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7 Best Laptops Under Rs 25,000 in India

Buying a Laptop right now is quite inevitable!

As laptops have become so important in today’s world it has become pretty much inevitable to do some of work without a laptop or more like a windows device.

You might buy a Mobile phone for any price it might be but you cannot perform some of the basic tasks that can be performed by a much less expensive windows device.

You might want to buy a Laptop of low cost because you don’t need a laptop that much and you are going to use it just for browsing basic word documents or for an online class that is going on due to the pandemic or even because you don’t like to type stuff on the mobile screen. Any reason it might be you have come to the right place.

The word laptop is synonymous with being expensive so it’s really complex to choose a laptop in the range around 25,000 because of the wildly varying specifications.

You could easily build a gaming capable desktop for 25k but not everyone wants a desktop or has the interest to build a desktop.

So, here I’m going to sort you out the best laptops you can buy for the price.


Don’t expect to do any sort of heavy gaming or stuff like that because the laptops in this price range are not aimed towards that.

But these laptops should prove you good for any other purpose like web surfing or attending online classes or watching some movies.


Most of the laptops in this price range come with a 1366x768p display as it has become the norm in this price range. But there are some Laptops that provide you with a 1080p display which is much preferred over a 720p display. So, look out for the 1080p display laptops if they are available.


You should not worry about performance as the laptops in this price range usually come with a dual core processor which would be fine for doing all sorts of basic stuff you are looking for. (Unless you are looking to do some crazy stuff with your laptop if so, you can read the other articles and choose a laptop in another price range). If you are looking to game, I seriously recommend you to spend some more and look for other laptops.

Both AMD and Intel processors are available in this segment and does not provide any noticeable difference to choose one over other

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Storage and RAM:

The laptops in this segment come with 4 gigs of ram and usually come with HDD’s. Some less pricey laptops also come with eMMC storage. 

Battery Life:

Most of these laptops come with small batteries maxing at around 35wh but it should not pose you a problem as the laptops have less power demanding internals. Don’t expect amazing battery life you can expect around 3 to 4+ hours of battery life depending on the use case.

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Miscellaneous Stuff:

The laptops in this segment usually come with pretty crappy speakers and trackpad. So, if you are looking for extensive media consumption be sure to pick up an external Bluetooth speaker of some sorts. 

The trackpad is also pretty crappy so even if you don’t want to pick up a speaker, I definitely recommend you to pick up an external mouse even if it’s a cheap one.

Some laptops are thick in this segment so if you want a thin and light laptop then look out for it before you proceed and some even come with operating systems other than Windows so make sure you are choosing the right one.

If the above-mentioned specifications are good enough for your use then you can happily proceed to choose your own laptop.

Now let me roll on with my best picks 

Best Laptops Under Rs 25,000 in India

(Disclaimer: There are a lot of refurbished laptops available in this price range. I recommend you not to choose them due to reliability and warranty issues and there are a lot of offline stores selling 2nd hand laptops for low prices but don’t go for any of them unless you are looking to take a bet on the laptops reliability.)

1. ASUS VivoBook 14

The best laptop you can buy in this price range.

The VivoBook 14 from ASUS covers a wide price range as it comes with core i5’s which cost around 50k and here it is competing in the sub 25,000 segment.

If this is out of stock you can also go for ASUS VivoBook 14 AMD Ryzen 3 3250U here on Amazon , which is also a good offering.

The laptop comes with a plastic build and pretty good design. The plastic build is supported by some metal rails inside. This laptop pretty much has the best design in the segment with pretty thin bezels all around (around 77% screen to body ratio) and a light weight body (1.6 kg). The laptop is not that thin though coming at around 24 mm but it surely provides the build you expect for the price.

The screen size is 14 inches and most importantly it is 1080p which is extremely rare in this price range. The screen is also a good quality one for the price with comparatively minimal bezels all around.

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The Keyboard is chiclet style keyboard which has short travel distance but proves good for typing. The trackpad is also stated as a precision touchpad with good gesture support which not a lot of laptops in this price range provide.

It comes with a 4-core intel Pentium processor so expect some pretty good performance for the price but the integrated graphics is bad.

It comes with 4 gigs of ram and a 1TB HDD which should be plenty enough for your casual needs.

The laptop has plenty of IO for your needs and a mediocre speaker which should be okay enough for your occasional sessions of media.

The battery is a 2 cell 32wh unit which should provide you around 3 plus hours of battery life and it also comes with fast charging that will juice up your laptop up to 60% in around 50 minutes. It comes with Windows 10 pre-installed.

As far as laptops under 25,000 go you can’t get any better than this. So, keep an eye out for this as this laptop goes out of stock very quickly.

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2. Acer One 14

The Acer One 14 is a budget offering from acer which does everything mediocre for the price.

As the name suggests the laptop comes with a 14-inch display. The resolution of the laptop is 1366×768 which means it’s a 720p display.

The display is not bad for the price and the resolution is less noticeable in a 14-inch screen compared to a 15.6-inch screen. But when there are laptops from companies like ASUS that provide you with 1080p screens in this segment this is a tough go for the consumers to go with a 720p screen. The bezels are also thick if it’s something that matters to you.

The laptop is powered by a dual core Pentium processor and it should definitely do the job for casual usage. It is certainly less powerful than the laptop from ASUS but you will not notice that big of a difference in your normal usage.

It also comes with 1TB of HDD storage which should be plenty enough for a lot of people and the 4 gigs of RAM goes with the laptop well enough.

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The trackpad and keyboard are nothing notable but mediocre and should prove you good enough. But I strongly advise you to pick up an external mouse for better navigation.

