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9 Best Tennis Racquets in India

Choosing the ideal racquet can be really tough for both professionals and beginners. Better precision or more power? Which would be the better option? Racquets come with a multitude of features and specialties, each playing to different strengths of individuals. 

Are you confused about which is the best option for you? Here is a guide to finding your perfect racquet:

1. HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet (Strung):

HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet

Head is a widely used tennis racquet brand, used by many tennis stars including Novak Djokovic, Alexander Zverev, Andy Murray, Maria Sharapova, and many more! It has many models, one of which is The Strung HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet.

The Strung HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet is a dream lawn tennis racquet for improving beginners and intermediate players. Ideally sized 27 inches in length with a head of 98 sq. inches, the racquet weighs merely 295 grams. It lowers the toll on the elbow and shoulder, helping to hit effortless shots! Also, the large hitting area string pattern 18/20 gives excellent maneuverability so that you would not miss those end-to-end shots. The Head cushion grip gives better cushion comfort to your hands along with airflow and sweat absorption, so no more sweaty palms along with the lower risk of the racquet slipping off your hands.

If you are worried that its light weight compromises its strength and durability, be assured! Head’s new microgel technology offers superior control, feel, stability, and durability, making it an all-season racquet. The microgel graphite frame technology dissipates the impact of the lawn tennis ball throughout the frame. It enhances feedback and stability in every playing condition, enabling the player to hit aggressive shots with total control. On the court, players took full advantage of this in shot selection and placement, improving accuracy with the racquet, providing a keener sense and understanding of how much force to apply, at what angle you should hit, shot selection, placement, etc. In general, if you are an aggressive player looking for a racquet to control and effectively use your power to take your game to the next level, win tournaments and be the star of your lawn tennis club, then this is the racquet for you. But remember it is the player that makes the difference, not just the racquet. So if you want to be a better player, be sure to practice a lot!

2. Wilson Burn 100ULS:

Wilson Burn 100ULS Tennis Racket

Wilson is a widely known tennis racquet brand, used by many tennis stars, including Roger Federer, Kei Nishikori, Serena Williams, Petra Kvitova, and many more! It has many models, one of which is the Wilson Burn 100ULS Tennis Racquet (Strung).

The Wilson Burn 100ULS Tennis Racquet is a great lawn tennis racquet for beginners and intermediate players. Weighing 322 grams, it is a lightweight racquet that lowers the toll on the elbow and shoulder helping to hit effortless shots! It uses a spin effect technology that enables you to hit spin, swing, cut, slice, topspin, and many other spin type shots with the ball rotating at high RPM which increases spin effectiveness, making it difficult for your opponent to return your shot.

It’s an all-in-one racquet having not only good power control, maneuverability, and insane spin, but also aggressive groundstrokes and increased speed with great accuracy of shot placement from many angles, thanks to its 100 sq. inches head size.

Although it is advisable not to hit too many aggressive shots as it may cause the strings to break. If you are not an attack-type player and prefer to play it safe and at the right moment, use spin or slow shots to surprise, and gain an upper hand over your opponent, then this is the racquet for you. On the court, the players take full advantage of the spin capabilities in shot selection and placement. 

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Cleverly understanding and using the correct type of spin shot or the fast shot at the right time with the appropriate force and control is the key to make the match your own with this racquet. Great practice and understanding the nature of shots and when to play those with accuracy can help you level up your game and win tournaments from club level to state-level or even higher! It all depends on how well you can master this racquet.

3. Babolat 2018 Pure Drive 26 Junior Racquet: 

Babolat - 2018 Pure Drive 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

Babolat brings the enchantment of its Pure Strike line to rising players. This current racquet is much lighter in weight and can sway it straight forward for younger players to provide them the stroke speed needed for a powerful pace and switch. Just like the other Pure Strikes, this racket highlights hybrid frame technology that uses various bar shapes, keeping in mind the highest goal to bolster the reaction. Glee a superb mixture of solace, power, and exactitude, this racket is good for youth aged eleven and additionally seasoned.

Strike 1st in your next match with this junior-sized version of Babolat’s Junior 26 of the Pure Strike. Ideal for competitive juniors aged 11 and above, this 26-inch length frame possesses plenty of constant innovative technologies that area unit at intervals the adult version. Being the best tennis racquet, it can get you a superb match for an aggressive junior player who would like to strike first and take hold of the aim. The racket options a hundred square inch head size, and a discomposed weight of 250 grams, along with a 16×19 string pattern. Moreover, the graphite frame composition of the tennis racquet with a grip size of 3.375 inches won’t even let the player feel the weight when swung at any speed.

If you are looking for something very more substantial than the beginner’s racquet, this beginner’s tennis club will work like a charm for a young player! 

It is not the same material as the adult version, but a modified takedown of an adult racquet. Hence, it is still going to offer you good pricing, as well as allowing a general player to get the feel and power, and control from this racquet. A tennis player is really going to hold in on their techniques and need not change with a change in racquet while they are in court, and this sure is a fun option for them.

