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10 Best Recliner Chairs in India

When we are working or reading something, it is always nice to sit in a comfortable chair to do so. But what’s even better than a normal chair? A reclining one! Yes, that’s right. A recliner chair not only is more comfortable but can be used for different purposes as well including sleeping, short naps, working, reading a book, and so on.

However, there are lots of different recliner chairs available in the market so it can be a little confusing to choose the right one for yourself. You have to look at several factors such as positions, cushioning, budget, and so on before you decide.

Don’t worry, to help you choose, we have prepared this guide on the best recliner chairs in India. This guide includes information about the top 10 recliner chairs along with safety precautions that one should take when using a recliner chair.

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Power Vs. Manual Recliner?

There are mainly two types of recliners available in the market – Power recliner and manual recliner. The major difference between these two types of recliners is that a power recliner uses an electric component to turn on the chair and control it. On the other hand, a manual recliner requires the use of a traditional pull lever to make these changes. 

There are a few other differences that you should keep in mind when choosing between these two types of recliners:

In terms of cost, the manual recliner is a cheaper option as it doesn’t include any electric components.

In terms of maintenance, manual recliners are easier and inexpensive to maintain as you simply need to keep the chair in good condition. However, in a power recliner, there are chances that the electrical components will get damaged so you might need to get it repaired or replaced.

Power recliners have a longer life than manual recliners as they experience less wear than the manual ones. 

Another advantage of using a power recliner is that you get a lot of settings and positions to choose from. On the other hand, a manual recliner offers you just 1 sitting position and 1 recliner position to choose from. Although a power recliner would need to be kept near a power source to switch it on.

What is Zero Gravity Chair?

A Zero Gravity Chair positions your body in such a way that you experience a weightless and energized feeling. This type of chair works by elevating your feet at the same level as your heart so the effect of gravity on your body is minimal. As a result, this helps in reducing the pressure on your vertebrae and alleviates pain in your back, improves blood circulation, and provides support to sore muscles too.

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Zero Gravity recliner chair is basically a stress buster and can protect you from body pain and diseases caused due to the stress on your body. So, if you experience fatigue, frequent back pain, stress, etc. then a zero gravity chair is the best way to offset these effects and feel relaxed and comfortable again.

Best Recliner Chairs in India

1 Furlay Recliner Chair

(Coffee Bean)

One of the best recliner chairs in the market, the Furlay Recliner Chair allows you to be comfortable while reading or watching TV. It has a slim, modern design so it doesn’t take up a lot of space as well. And it has a high-density foam cushion seating, so it can provide you orthopedic support for pain relief as well. Since this recliner chair is compact in size, you can easily take it with you on picnics as well and can relax wherever you want.

With 6 adjustable positions, you can enjoy both sitting and sleeping on this recliner chair. The cushion cover has a zipper and is removable so you can easily wash it too. And it can easily accommodate people who are up to 150 kgs so your entire family can use it.

Overall, this is an affordable and good choice for anyone who is looking for a compact and easy to maintain a recliner chair.

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2 AmazonBasics Padded Zero Gravity Chair

AmazonBasics Padded Zero Gravity Chair is another great option for anyone who wants an outdoor lounge chair to relax on a deck or beside a swimming pool. This recliner chair easily transitions from an upright seated position to a reclining position to enjoy the zero-gravity effect. The chair has a steel frame so it is lightweight yet sturdy and offers support for people up to 198 pounds.

It uses a weather-resistant Textilene fabric that is breathable, comfortable, and stays cool even in hot weather so you can enjoy sitting on it. The chair also features a padded headrest and armrests for proper comfort and support.

And since it weighs just 16.5 pounds, the zero-gravity chair is portable and can be used at home or outdoors on a beach, picnic, etc.

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3 EQUAL PRO Zero Gravity

(Folding Single Reclining Chair with Cushion)

EQUAL Pro Zero Gravity Reclining Chair is a great choice as it is comfortable, classy, and easily affordable. This recliner chair can be reclined up to 155 degrees and features locking levels to adjust and keep the recliner locked in any position you want.

This chair features a powder-coated metal frame that is lightweight and sturdy and comes with a padded headrest for maximum comfort.

Since this recliner chair uses breathable wear-proof fabric and has cotton padding, it is both comfortable and safe to use. It also uses a bungee suspension system and can accommodate people up to 150 kgs so you will find relaxing on it quite effortless.

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4 Spacecrafts Folding Easy Recliner

Single Chair for Home Relax AEC(Brown)

If you are looking for a cheaper recliner chair for home use then Spacecrafts Folding Easy Recliner Chair is the perfect product for you. This chair acts like a zero-gravity chair as it offers 6 different reclining positions that can help you relax your tired muscles. All the reclining positions can be securely locked with their high-quality locking mechanism.

