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10 Best Refrigerators Under Rs 30,000 in India

Cooked luscious dinner and want to enjoy the leftovers? Then you should probably think of purchasing a refrigerator to make sure you eat healthy and hygienic no matter if it’s freshly cooked or even left-over. Refrigerators are happening to be the most necessary element in a household and especially in an Indian household because India is a country of changing weather and has the summer season for the most part. The invention of the refrigerator was made just for the cooling purpose, but as the technology is ever-evolving, refrigerators are now built to perform multiple roles at a time.

You need a refrigerator because it gives you enough space in one platform to store most of your food items in. The different units in a refrigerator are organized to provide satisfaction to your needs like the artificial intelligence is installed in a refrigerator to sense the load, weather conditions, and usage, so that it could set an optimal temperature by itself by saving your energy and time. The most suitable feature of a refrigerator is that it is not cheap but could be seen as an affordable essential to purchase. 

We have prepared this guide of Best Refrigerators Under Rs 30,000 in India to help you out in picking out the best refrigerator that fits the budget and can provide best value for your money.

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Things To Consider While Buying a Refrigerator? 

If you are planning on purchasing a refrigerator but find it difficult to purchase the right one or one that satisfies all your needs and requirements. Then, we are more than happy and willing to help you out by providing a descriptive guide on what to look for while buying a refrigerator for yourself- 

Capacity: Well, capacity is the most ignored and yet most important factor to consider while purchasing a refrigerator. The capacity of the refrigerator that you are looking forward to buying should depend upon your requirements and the number of members in your family. 

Frost-Free: Not everyone uses this unit of a refrigerator often which may cause freezing of ice and eventually excessive cooling throughout. So, if you do not want your milk, cheese, chocolate, or even butter to freeze because of the frosting, look forward to buying a refrigerator that comes with a Frost-Free feature.  

Energy Rating: Power saving or energy rating is one of the most important features to look for when buying a refrigerator. So if you don’t want your electricity bill to be hiked, look out for this feature.

Model: Basically, there are three types of refrigerator models- single door, double door, and refrigerator with side by the side door. Choose the most appropriate model as per the location you are going to allot for your new fridge.

Price: Here comes the most popular factor that matters the most- the pricing factor. Go for the product that provides the best value for your investment. Don’t rush yourself into anything and don’t buy any refrigerator just because your neighbor owns one. Take proper time and perform some research before purchasing a refrigerator. 

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How To Decide on Storage Capacity?

Storage capacity performs the most critical factor when you think of buying a Refrigerator. The right size of a refrigerator depends upon the number of family members you have in your house, space available in your kitchen, and your budget allocations. The capacity of any refrigerator is based on two terms- its net capacity and its gross capacity. Gross capacity is the total capacity of a refrigerator whereas net capacity is the inside capacity of any refrigerator, i.e. the actual space to store food. The most prior factor on which the storage capacity of a refrigerator depends is the size of your family and how often you are most likely to use the fridge and on how much food, vegetables, and fruits you would store in it. 

And finally comes the last factor once you know the details of inside capacity you would want to know the exterior storage capacity. Make sure that you have a sufficient amount of space available to store in your kitchen or hall. Just imagine, you have a comparatively small kitchen then buying a large fridge would be futile. While providing proximity, you must keep in mind that every refrigerator requires an extra 4 feet space from all the sides for better ventilation. 

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Power Consumption in Refrigerator?

It is said that the refrigerator contributes 15% of the total amount of your electricity bill. Normally, the domestic refrigerator consumes about 100-200 watts of electricity. You must have a firm grip over an energy-efficient refrigerator to save your electricity bill from hiking up. The power consumption in the refrigerator depends upon different noticeable factors like-

Type: A commercial refrigerator consumes 10 times extra power than a domestic refrigerator.

Size: Well, this is a fact that the larger the volume the larger is the consumption of power.

Location: The most considerable factor about refrigerators is that the location also defines power consumption. Refrigerator kept in a well-ventilated area consumes a lesser amount of power. 