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4. Head Ti S6 Tennis Racquet:

HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racquet

With additional management than the now-discontinued Ti S7, Head has come up with a straight beam, head-heavy widebody. This ultra-light metallic element model has additional power than the Ti S5. With an energetic frame with glorious torsional stability and the pinnacle metallic element, Ti S6 can perform best in the hands of seasoned players. With compact to medium stroke designs seeking associate degree extra-large sweet spot (115 head size) that blends a pleasant balance of power tempered with associate degree open string pattern, Ti S6 is ideal for spin artists with associate degree all-court game.

FEATURE 1: Titanium court game Technology

HEAD Ti S6 features a composite weave of ultra-strong metallic elements and ultra-light plumbago fibers. It facilitates weight reduction whereas maintaining stiffness and power.

BENEFIT : Improves overall sports implement stability.


The racquet has a soft material compound and traction surface construction for a redoubled feel and consideration.

BENEFIT: It prevents unintentional twisting of the sports implement when handled by a player. Additionally, it provides further vibration wetting and perspiration absorption.

Ti S6 USA is an associate degree ultra-light (215 grams) model with res publica and management. The S6 comes loaded with Head’s metallic element technology, which provides abundantly required stability and luxury for the player. Its immoderate light weight reduces stress on the arms. However, it delivers a solid feel. It is an excellent selection for players searching for a lightweight and solid frame, particularly for recreational club players. This sports implement comes pre-strung with Head artificial gut. With an open string pattern of 16×19 and a string tension of 57-66 lbs, the tennis player gets an enhanced spin and power.

It goes extremely easy to make the right shots, combined with power by obtaining this Head Ti S6 racquet from Head, which has it designed to fit your immediate form of play. With such stability, this lawn tennis racquet becomes exponentially easy to maneuver, making every shot simple. Therefore, the slow moderate swing permits you to apply powerful moves to higher-order and improves on them.

5. Wilson Ultra 26 Junior:

Babolat Pure Aero Junior 26 Tennis Racquet

Wilson Ultra 26 Junior racquet is a high-performance tennis racquet for junior players who want to improve at the game. The composition of this racquet is 100 % graphite. It is also known for its stability.

If you are looking for racquets for junior players, Wilson Ultra 26 is the right one to choose. As per its length, it is a good model for playing the green ball in a full-size court. It redefines the concepts of power and versatility for young players. You will get this racquet pre-strung from the manufacturer. Its head size is just right to give better control over shots. The 16x 19 (main x crosses) string pattern is helpful to deliver and spin. It also increases the sweet spot.

Its power rib technology enhances the energy transfers on the rebound that ensures explosive power. The integrated throat geometry of this technology also gives added stability and stiffness to the shots. It has a yoke grommet design that provides more potential energy, which also increases stroke accuracy. It is ideal for young players looking for controlled yet aggressive styled shots, one of the few aspects that will improve their skills.

It has a lighter frame that makes it easier to handle for junior players.

You can get this racquet in colours like White, Blue or Black.

Wilson Ultra 26 Junior is the racquet to choose if any junior player wants to improve at their game.

Physical features – 

  • Head Size – 100 sq. in
  • Weight – 245g
  • Length – 26’’
  • Balance – 3 points headlight
  • Beam Width – 22mm / 23 mm / 26.5
  • String Tension range – 50 – 60 lbs
  • String pattern – 16 x 19 (Main x Crosses)

Pros – 

  • Easy to control
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to spin
  • Power

Cons –

  • Racquet can be heavy for kids who are too young.

6. Babolat Pure Aero junior 26” Tennis Racquet:

Babolat Pure Aero Junior 26 Tennis Racquet

Pure Aero Junior racquets still are one of the most popular racquets since introduced in the market 15 years ago. The latest model is 26 inches in size and has a 4-inch grip. This racquet is best suitable for juniors aged 11 or above.

Pure Aero will add a special appeal to your game. These racquets are widely popular for being light weighted and aerodynamic. These features make power and spin far easier. The new design has a few improvements. More importantly, it has lowered the RA stiffness rating to 67.

The Babolat Pure Aero Junior racquets weigh around 250g (unstrung).

The features offer a more comfortable and controlled response while playing, as it comes with the relocation of the cortex, dampening system at both the extreme ends. This technology helps racquets to minimize vibrations during a game. Due to that, it gives you a more comfortable and controlled hold over it without compromising with the power or spin. Such helpful features will support the players who do top-spin freehand and powerful baseline shots.

These minor changes will make your game more pleasurable and will surely add up to your skills.

You can get this racquet in a really appealing colour combination of bright yellow and elegant black.

Pure Aero junior is a perfect choice for juniors who want to improve their game. They can also choose between 25 and 26-inch length racquets.

Physical Features –

  • Length – 26 inches
  • Head Size – 100 sq. inches
  • Beam Width – 23mm / 26mm /23mm
  • Pattern String – 16 x 19 (Mains x Crosses) 
  • String Tension – 22 – 25 kg 
  • Balance Point – 2 points Head Heavy
  • Weight – 260 (strung) 250 (Unstrung) 
  • Stiffness – 67 RA

Pros –

  • Better and comfortable hold
  • Power
  • The 4-inch grip makes it easy to spin.

