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13 Best HP Laptops In India


HP has made itself a good brand name in the Indian households and corporates for good reasons. They have consistently created and delivered pretty good if not great products. 

HP has almost stepped its leg in every genre of laptops from the high-end productivity line up with its Envy series to the gaming segment with its Omen and pavilion series of laptops. It also has a strong presence in the sub 50K price segment which consists of the laptops for casual users.

Another advantage is that HP is quicker than any other company to launch their new model of laptops in India just a while after the International release. 

The most important factor in the Indian market is that people expect/use their laptops longer and people expect their laptops to not break down on them. This means that after sales service is also a very important factor in purchasing a laptop from any certain brand.

HP has a very decent record on the after sales service and their social media team seems to be very supportive in figuring out solving users’ problems. The extensive service centre network of HP also helps in making the buying process simpler.

This is the sole reason why lot of people just blindly suggest HP and Dell laptops are due to their very good offline presence and lot of people don’t seem to know/ care about other brands.

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What Genre Of Laptops Will Suit You?

Okay after you have decided that you are going to buy a HP laptop you might be confused about what laptop to buy as there are a lot of options to choose from let me narrow down all the aspects to make your purchase process a little more easier.

So, the specifications and feature sets might vary for different genres of laptops. Categorizing different genres of laptops as different sections would make the comparison a bit easier.

Just for a point of reference the categories of the laptops are


Budget Laptops:

This category lists the best laptops under 50,000Rs which are usually the laptops for casual users. 

Gaming Laptops:

Gaming laptops have the best CPU and GPU performance with gamer centric features. These come in a variety of price ranges.

Productivity Laptops:

People looking for great build quality and design with thin and light form factor are the main target demographic for these laptops.

Convertible Laptops:  

By convertible laptop I mean laptops that usually have thin and light form factor and 360degree hinges with touch screens that are also intended to be used like a tablet.

With the small summary out of the way let’s get into each of the categories.


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Convertible Laptops

Convertible laptops are pretty much a subset of the productivity laptops.

The difference is that the convertible laptops have 360-degree hinges and with touch screens also enabling the laptop to be used like a tablet. They also have stylus support which could come in handy for the artists out there.

Performance is not what you should be looking for in this laptop as these are very tiny and their thermal envelope is very tight.

Battery life is a strong point of these laptops as they have smaller screens and relatively large cells for the size making them last for very long time.

HP Envy x360

Screen size13.3 inches
CPURyzen 5 4500U
Screen TypeIPS
Battery Size60-Watt Hours

Envy x360 is the best convertible laptop in the under 1lakh price segment as it has all things going for it.

Display is of great quality with 300nits of brightness and around 100% sRGB coverage.

Keyboard and trackpad are very good considering it is an ultrabook and the speakers to sound pretty decent.

Performance of the laptop is great thanks to the 6 core Ryzen 5 4500U which is also very efficient and provides great battery life.

512 gigs of SSD inbuilt is fast and the 8 gigs of RAM is not user upgradable and soldered onto the motherboard.

Battery life is great and should easily provide you around 8hrs of use and maybe even a bit more if you are doing very light tasks.

Envy x360 is the best convertible ultrabook for the price and the more expensive offerings provide very diminishing returns.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

HP Spectre x360

Screen size13.3 inches
CPUIntel core i7 1065G7
Screen TypeIPS 
Ram16GB DDR4
Battery Size60-Watt Hours

The spec sheet might not sound that impressive compared to the cheaper Envy x360 but Spectre also has some things going for it.

Build quality and design are better in the spectre as it is built totally of metal.

Display is similar and the spectre is slightly better. Spectre also comes with windows 10 pro out of the box.

Keyboard and trackpad are slightly better than the former one and the speakers are also better than the one in Envy x360.

Performance is a topic of debate as the cheaper envy provides similar or even better performance with better battery life in a lot of situations. The RAM capacity is higher at 16 gigs.

Spectre x360 is only recommended if you want an intel processor or more premium feeling laptop otherwise envy x360 will suit most user’s needs.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

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Budget Laptops

Things to look out for in the budget segment are as follows


Screen quality and brightness are mediocre in this category of laptops, but it should not pose a problem to the casual users out there.

Just look out for the screen sizes as some have 14-inch screens and the others have 15.6-inch screens and also keep in note of the resolution of the screen as some cheaper laptops come with 768p screens instead of the 1080p resolution.


On the intel side there are core i3 and core i5 processors. i3 processors are more common in the price range. Core i3 processors only have two cores and i5 comes with double of that with four cores.

Ryzen 5 3000 series processors in this price range also come with four cores and there are also. The thing is intel processors in this segment usually are better.