The laptop also has a thicker form factor compared to other laptops but it comes with a DVD drive which any laptop in this segment doesn’t provide. If you definitely need a DVD drive inbuilt in the laptop this is one of your better choices. The speakers are very tinny and an external speaker is much recommended if you are into media consumption. 

But the laptop is light enough at 1.8 kgs. It comes with a 31wh battery which should provide you around 3+ hours of battery life and it also comes with windows 10 pre-installed.

This laptop is not recommended over the VivoBook 14 but if you want a laptop with the above features and the brand of choice is Acer then it’s your best bet.

3. Dell Inspiron 3595

 This is the best offering in this price segment which competes pretty good with other offerings.

The main selling point of the laptop is it has a 15.6-inch screen which is not that great quality or anything but it’s a 15.6-inch laptop from the brand Dell which is enough for a lot of people. It’s just because of dell’s extensive service network in India. The bezel around is thick though it’s not an issue in this price range. But the resolution here is also 720p but if you want a 15.6-inch screen for sure then it’s one of your better choices.

Actually, the keyboard and trackpad are pretty good for the price. The keyboard has a very short travel which you may or may not like and the trackpad has built in right and left click buttons which should do you pretty good without an external mouse. The keyboard also comes with a number pad built in so take notice of it if it’s something that matters to you.

The processor here is for Ryzen and is a dual core one and is pretty good for all purposes intended. It would serve you well enough for your everyday tasks.

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In the storage front it comes with a 1TB HDD which is enough for all purposes intended and the laptop comes with 4 gigs of ram.

This laptop is the heaviest of the bunch, weighing around 2.2 kgs which is not that big of a deal. But if you want something lighter than 2 kgs then this will not do it for you.

The battery capacity is also around 30wh and it should provide you around 3 hours of battery life. And it comes with windows 10 home pre installed which makes it a bit ideal to make it a family computer.

All things considered this laptop is recommended if you want a 15 -inch screen and don’t care if it’s 720 and the brand of choice is Dell.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon

4. Lenovo IdeaPad S145

Lenovo has always been pretty good at making budget laptops and this is no different. It gets a strong second recommendation from me after the ASUS VivoBook 14.

The laptop comes with a 15.6-inch screen like the dell Inspiron and the resolution is also 1366x768p which makes it just HD at 720p instead of FHD 1080p. But the laptop comes in at a significantly higher brightness than all other laptops in the class at 220 nits. More nits equal more brightness and it leads to better media consumption experience. And if you are someone who occasionally works outdoors then it might be better than all other laptops in this price range for your use case.

The bezels around the screen are also not as bad as the offerings from DELL and Acer but not as thin as the offering form ASUS. The display hinge also goes flat at up to 180 degrees.

The laptop comes with a Dual core AMD processor which should be well enough to handle casual everyday tasks and the 4 gigs of RAM certainly aids it.

1tb of HDD storage provided with the laptop should do you good for all purposes intended.

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The Keyboard is always a key selling point of Lenovo laptops and this is no different. The key travel is not as good as the expensive offerings from Lenovo but this is pretty much better than all other laptops in this segment. The trackpad however is not that good but should get your job done. The keyboard also comes with a number pad unlike the 14- inch offerings without the number pad.

The speakers also seem to be better than other laptops in the price range with 2×1.5 w speakers. It should be good enough for your casual binging sessions but don’t expect it to be as good as external speakers. The laptop is also pretty thin and light coming at around 1.8 kgs.

The battery life is also good as it comes with a 35wh cell which should provide you around 4 hours of battery life.

It is the cheapest laptop of the bunch coming at 21,990rs and sometimes even less during the sale so the pricing makes it ideal for the people who are on a very tight budget. The laptop is very much worth the money. 

This is the best all-around 15.6-inch laptop you can buy for the money and you would be happy to buy this.

Other Mentions:

The above-mentioned laptops are the best for the price range but if you are willing to go through the hassle of having very small amounts of storage and are willing to buy external hard drives or can go through the process of changing the operating system to Windows 10 there are some more options. But these are not really recommended as these are usually older offerings from the company and are reduced in price for stock clearance.

5. Asus VivoBook 15

Asus VivoBook 15

This is a 15.6 inch offering of Vivo book form ASUS but it is in every way a bit worse and less appealing than other offerings in the price range.

It comes with a 720p screen thicker bezels and heavier body than the VivoBook 14.

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The laptop is not recommended unless you definitely need a 15.6-inch laptop and the brand must only be ASUS. If you actually think so then I seriously recommend you to change your mind.

6. HP 245 G7

This is a 14-inch laptop from HP and has pretty good specs all around. But the laptop is thick and bulky coming at around 2.1 kgs which is the heaviest.

The main catch here is that it comes with a DOS operating system which definitely must be replaced in order to use the laptop.

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The laptop comes at around 21,000rs which is cheaper than all other laptops but the operating system must be changed in order to use the Laptop.

7. Dell Latitude 7440

This laptop is also a very old offering from Dell but has been significantly reduced in price due to less demand.

The laptop is very thick and heavy with an outdated design and processor from years ago.

But the laptop comes with a whopping 16 gigs of RAM which is unheard of in this price range but the storage is only 500 gigs of HDD.

The operating system is also Windows 8 which is usable but not even near good as windows 10.

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If nothing else matters to you but the ram you can choose this laptop.

But honestly, I don’t recommend you to buy a laptop this old.

So, these are the best laptops in this price range and you would not find a better list of laptops for the price. The big billion days and the amazon great Indian sales are also coming around so keep an eye out for that.

Happy Shopping

Written By - Nirunjan Kumar 
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Tryna make things work!

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