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11 Best Smart LED TV Under Rs 30,000 in India

Television has become an inseparable part of this modern society. From entertainment, news, culture, weather, sports, music, to even education we could find our increasing dependence upon TV. Television plays an intricate role in disseminating cultural values to a large number of audiences at a time. TV finds its use in providing education programs and language learning sessions which can be highly useful for youngsters. So, basically, TV acts as the catalyst in providing important values and life lessons to all age groups. Choosing a good TV can be highly beneficial as it could provide everything in a high amount be it entertainment, news, sports, music, culture or education. 

In short, without television, your life would become clueless and mundane as it keeps rejuvenating your mind by showing you different programs indulged in different lifestyles. As technology is changing, TV has also evolved in the past few years. From CRT TV, LCD, LED, Plasma, to OLED, the evolution of TV has come a long way. 

That’s why we have prepared this guide for Best Smart LED TV you can buy at present under Rs 30,000 in India , hand picking the best options available at present.

What is Smart TV?

Remember the time when we used to call television an ‘idiot box’, well; those times are long gone because of the revolutionary introduction of smart televisions. A Smart TV is a set that can be easily connected to the internet and a set that allows its user to use different feature-rich services like video streaming, web browsing, and/ or even gaming.

Smart televisions provide a revolutionary mix-up of both traditional and new electronic media i.e. it provides users’ access to the regular television program, on the other hand, it also provides online interactive media to its users. Any external device can be connected and operated just with a single click, some of the most popular applications that this new smart television is endowed with are- Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon.

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Types of Smart TV

They can be categorized based on three types-

  • Resolution,
  • Display Technology, and 
  • Software Platform.


Television can be further categorized into 4K Ultra HD, Full HD, and HD based on its resolution. The higher the resolution, the greater are going to be the image quality. The 4K Ultra HD TV offers the highest amount of resolution i.e. 2160px which helps the TV in providing a detailed and clearer picture. This facility makes the image sharper and helps you witness an impeccable experience. Full HD TV offers a resolution of about 1080px which is quintessential enough to watch a Blu Ray movie without experiencing any deterioration in the image quality.

Display Technology

LCD, LED and OLED Smart TVs are the categorization of televisions based on display technology. LED and LCDs are considered an ideal choice for any type of lighting condition. Whereas OLED is abbreviated for Organic light-emitting diodes which offer an incredibly high degree of color accuracy and picture certainty. This technology has enabled the thin features that now TVs possess these days and it offers wider viewing angle, sharper and blur-free pictures. 

Software Platform

This might be the key factor in categorizing televisions as each manufacturer uses its preferable software platform to enrich any television with features. The most common platforms used by manufacturers are- LG Web OS, Samsung Tizen, Firefox OS, and Android OS.

Now, you know every possible way of finding just the right television for your home, so below is a guide of ranging televisions that will help you pick out the best one.

Best LED TV Under Rs 30,000 in India

1. OnePlus Y Series 108 cm (43 inches)

Full HD LED Smart Android TV

Full HD resolution helps you watch your favorite TV programmes on the OnePlus Y Series 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED Smart Android TV which is built to enhance your experience.

This product is endowed with all the amazing features of being a Smart TV like One Plus Connect feature, allows YouTube connect, Google Assistant, Play Store, and shared albums, so that you can enjoy the contents of your phones and desktop with clarity.

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This television is full of surprises like its noise reduction feature, dynamic contrast, Gamma engine, and supported app features like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Videos, Oxygen Play, and content calendar to ease your TV watching experience. 

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2. MI TV 4A Horizon Edition 108cm (43 inches)

Full HD Android LED TV 

MI TV 4A Horizon Edition 108cm (43 inches) Full HD Android LED TV is thoughtfully and skillfully designed to complement your daily lifestyle with a bit of class and standard. This 3 HDMI ports enabled device allows you to connect your set-top box and Blu Ray players to enjoy your favorite shows with your closed ones.

This device is endowed with supported applications like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and 5000+ other applications from Google Play Store helps this television to classify its status as a Smart TV that makes your regular binge-watching experience realistic and unimaginable. 

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3. Samsung 108 cm (43 inches)

Full HD LED Smart TV

Embellished with LED panel, super sleek, slim, and stylish design of Samsung 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV is a must-have gadget for a classy and elegant household. The voice assistant, SmartThings App, screen share, and music system enhances your daily routine with the bliss of technology.