Season: Refrigerator consumes power based on the season as well. Having summer seasons consuming the most amount of power as compared to winters.

Usage: You must remember getting rebuked by your mother for opening and closing refrigerators again and again. This is just because the compressor will need extra power to cool if the refrigerator is opened every now and then.

Age: Old refrigerators are more likely to consume extra power than new and high star-rated refrigerators.  

Condition: Keep your refrigerator in a good condition because if the seals get bad in condition your fridge will be less energy-efficient and it would require extra power than needed to provide freshness and cooling. 

By now, you must have known the importance of a refrigerator in your household. Below is an informative guide on a wide range of refrigerators you can choose from by keeping in mind the earlier discussed points. 

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Best Refrigerators Under Rs 30,000 in India

1. Samsung 253L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

The brand name Samsung is quintessential to know the authenticity of any product. Samsung brings this revolutionary range of stylish, power-packed, and embedded with beautiful display refrigerators to complement your kitchen and your necessities. The new cool pack features don’t let your food spoil by providing up to twelve hours of cooling even when the power is cut. Samsung is known for providing robust, durable, trouble-free refrigerators so that you can enjoy the project with complete peace of mind.

Bring this frost-free refrigerator to your home that is enriched with an auto-defrost feature to stop any building up of ice in the freezer.

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This product of Samsung is a must-have technology because it is built with spill-proof toughened glass inside and it comes with a year warranty card for the refrigerator and 10 years on the compressor. 

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2. Panasonic 336 L 3 Star 6-Stage Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

This Panasonic 336 L 3 Star  6-Stage Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door refrigerator that comes with a plethora of technical benefits for the uniform freezing inside the refrigerator. To optimize the cooling performances, it is installed with an inverter compressor that also reduces the noise and makes it even more robust and durable.

This refrigerator is bestowed with advanced technology like AG clean technology to prevent any bacteria build-up which helps your food stay healthy and hygienic. Panasonic 336 L 3 Star 6-Stage Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator comes with a fresh safe container to store your vegetables and fruits at a moderate temperature and high humidity.

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This product is designed and tested to provide leisure and peace to your mind. 

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3. LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

This LG refrigerator comes with 3 shelves of spill-proof toughened glass material to support any load without any spillage. The shelves on the refrigerator door have an outstanding capacity of keeping two litres of bottle, egg tray and it is also incorporated with a vegetable container with a holding capacity of 23litres.

This energy-efficient and the highly durable product has everything that you need in an ideal refrigerator. With one year warranty on the product and 10 years on the compressor, this LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator is installed with different other useful features like- ice beam door cooling, knob to control the temperature as per the requirement, auto defrost function, deodorizer to eliminate any foul smell and one of the most noticeable features is that it comes with an antibacterial gasket to help your vegetables, food, or/and fruits stay hygienic. 

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4. Whirlpool 340 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

This Whirlpool 340 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator comes with a convertible freezer to simplify your daily needs. The overall capacity of this product is about 340 litres and it comes with a year warranty for the product and an additional 10 years warranty on the compressor. The 5 in 1 modes freezer convertibility are as follows- all season mode, chef mode, dessert mode, party mode, and deep freeze mode to satisfy all of your requirements.

The product is installed with an Artificial Intelligence feature that senses the load, usage and makes sure that the optimum temperature is maintained as per the weather along with ensuring long-lasting freshness.

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The most commendable benefit of installing this refrigerator in your house is its IntelliSense inverter technology which helps the refrigerator to adapt cooling as per the internal load. Zeolite technology and active deo feature make this product matchless in performance and durability as well.

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5. Haier 320 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier 320 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator is an energy-efficient product and it is worth investing your money in without even getting a second thought about it. The refrigerator has a commendable endurance capacity of about 320 litres with an energy consumption of about 265 W annually.

The auto defrost technology, toughened glass shelves, and noticeable installation of PUF insulation helps the refrigerator to provide long-lasting and optimal cooling.

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This desirable Haier 320 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator comes with a package of twin inverter technology, bottle guard, and stabilizer free operation which make this product even more useful and sturdy in quality. 