Cons –

  • It might not be a great choice in the case of flat shots. 

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7. HEAD Graphene 360 Gravity Tennis Racquet:

HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro Professional Tennis Racquet for Men and Women

The product HEAD Graphene 360 Gravity Tennis Racquet is one of the best Lawn Tennis Racquet to use. The racquet size is 27 inches and 315g in weight, making it a perfect Tennis Racquet to play. Balance of 315mm, and Beam of 20mm make it an amazing product. The brand of the Tennis Racquet HEAD has produced this solid racquet with great control and feel.

The frame of the racquet is made of graphite, making it durable enough to withstand the heat. The head size of the tennis racquet is 100 sq. inches is what you expect. 

Talking about the grip size, G2/G3 is the best for a racquet. It makes HEAD Graphene 360 Gravity a bit lighter and offers a smooth experience while playing with it. The grip is basically is the cushion that allows you to grip the racquet without having any injuries.

The strings of the racquet are strong and thick. An 18/20 string pattern allows optimal control allowing the player to play without any tension that might cause a breakdown of the strings.

The Tennis Racquet comes with a cover with the label of HEAD in proper condition. HEAD Graphene 360 Gravity is a must-buy product if you are looking to improve your game.

The racquet came in properly strung condition, so there are not any issues with the product.

This racquet is manufactured by HEAD, which is a company based in India.

A beginner can practice Lawn Tennis, an Intermediate can play in some district tournaments, and a professional can play in Grand Slams.

8. Yonex Lime Green Graphite (27 inches):

Yonex E Zone 108 Graphite Strung Tennis Racquet

The product Yonex E Zone Graphite Strung Tennis Racquet is one of the best lawn tennis racquets to use. The racquet size is 27 inches and weighs just 255g, making it a perfect tennis racquet to play your game. The brand of the Tennis Racquet Yonex is the best in business.

The frame of the racquet is made of graphite, making it suitable to use the racquet. Yonex E Zone Graphite Strung Racquet is specially designed, keeping in might the contemporary game standards. The head size of 108 sq. inches is what you would expect in a professional racquet. Any tennis racquet with a head size varying from 95 to 110 sq. inches is ideal for the game.

Talking about the grip size, 43/8 is the best for a tennis racquet. It makes your racquet a bit lighter and easier to play. The grip is basically a cushion that allows you to grip the racquet without having any injuries.

The colour of this tennis racquet is Lime Green. It looks very stylish and sporty while playing. Another feature that adds charm to the Yonex E Zone Graphite Strung Racquet is the strong and thick strings that make it a powerful piece of equipment. It allows playing without any tension that may cause a breakdown of the strings.

This tennis racquet comes with a cover with the label of Yonex. It came in proper strung condition, and the racquet is a must-buy product. Rest assured, the racquet has more pros than cons.

The product is genuine Yonex series Tennis Racquet with which a beginner can practice Lawn Tennis, an Intermediate can play in some district tournaments, and a professional can play in Grand Slams.

9. Wilson N1

Wilson N1 Tennis Racquet

Wilson came up with the N1 Tennis Racquet after the N1 115 pre-strung racquet was discontinued. With the help of associated athletes and their team of cutting-edge designers, this was a better version of the outdated model.

With an extended body length and a G2 grip size, this lawn tennis racquet has a 115 square inch head and a wide beam and comes with an oversized head.

It is one of the best tennis racquets for players with slow swing speed and also provides them a great amount of power.

Wilson N1 is an ideal racquet for beginners just entering the lawn tennis club, having an ultra-stiff design. The n-code technology provides power, strength, and stability to the racquet.

Weighing even less than 320g, this lightweight racquet is very easy to control, receive and hit from multiple angles, and is a perfect fit for a great lawn tennis match. It is easy on the arm, guaranteeing a fun game. Players wanting to add power to their serves, baseline groundstrokes & maneuverability, this is your choice!

The racquet volleys beautifully and has excellent overhead.

With great strength and production of high-quality racquets, Wilson racquets are renowned for their durability. 

With good spin and control, this racquet can increase your level of athleticism. N1 is designed for both novices and veterans. 

It has enormous power, amazing groundstrokes, and a large sweet spot that improves serving. N1 is great at the service line when on the attack and is awesome at scooping up low topspin forehands.

Pro Tip: Its power can be tamed by stringing with a high-powered string (i.e., Luxilon) crosses, and control-based crosses.

Overall, if you are looking for a lightweight yet powerful tennis racquet with good control, this is the racquet for you! Slice backspins and hit fore spins with Wilson N1.

There are many other tennis racquets manufactured by the top brands. Note that each racquet has its own specialty, and in order to be a successful lawn tennis player and execute that winning shot, it is very important to choose the right racquet that can become your best friend. You never know which racquet might win you your next Grand Slam?!

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