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This device qualifies every feature of being called a Smart TV and even it provides a convertible feature that allows you to convert your TV into a PC. 

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4. Sony Bravia 80.1 cm (32 inches)

Full HD LED Smart TV

Bring home a truly lifelike viewing experience with Sony Bravia 80.1 cm (32 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV. This TV is filled with every feature that will help you discover every exquisite detail while watching anything on it. This TV supports connectivity of 2 HDMI ports so you can connect your set-top box, Blu Ray players, gaming consoles along with 2 USB ports to connect your hard drives and other USB devices.

This technology has been designed to boost up your entertainment notch by offering amazing bass with easy connectivity, so that, you can view photos, videos, images from your phone, and enjoy the luxury that this Sony product offers. This product allows access to YouTube with a single within its USB tethering feature.

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Sony Bravia comes with a year warranty and an additional one year warranty on the panel that has been provided by the manufacturer. 

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5. LG 108 cm (43 inches)

Full HD LED Smart TV

The name of this brand is quintessential to know its authenticity. LG 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV comes with a comprehensive three warranty on the product.  The hard to miss Smart TV features in this product are- unlimited OTT support, cloud photos and videos, screen mirroring, mini TV browser, house dashboard, LG content store, and what not to enhance your watching experience.

The optical sound sync is installed to provide clearer voice quality and 2 HDMI ports to connect your set-top box and Blu Ray players to enjoy a realistic picture encounter. 

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6. TCL 108 cm (43 inches)

AI 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart LED TV

Bring home ultra-realistic, crystal clarity, and crisper voice bass with TCL 108 cm (43 inches)  AI 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart LED TV. Hands-free voice control, Bluetooth, and supporting app features are installed just for your leisure to make you witness absolute entertainment.

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Bezel-less design and adaptive backlight dimming provide an extra effort on why to buy these beautiful TV sets. 

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7. Kevin 124 cm (49 inches)

4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 

Super slim bezel, dynamic crystal color, HRDD picture quality make this Smart LED TV a must-have essential in a household. Gaming consoles, Blu Ray players, and set-top boxes can be easily connected to this device because of its enabled 2 HDMI ports. Built-in Wi-Fi, screen mirroring, dual-core processor, and high fidelity is skillfully installed to enhance your entertainment standard up a notch.

The most feasible point of purchasing this smart LED TV is that the service center books a continent slot decided as per your schedule for its installation. 

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8. Sanyo 126 cm (50 inches) Kaizen Series

4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV 

The best thing about Sanyo 126 cm (50 inches) Kaizen Series 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV is that it comes with a mount fixed facility and easy installation by the experts provided by Sanyo.

The two-way audio link, superior audio speakers, digital sound processing, and Dolby Audio is enriched in the system to crisper the dialogue delivery sounds from your favorite shows.

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16 GB quad-core processor + 2 GB RAM provides the much-needed storage to keep the supporting applications that Sanyo leverages your television set with. 

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9. TCL 108 cm (43 inches)

AI 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV 

4K Ultra HD resolution, 2 HDMI ports to connect set-top box, Blu Ray players, Smart TV features, micro dimming display, 18 months warranty provided by the TCL itself and extreme audio quality is what you need to magnify and complement your entertainment standard with, and all these features in one set- TCL 108 cm (43 inches)  AI 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV.

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10. Hisense 108 cm (43 inches)

4K Ultra HD Smart Certified Android LED TV 

Hisense 108 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Certified Android LED TV is what your dining hall needs right now to glorify its standard. This TV set is endowed with different appealing features to attract your sight like- 3 HDMI ports for a better connection, built-in Chrome cast, enabled 5G Wi-Fi, stylish voice remote, and what not to ease up your entertainment by smoothening the device’s performance. 

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11. Panasonic 108 cm (43 inches)

Full HD Smart LED TV

Panasonic 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD Smart LED TV is designed with a super bright LED panel incorporated with adaptive backlight seaming functionality to enrich user experience. The screen mirroring feature, the built-in home theatre amplified with 16 watt sound output comes in handy with this set to refresh the true meaning of television and entertainment. Bring home this amazing smart LED TV by Panasonic to compliment your lifestyle with luxury.

An ideal Smart TV helps you get connected with culture, science, education, and the world in a clearer, crisper, and stylish way. 

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