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10 Best Heating Pads in India

A good heating pad will not only keep you warm and cozy during cold, freezy nights but offers relief from various kinds of pain as well. And let us face, using a drug to alleviate the pain every time is definitely not an option.

So, if you stay in a cold climate zone or if you are prone to frequent body pains then investing in a good heating pad is the smartest choice. But which heating pad should you buy?

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How to Select a Good Heating Pad in India

Well, with so many brands and products in the market, it can definitely become a little difficult to find the perfect heating pad for yourself. This is why we have prepared this guide and listed down the top heating pads for you to consider.

Choose the Type of Heating Pad

The first thing that you need to consider is the type of heating pad that will be effective for you. There are majorly 4 types of heating pads available: Infrared heating pads, Electric heating pads, Microwave heating pads, and Moist heating pads.

Infrared Heating Pads are considered to be the most effective although a little expensive. They use the infrared rays to generate the heat and can easily penetrate your skin to keep you warm.

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Electric Heating pads are slightly cheaper than infrared heating pads but they don’t go as deeper as the other heating pads. This type of heating pad uses the electricity to heat up and has different heat levels as well. However, make sure that you don’t keep on your skin at the highest heat level for a long time as it can end up causing burns.

As the name suggests, Microwave heating pads get heated up in the microwave and are usually filled with wheat, flax seeds, buckwheat, and so on. Although the heat won’t reach deep inside your skin, it is perfect to keep yourself warm during cold nights.

Finally, there is the Moist heating pad which needs to be soaked in water or filled with water to heat up. This type of heating pad is more effective than electric heating pads and feel much better on your skin. But with them, you need to keep multiple layers of clothing between your skin and the heating pad otherwise you risk getting burnt. 

Consider the Material

Once you have decided on the type of heating pad that is better suited for you, you need to consider the material of the heating pad.

Consider a material that is comfortable on your skin and is durable at the same time. And make sure that the fabric is good at insulating heat as well.

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Plus, a machine-washable heating pad will be easier to clean and won’t be as troublesome as a hand-washed heating pad.

Select the size of the Heating Pad

You will find heating pads available in different sizes and shapes. So, you need to consider your requirements when choosing the right sized heating pad for yourself.

If you are looking for a heating pad to take care of your neck pain then a small size would work just fine. But if you want a heating pad that will relieve your back pain, spine pain, arm pain, etc. then you would need to select the size and shape which suits your body part.

Choose between a Corded and Cordless Heating Pad

Another thing that you need to choose is whether you want a wireless heating pad or a corded heating pad. A wireless heating pad is a better option as it won’t restrict your usage and allows you to work while wearing it as well.

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But if you opt for a corded heating pad then make sure that the power cord is long so that you can use it with ease and convenience.

Top 10 Heating Pads to Consider in India

So , lets get started.

1. Piesome Electric Hot Gel Bag

One of the most versatile products in the market which is why it is also the top-rated heating pad on Amazon is the Piesome Electric Hot Gel Bag. This bag acts both as an electrothermal water bag and an electric heating gel pad so you can easily use it to bring some relief to your joint or muscle pain.

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A modern form of the traditional hot water bottle, Piesome Electric Hot Gel Bal has electrical features with gel material and proper packaging which makes it such a hit among the customers. Plus, you can keep this heating pad inside the quilt also to keep yourself warm. You can also use it to get rid of cold and aches during cold weather and keep your body warm and comfortable.

And it takes a short time to heat up as well and is quite affordable. And with its auto switch-off feature, you don’t have to worry about keeping this heating pad for a long time. 

2. SandPuppy New Fitbelt Portable Heating Pad

One of the best wireless heating pads in the market for treating sore muscles, SandPuppy New Fitbelt heating pad is an expensive but highly effective heating pad. This product uses infrared technology to heat up and the heat affects deep inside the muscles unlike other heating pads in the market.

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It also comes with 3 heat settings: low, medium, and high which allows you to easily choose the heat setting which makes your body relaxed. And since it is wireless, it comes with a rechargeable battery that can be charged with your phone charger or power bank as well. And a single charge can let you use the heating pad for 2 hours straight.

So, if you are looking for a good and effective wireless heating pad for yourself then SandPuppy New Fitbelt is definitely one of the best in the market.

3. Tynor Heating Pad

A completely safe and easy to use a heating pad which you can take with you while traveling as well,  Tynor Heating Pad is effective in relieving painful and sore areas. As this heating pad is made up of washable and waterproof material, it is really easy to keep it clean and dry.

One of the best things about this heating pad is that it offers 3 temperature settings which are distinguished with different led colors. So, you can choose the setting which is more comfortable for your pain and enjoy the warmth. And with its automatic shut-off feature, the heating pad will turn off automatically in 90 minutes so you don’t have to worry about extended use or burns. 

