (on Foot Massager model), 3 auto+3 custom mode (on Grand Foot Massager model), and 4 auto+ manual modes (on Square Foot Massager model)
  • Comes with 15-minute auto turn off feature
  • Comes with LED screen and touch panel buttons
  • Multiple massage mode
  • Unique convex-concave shape for better and uniform massaging


  • The tilt position can be adjusted
  • Very cheap price
  • Only 40 Watts of power consumption
  • 1-year warranty
  • Multiple models to choose from


  • You cannot set the massaging intensity

The Alternatives:

Till now, we have talked about some of the top foot massagers in India. Any one from these can be a great choice. However, there some other options out there which also can be a great alternative.

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If you want to explore more, then this section is for you. In this section, we will talk about some other good quality foot massagers. Let’s see what those are…

5) HealthSense LM 310 Heal-Touch Foot Massager with Heat

HealthSense LM 310 Heal-Touch Foot Massager with Heat

If you want a budget-friendly foot massager in India then you can take a look at this one. There are two models of this foot massager machine which are LM 310 and LM 330.

The LM330 is a tad pricier than the other one. The LM 310 model comes in Lustrous color whereas the LM 330 comes in white color.

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Both of these models come with almost similar specifications. However, there are also a few dissimilarities in features and the outlook.

Main Features:

  • Comes with a touch screen and LED panel for streamlined operation
  • 3 types of foot massage available which are Reflexology, Shiatsu, Acupressure massage
  • It can be used for foot, calf, knees and even arm massaging
  • 3-speed intensity level
  • Comes with Air-pressure technology
  • Only 45 watts of power consumption


  • Strong build quality with high-quality ABS plastic
  • Very lightweight, can be a perfect portable foot massager
  • 360-degree swivel adjustable
  • Come with 3 auto modes and manual mode as well
  • Comes with an additional remote controller to operate the massager from distance
  • Auto turn-off feature after 15 minutes
  • Comes with a removable cover which can be washed


  • The Heat function is not that powerful

6) Robotouch Classic plus Foot Massager

Robotouch Classic Plus Foot Massager

First and foremost, this is literally a very expensive foot massager. However, if you want the best foot massager and budget is not your concern then you will love this one. This Robotouch Classic plus Foot massager comes in 3 colors: Red, Yellow, and Grey. Depending on the color, the price may vary.

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Simply put, this foot massager has the most advanced features among all the models we have talked about in this post.

You can tilt the upper section up to 110-degrees and the lower section can be tilted up to 20 degrees. This one also comes with multiple speed settings such as low, medium, and high.

The Robotouch classic plus foot massager comes with 30 airbags and 20 active soles for effective massaging.

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It also comes with both auto and manual mode. It comes with an LED screen which can be operated with the touch of your hand.

Main Features:

  • Comes with Heat therapy option
  • Comes with 5 intelligence auto programs for knee pain, sole roller massage, thigh massage, Air Bag compression massage, and feet pain relief massage
  • come s with 3 built-in active roller


  • Auto turn off feature after 15 minutes keep it from overheating
  • Robust build quality
  • Made with heat resistant materials
  • Kneading rolling combination gives unprecedented massage experience
  • Comes with Washable cover
  • Comes with a pair of wheels at the back and a stand at the front
  • Foldable design makes it easy to carry


  • The price is a lot higher than other typical foot massagers

Before we go:

Before buying a foot massager, you always should do thorough research. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to get the best one according to your demands. However, in this case, we have done the part of researching on behalf of you.

After a lot of research, we have shared the list of the best foot massagers in India for you in this post. Now, it’s your turn to go and buy the one you like the most.

If you have any queries about foot massagers, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We hope this post will help you to make your final decision about buying a foot massager.

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