For casual users none of these specs would matter to be honest as casual chrome browsing and document editing would just work fine on a two-core processor as it would work on a four-core processor.

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There is not much to expect in this price category. Keyboards are usually pretty good, but the trackpads are a different story as the tracking surface is pretty rough and the tracking and multi finger gestures don’t work that well.


Storage, RAM and other variables differ from one laptop to another so those should not matter that much. But keep in mind that SSD storage is much better than HDD storage format. Frequencies and the type of RAM don’t really matter that much for casual usage. Just make sure you buy a laptop with 8GB of RAM ideally but 4GB of RAM should also serve the purpose

Now all the prerequisites out of the way let’s get into the picks not in any order.

All these laptops seem to have weirdly funny names so don’t mind the names.


Screen size15.6 inch
CPUIntel Celeron
Resolution1366×768 HD
Screen TypeSVA
Battery Size49-Watt Hours

This is the most basic HP laptop powered by intel you could buy. The specs on the paper are not impressive even for the price. 

Display is the perfect example for this. This is just an entry level display with very low brightness and quality and the resolution is also just 768p.

Intel Celeron is a dual core processor and coupled with the 4 gigs of RAM the performance should serve the web and document surfers.

1TB HDD should be plenty enough for storage albeit it is slow at only 5400RPM.

Keyboard is pretty good, but the trackpad is bad but nothing to complain about for the price. External mouse is recommended if you are going to be scrolling through a lot of text. The keyboard layout is full size with numpad.

 Speakers are bad as expected and once again an external Bluetooth speaker of sorts is a must if media consumption is your priority. 

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The laptop is portable though a bit on the thicker side. Weight is also quite manageable, and the battery life is also pretty good around 5 hours due the low power components.

For those looking for a laptop for the casual usage this should serve the purpose at an entry level pricing.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon


Screen size14 inches
CPURyzen 3-3300U
Resolution1366×768 HD
Screen TypeSVA
Battery Size49-Watt Hours

So, this is primarily a smaller size version of the notebook 250 and it comes with an AMD Ryzen processor and it is even cheaper.

The 14-inch display is similar in quality to the 15.6-inch one but due to the smaller size the lower resolution is a bit less noticeable so that’s better. 

Ryzen 3 3300U is a better processor in this segment when compared to the intel counterparts as it has 4 physical cores when compared to only two on the intel Celeron. So, if you want better performance AMD is the better way to go.

Keyboard and trackpad are the same as before but due to the 14-inch form factor this keyboard layout does not include a numpad.

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Size and weight are significantly lighter than the notebook 250 which make it the better laptop for the users who are always on the move.

Battery life should also be marginally better due the smaller display and the same size of battery as the 15.6 inch one you could expect around 5 to 6 hours of battery life easily.

HP 245 G7 has a better performance at a cheaper price than the intel variant which makes it a no brainer unless you compulsorily need a 15.6-inch screen.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

3. HP NOTEBOOK 245 G7 (Ryzen 5)

Best laptop for the money but there is a big catch…

Screen size14 inch
CPURyzen 5 3500U
Screen TypeWVA
Battery Size41-Watt Hours

This is the most powerful laptop in the bunch but there are some unusual trade-offs you should deal with if you purchase the laptop.

Display is pretty much the same as other 14-inches from HP but with a bit more brightness.

Other aspects such as the keyboard, trackpad and speakers are the same as the Ryzen 3 model.

Ryzen 5 is slightly better than the Ryzen 3 3300U processor but has the same number of cores. All things considered the difference is not that significant to a noticeable amount.

On contrast the battery life is significantly worse as the size of cell is also smaller at just 41wh. This should provide you around 4 hours at max.

The biggest trade off is that the laptop does not come with Microsoft windows funnily enough it comes with DOS operating system. This makes it compulsory to install windows operating systems and lot of people won’t like to go through the hassle of changing the operating system in their new laptop.

If you don’t care about shuffling the Operating System, then this is a very good choice for the money.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

4. HP 15s

Screen size14 inch
Resolution1920x1080P FHD
Screen TypeIPS
Battery Size41-Watt Hours

HP 15s is the best all-around laptop of the bunch with pretty good everything and it is the costliest of the bunch.

Design is straight up better than previous laptops with a much more modern design and smaller bezels around the screen.

Display is better than any other laptop in this class and is of 1080P resolution with brightness around 250nits. 

Intel core i3 onboard provides pretty good performance for casual use but the storage in this is significantly faster when compared to the HDD’s in the other offerings. 4 gigs of RAM is also user upgradable.

Keyboard is similar to other HP laptops, but the trackpad is slightly different with integrated left and right click buttons but is still mediocre. Speakers are slightly better than the other ones.