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6. Samsung 324 L 2 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

This Samsung 324 L 2 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator is installed with digital inverter technology that automatically adjusts the compressor speed as per the requirement of cooling throughout the fridge. This product is energy-efficient, less noisy and it is highly durable as it eliminates all the wear and tear factors for a very long period.

This double door Samsung refrigerator has an overall capacity of about 324 litres and it provides instant freshness and cooling to the food, vegetables, and fruits stored inside.

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The product incorporates a button with which you can enhance the cooling process by 31 percent and freezing ice process as well by 31 percent. 

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7. Whirlpool 240 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

This unique 3-door format of Whirlpool refrigerators makes it comparatively stand out in the electronic market as it provides better cooling retention, no odor mixing, and provides an amazing amount of storage space. This refrigerator is endowed with the most capacious 32 litres of fruits and vegetable storage space. Whirlpool introduces the 6th sense of active fresh technology and the very first exclusive bottom drawer for fruits and vegetables.

The product is highly enriched with valuable and advantageous features such as- zeolite technology, moisture retention technology, air boosters, ice twisters, and collector and stabilizer free technology.

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All these features make sure that your vegetables and fruits are free from any bacterial growth and the freshness is maintained for a longer time. 

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8. Whirlpool 265 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

This Whirlpool 265 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator is endowed with every advantageous feature that saves your energy every day. This product works without stabilization and gets itself connected with the home inverters in case of a power cut.

This product is skillfully designed and thoughtfully ingressed with features that make it capable of providing long-lasting performance, not to mention, the plus point about this Whirlpool product is that it makes very low operation sound and it comes with a 10-year warranty card for the compressor as well.

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This 5 in 1 mode refrigerator is fulfilled with the Artificial Intelligence feature which automatically senses, controls, and operates the temperature and humidity level throughout the fridge depending upon the load, external weather conditions, and usage patterns adopted by the user.  

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9. Godrej 260 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Godrej 260 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator helps you lead a healthy life by providing healthy and hygienic food to you. The auto defrost function helps this refrigerator to stop any ice build-up caused due to excessive cool temperatures. This refrigerator serves the best in a medium-sized family as it has an overall capacity of about 260 litres.

This product is manufactured in India and it possesses greater energy efficiency, durability, and capability of silent operation which ensures a peaceful environment. The spill-proof toughened glass shelves make this product even an extra durable and robust solution for your kitchen. 

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10. Bosch 347 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

This frost-free Bosch 347 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator is built to make your daily experiences more feasible and seamless. Bosch refrigerator has a noticeable capacity of about 347 litres which makes it suitable for a family of 5 or more. The spillage-proof toughened glass shelves, AirFresh filter, LED lamp, 16th cooling retention, and external handle helps this product operate silently and with great energy efficiency.

This Bosch refrigerator comes with a package of one unit user manual, egg tray, one year warranty on the product, and even a 10 years warranty card for the compressor.

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Bring home this robust and customer-friendly refrigerator and witness the biggest fridge space ratio. 

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Double Doors vs Single Door?

Buying a home appliance seems easy but it can be tedious and confusing at times. From storage space, the best model, and to the price allocations, the buyer must keep in mind each aspect while purchasing a refrigerator. Basically, refrigerators are of three models- single door, double door, and side by side doors. But mostly, the competition is between the single and double doors. 

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Single door refrigerators: Single Door Refrigerators consume less energy as compared to double door refrigerators. The refrigerators consume about 30-40% less power comparatively. These are based on direct cooling technology and have a natural convention. The most noticeable feature of a single door refrigerator is that it uses less space to be stored as compared to any double door refrigerators. 

Double Door Refrigerators: Double Door refrigerators come with a plethora of features to make your household chores easy and simple. These refrigerators are pre-installed with advantageous features like auto-clean feature, enhanced cooling effect, bigger shelf space and it ensures that your food remains healthy and fresh for a long time.

Keep your food healthy, fresh, and cool by picking out the best refrigerator.

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