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It is quite lightweight and easily portable as well but it is slightly expensive than other heating pads in the market. 

4. Flamingo Orthopaedic Heat Belt

Another good product for healing backaches, boil, cramps, sprains, and other joint and muscle ailments is the Flamingo Orthopedic Heat Belt. This heating pad has been designed in such a way that it will provide you relief both during and after the use. 

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It also comes in three different sizes so you can choose the one which will suit your heating requirements. And it is completely safe as it comes with 4 layers of insulation along with 2 in-built thermostats. Also, its cover is made up of soft and washable material so it is easy to maintain.

But make sure that you use this heating pad only after your medical personnel advices you as it can lead to a few complications in the women. 

5. Elove Orthopaedic Electric Heating Pad

Elove Orthopedic Electric Heating Pad is another great choice and is not really expensive as well. It comes with a waist belt and a temperature controller which makes it easy and flexible for use. Also, it can easily heat up in 30 seconds so it is one of the fastest heating pads in the market and can help in blood circulation, healing sore muscles, relaxing muscles, and so on.

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It also comes with a 1.5-meter power cord so it is quite convenient to use. And you have three heat settings to choose from, depending on what kind of ailment you are suffering from.

This heating pad is perfect for healing pain from arthritis, joints, muscles, etc. The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with an automatic switch-off feature so you have to be careful while using this.

6. Ledzz Fur Velvet Electric Hot Water Bag

If you are looking for a cheaper solution to your body pain then Ledzz Fur Velvet Electric Hot Water bag is the perfect choice for you. Since this hot water bag is covered with both fur and velvet, it retains heat for a long time and provides good heat therapy. Also, the material is smooth on your skin and feels extremely comfortable as well.

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Also, since it has a good design at an affordable rate, it is a favorite of many customers. Plus, this is a rechargeable heat bag so you can charge it for a few minutes before using it. This heating bag is quite safe to use as well because it contains spill-proof gel and is electric-shock free as well.

And the best part is that it is small so it can easily fit your pocket and can be used anywhere.

7. EMPORIUM Electric Heating Pad

Emporium electric heating pad is an orthopedic belt that can help in treating back pain, should pain, waist pain, joints, muscles, and so on. Although a bit expensive, this heating pad offers 3 heat settings which allow you to treat your affected body part effectively.

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It also includes a 4-layer of insulation and in-built thermostat so the heating pad is completely safe to use. Plus, the Velcro belt is washable so it is easy to clean and maintain this heating pad.

And the long-lasting heating coil helps in maintaining the heat for a long time so that it can effectively relieve your pain.

8. Asbob Electric Rechargeable Heating Pad

With a simple yet elegant design, Asbob Electric Rechargeable Heating Pad is another great option for keeping warm during the cold season.

It takes around 5-10 minutes to heat but can be used for 3 hours at a time. The heating pouch contains a gel which makes it more effective and quite comfortable to use as well.

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It also comes with an automatic switch-off feature so it safe to use and is quite affordable at the same time.

Since it is light weight and portable, you can take it with you while traveling as well. And the bag is perfect to treat arthritis, hypothermia, cramps, and other ailments. 

9. HEJ Electro-thermal Hot Water Gel Heating Pad

This heating pad is another inexpensive product which is great to use as it is made out of rubber and is highly durable and effective to use. With a single charge, you can easily use it for 2-4 hours at a time.

This product is both spill-proof and shock-proof and the pad is filled with gel which helps in effective heating.

It has different heat up time which produce different heating duration but due to its sturdy design and less cost, it is a popular product to buy. Finally, if you are looking for a rechargeable and easily portable heating pad then this is it.

10. Homeuro Electric Heating pad 

Finally, if you are looking for a small heating pouch for your pain and sore body parts then Homeuro Electric Heating Pad is the perfect choice.

This heating pad is filled with a special gel which heats up easily and provides you with warmth and comfort. It is perfect to keep warm during cold and can also help relieve pain. 

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With a single charge, you can easily use it for 1-2 hours and it comes with an automatic switch-off feature which makes it safe to use as well.

So, if you are looking for a simple and portable heating pad then Homeuro Electric Heating pad is a good choice.

Consider the Heat Settings and the Heat Up Time

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will a require different heat setting to treat different kinds of ailments and pain. So, if you are planning to use your heating pad for multiple ailments or if you are planning to share your heating pad with your family members then go for a multiple heat setting option.

This will make it easier to find the right heat setting for everyone who uses it and will be effective at the same time. Also, choose a heating pad that heats up in a few seconds and doesn’t take a long time. This will help you save time, especially if you are in a hurry to go to work or someplace else.

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