Battery life is also very mediocre at just around 4 hours.

All things considered if you got little more cash to shell out, I recommend this over all other laptops in this segment.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are the hot topic right now as they provide much better specs than the non-gaming laptops which cost almost the same and provide much inferior specs. 

There are also other advantages such as a better display, dedicated GPU and a lot of other features aimed at gamers that may also be useful for the non-gamers.

Design is the major downside of gaming laptops as a lot of them are in your face, but HP has realised that and has gone with a much more muted design in recent times.


Gaming laptops benefit from higher refresh rate displays. As the GPU’s get more and more powerful, they result in better framerates and higher refresh displays are needed to display higher frame rates.

Colour accuracy doesn’t matter that much unless you are also about to do some professional work in your gaming laptop, but brightness matters as higher brightness leads to better visibility in darker areas.


When it comes to basically there are two camps with AMD and INTEL and overall Intel provides slightly better frame rates but for any other work involving multiple cores AMD takes the win.

GPU is dominated by Nvidia and GPU differ as the price increases. For the entry level you will be looking at GTX 1650 and moving up the price echelon you could be looking at GTX 1660ti or the RTX 2060. Anything above that will cost you a lot with diminishing returns.

For competitive gaming even the GTX 1650 will provide you very good performance but if your primary objective is to play AAA games then buying a GPU such as the RTX 2060 with higher video memory would prove to be more useful.


SSD storage is preferable but even HDD and SSD combo will be good. 16 gigs of RAM in dual channel is ideal for fast paced games as it will provide you higher performance when compared to the single channel counterparts and higher frequency of RAM also helps a bit.

RAM should not be that big of a problem as the RAM is user upgradable and a second stick of RAM can be dropped in any time you want.


This category is not going to matter much for the hardcore gamers as it better to have dedicated peripherals for gaming. 

But for normal users a keyboard with good amount of key travel with a smooth glass trackpad is ideal. Do not expect much from the trackpad of gaming laptops.


Thermals are the most important part in a gaming laptop as good thermals ensure prolonged performance without choking the laptop to its knees due to thermal throttling.


Battery life in most gaming laptops is a joke. But if the laptops have decent battery size you could expect decent battery life with light usage.


This is a kind of irrelevant topic for a gaming laptop and you should be ready to carry relatively heavy and thicker laptops than you are used to.

All that out of the way here I bring you the best options.


The Pavilion gaming has two variants. One that comes with an AMD Ryzen processor and another with intel processor.



Screen size15.6 inch
CPUi5 – 9300h
GPU GTX 1650
Resolution1920 × 1080 (FHD) @ 60hz
Screen TypeIPS, Anti-glare 
Weight2.2 kg
Ram8GB DDR4-2666MHz
Battery Size52.5-Watt hours

Display is an average panel with 60hz refresh rate and 250 nits of brightness. Colour accuracy is also average at around 66% sRGB.

Performance is pretty good and should be good enough for most AAA games at medium-low settings.

512 gigs of NVME SSD provides good boot times and the 8 gigs of RAM is also user upgradable.

Keyboard is fine with pretty good key travel and the trackpad does the purpose. Speakers are average sounding at best. Layout of the keyboard is full size with a built in numpad.

Thermals are average at best as the one side two fans approach in here is not that effective in removing heat.

Battery life is average and should give you around 4 hours as the battery size is pretty small. 

Intel version is good enough for casual users but the Ryzen version is a better one for a bit more price.



Screen size15.6 inch
CPUR5 4600H
GPU GTX 1650
Resolution1920 × 1080 (FHD) @ 144hz
Screen TypeIPS, Anti-glare 
Weight1.98 kg
Ram8GB DDR4-3200MHz
Battery Size52.5-Watt hours

Display in the AMD model has a refresh rate of 144hz which is supposed to bring smoother experience than the one on intel.

Ryzen 5 4600H present in the AMD model is much more powerful than the core i5 in the intel model also the RAM speed is significantly faster at 3200MHZ which is a Ryzen advantage.

Thermals are about the same which means its average and not the best.

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Another advantage is that the battery life will be better due to the better efficiency of the 7nm node. The weight is also lower at just 1.98kgs which makes it more portable.

The Ryzen model of the pavilion is a much better choice especially if you could find it for a good deal.


HP pavilion 16 is the same as the 15.6 inch with a bit larger screen and pretty much the same specs.

Display size is slightly bigger at 16 inches but there is nothing much of an upgrade other than that. The panel quality by itself is still average.

But the pavilion 16 has a wider range of GPU options but honestly with the average thermal performance of this laptop it is not recommended.