One of the best things about this recliner chair is that it features padded recron cushions and a powder-coated tubular metal frame, so it is strong and durable.

Due to recron filling, the chair is comfortable in long-term use also and can be great for elder people at your home too. Also, you can easily fold this chair to carry it with you wherever you want.

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5 Livzing Adjustable Recliner Chair

(Multi Position Relax)

Livzing Adjustable Multi Position Recliner Chair is a multipurpose chair that can be used for bedroom, office, beach, garden, and so on. This recliner chair is made from heavy-duty steel material so it is durable yet lightweight so you can easily move it around. It also comes with a high-density foam seating cushion that features a cushion cover that can easily be removed for cleaning.

It is also equipped with a padded headrest and armrest that offers proper support and comfort and can be adjusted too.

The recliner chair offers 3 adjustable positions so you can recline it to alleviate pain and pressure on your muscles. Although it is a little expensive, it is one of the most premium recliner chairs in the market. 

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6 AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Reclining Chair

(Lounge Portable)

Another good choice from Amazon is AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Reclining Lounge Portable Chair that weighs just 7.5 kg and is easily portable. Available in two colors, this recliner zero-gravity chair gives you a stress-free weightless experience with maximized relaxation. It uses a powder-coated steel frame that makes it lightweight and strong.

This zero-gravity chair also features a double bungee support system that ensures a secure connection between Textilene fabric and the frame. Also, the fabric is weather-resistant and breathable so you can use it comfortably even in hot weather.

The only drawback is that it can accommodate people up to 90 kgs only so not everyone will be able to use this recliner chair.

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7 Bi3 Recliner Gravity Lounge Chair

Bi3 Recliner Gravity Lounge Chair is a lightweight product that is perfect for travel and takes up less space so it can be stored anywhere in the house. This adjustable lounge chair features an adjustable backrest that makes it easier to relax in a sitting position or take a nap in a reclining position.

The chair is covered with breathable wear-proof fabric and has a padding of premium-quality cotton so it is both comfortable and safe to use.

It also has a removable cushion so you can use it as a headrest or as lumbar support which can be easily cleaned as well. Overall, this is a great option for comfort and relaxation and is quite reasonably priced as well. 

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8 Jumix Recliner Chair

(Multi Position Folding Compact Steel with Lumbar Support Pillow)

Jumix Multi Position Folding Recliner Chair has an ergonomic design so it can reduce stress and muscle tension in your body. The chair stays balanced in position and is both soft and firm at the same time. It also comes with a padded pillow that is adjustable and removable so you can use it as a headrest, lumbar support, or for other support.

As this is an assembled, folding chair, you can conveniently store it in less space and can carry it around with you too.

The chair uses breathable textilene fabric that is weather-resistant and won’t get damaged easily. You can easily use this folding chair in your balcony, garden, bedroom, and so on.

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9 Ash & Roh Zero Gravity Pool Chair

(with Headrest Outdoor Living Room Indoor Folding Chair)

One of the cheapest recliner chairs in this list, the Ash & Roh Zero Gravity Folding Chair comes fully assembled and is easy to set up at homes. This zero-gravity chair is extremely comfortable and perfect for people who like to camp, relax on a beach, and so on. Since it is easy to fold and carry, you can take this chair with you anywhere and can store it without taking up a lot of space too.

You can adjust the reclining position of this chair at different levels and keep the chair in your chosen position with stabilized levers. It featured an adjustable, padded headrest that can be removed too.

It also has a steel suspension frame to relax and replaceable elastic cord so that the chair adjusts to your body size to offer you comfort. Overall, this is a decent product at this price and works great as a basic recliner chair.

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10 Coirfit Smart Homes

(Adjustable Steel Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners)

Coirfit Smart Homes Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is a simple recliner chair that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The frame of this lounge chair is made out of reinforced steel pipe and has a modern design so it looks good as well. Moreover, it uses premium-quality fabric for seating and headrest which is comfortable and provides support to your body.

It also includes a non-slip base and sturdy lock system so you can safely recline without worrying about getting hurt.

Most importantly, you can fold this chair and store it without taking up a lot of space. So, you can easily carry it with you on beaches, gardens, parks, and so on.

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Precautions to take with Recliner Chairs?

A recliner chair is comfortable but it can a little hazardous due to all the small moving parts. So, here is a list of precautions that one should take when using a recliner chair:

Don’t make any sudden movement and sit on the chair slowly.Avoid putting your hands under the chair mechanisms to prevent any cuts or lacerations.

Don’t open the chair by pulling the footrest.Avoid throwing your weight against the back of the chair as it can tip over your chair.

Slowly move the chair into a reclining position and ensure there are no pets or kids around when you do it.

Always close the recliner completely and keep it out of reach of kids when you are not using it.Make sure that only one person sits in a recliner chair at a time.

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