Buy this laptop over other pavilions if you find a good deal for it or else skip this one.


Omen 15 is a complex machine to discuss there are a lot of variants to discuss and there are a lot of CPU and GPU options. I will simplify them here as it also has intel and AMD variants.


Screen size15.6 inch
CPUUp to core i7 10750H
GPU Up to RTX 2070 super maxq
Resolution1920 × 1080 (FHD) @ upto 300hz
Screen TypeIPS, Anti-glare 
Weight2.3 kg
Ramfrom 8GB DDR4 2993Mhz
Battery SizeUp to 70.9-Watt hours

Omen is the premium brand for gaming laptops from HP.

So, you might have read a lot of up to and from in the spec sheet and rightfully so.

As the specs vary a lot commenting on performance is not possible but here is an overview on what is common between all the intel-based omens. 

Displays range from bad 60hz ones to excellent quality 300hz panels.

Thermals are excellent in this year’s omen with big fans and huge intakes for the maximum performance even if it goes a bit high in the temperature.

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Keyboard layout is different in the intel model as it comes with a full size keyboard with numpad whereas the AMD models don’t come with a numpad and the backlighting also changes according to different versions.

Battery life differs from one unit to another as base models come with significantly smaller batteries.

If your workflow requires intel processors or you need higher end GPUs, you can choose intel as AMD ones come with only up to RTX 2060. If you are fine with a lower end GPU’s AMD one is a better choice.



Screen size15.6 inch
CPUUp to R7 4800H
GPU Up to RTX 2060
Resolution1920 × 1080 (FHD) @ upto 144hz
Screen TypeIPS, Anti glare 
Weight2.3 kg
Ramfrom 8GB DDR4 3200Mhz
Battery SizeUp to 70.9-Watt hours

Ryzen models of the omen 15 come with advantages of their own.

Some models come with crappy 60hz displays and costlier models come with colour accurate 144hz displays.

The Ryzen chips have better efficiency leading to even better thermals and battery life even with the same battery sizes. Multicore performance on the Ryzen chips are much better than the intel processors.

They also come cheaper in price compared to the intel models which makes it an even better buy.

If it were me, I would buy the Ryzen one over the intel.

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Productivity Laptops

Productivity laptops are usually for the professionals on the move who look for a great all-around laptop.


Look out for colour accurate high brightness displays as they provide ease of use even in the bright outdoors. 


Performance needs differ according to the individual. For casual business users they don’t matter as much but it is important for photo and video editors. Look for a laptop with a dedicated GPU even if it is entry level.


Good keyboard and trackpad feel are important if you are going to use it a lot. Keyboards with good key travel and glass surface trackpads are ideal for ease of use.


Battery life is a major deciding factor as the laptop should last you a working day. Most laptops in this segment have good battery life so there is nothing much to worry about.

HP Envy 13:

Screen size13.3 inch (touch screen available)
CPUCore i5 10210U
GPU MX 330
Resolution1920 × 1080 (FHD)
Screen TypeIPS, Anti-glare 
Weight1.3 kg
Ram8GB DDR4 2993Mhz
Battery Size51-Watt hours

HP envy 13 is an ultrabook that packs in pretty good specs for a machine very small.

Display is a good quality 13-inch panel and combined with very thin bezels the viewing experience is very good and there are also models with touch screens if you require that.

Performance is very good for such a small machine and combined with the fast 512 gig SSD everything is effortless. The MX 330 onboard should provide decent GPU performance and can even do some light gaming.

Keyboard and trackpad are also good and should serve the purpose without posing any problems and the speakers also sound decent.

Battery life is good and should provide you over 6 hours of use.

For those looking for a thin and light ultrabook that packs some punch this is a great choice.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

HP Envy 15:

Screen size15.6 inch (touch screen available)
CPUUp to i7 10750H
GPU Up to GTX 1660ti
Resolution1920 × 1080 (FHD)
Screen TypeIPS, Anti-glare 
Ram16GB DDR4 2993Mhz
Battery Size83-Watt hours

Envy 15 is squarely aimed at the creators on the go with the powerful specs it offers.

Display is a colour accurate panel with almost 100% sRGB coverage and offers very good brightness.

For performance you could get the laptop even with gaming grade components and combined with its excellent thermals you are in for a treat. Gaming is 

Keyboard and trackpad are good enough and the speakers also pack some punch.

 Battery is a massive 83wh cell which should easily provide around 7hrs of battery life.

For those looking to do intensive tasks in their system the Envy 15 is a great choice.   

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

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So, those were the best HP laptops in India. Lot of effort has been put into compiling the best laptops. If you find it useful or have better recommendations make sure to leave it in the comments below.

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