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Which is the Best Trimmer Under Rs. 1000 in India ?

Top 5 Trimmers Under Rs. 1000 ,Not all trimmers available below the Ra. 1000 mark are good enough, many of them make compromises even on the essential features to keep the price down.

But that’s not what you need to buy. We have curated a list of all the trimmers below Rs. 1000 that are stuffed with many features and are ideal for getting a perfect beard.

After all, a tight budget doesn’t always mean a compromising product.

 1.  Philips BT990/15 Beard Trimmer

Philips BT990/15 Beard Trimmer

For a perfect daily trim, this Philips BT990/15 trimmer is the best under 1000 range trimmer.

Coming with the same product quality that Philips is known for, this product is extremely well built and you’ll feel comfortable using it.

Being a cordless product, you can move it around freely without being tangled with wires.

Its buttons are also easily reachable being close to where your fingers would rest while holding it.

The blade used in the trimmer is made of stainless steel and has rounded tips for a smoother skin contact.

The settings can let you select the desired beard length between 1.5mm and 7mm, and 0.5mm without the comb attachment.

 2.  Wahl 5604-024 Quick Style Lithium Trimmer

Wahl 5604-024 Quick Style Lithium Trimmer

This battery-operated trimmer from Wahl adds a layer of sophistication with its looks and design.

It has a lot to offer with all its attachments. Wahl has ensured that the trimmer can be used for multiple purposes using its attachments.

You can change the beard length with an attachment and use it for nasal hair grooming with other.

The trimmer uses a AAA battery which gives a life of months with normal usage.

Another benefit of the replaceable battery is that you won’t have to wait for the trimmer to charge when you need it urgently.

Just snap in a new battery and you are good to go within seconds. It is a fair buy for the price it is available at.

 3.  Nova NHT 1020 Trimmer

Nova NHT 1020 Trimmer

Nova is another personal care gadget maker and is widely trusted her in India.

The NHT 1020 comes with a charging dock that adds a lot to the overall usage of the trimmer.

First of all, it becomes really easy to charge the trimmer and when you are done trimming, you can store it easily on the dock itself.

And the best part is that it makes the trimmer look really cool.

Unlike many other trimmers in this range, Nova has included a rechargeable battery, which has its own benefits above AA batteries.

With a single charge, it can run for about 50 minutes. The trimmer is waterproof and has a titanium coated blade.

You get a trimming range from 0.25mm to 9mm, which is just great for having a precise trim. 

 4.  Inalsa IBT 01 Beard Trimmer

Inalsa IBT 01 Beard Trimmer

One of the recently launched trimmers from Inalsa is a great product for your daily grooming needs.

The trimmer offers 5 beard length settings from 2mm to 10mm and it also offers precision trimming of 0.8mm.

Inalsa IBT 01 Beard Trimmer

These settings are what you would need for that fantastic look that you always wanted. Being a cordless trimmer, it gives you the ability to move your hand around freely while trimming.

Its battery can last for up to 45 minutes on a single charge. Once you are done with trimming, you can detach its head for easy cleaning.

The blade of the trimmer adds to all the features it offers by offering a precise trim without irritating your skin. 

 5.  Gemei Gm-1008 Trimmer

Gemei Gm-1008 Trimmer

The Gemei Gm-1008 is the only corded trimmer in the list, but it won’t let you feel restricted in any way with its 1.7-metre cord.

It is long enough for moving the trimmer around your face without any issue; moreover, its attachments and features compensate for the trimmer not being cordless, if it’s a deal breaker for you.

First off, the blades are made out of stainless steel for perfect shaping and longer life.

This clipper also comes with some additional combs and blades for added features and abilities.

It has been ergonomically designed and the trimmer is really easy to use, even though it is a corded trimmer.

The company has included a 15-watt motor that is enough even for handling harder hair.

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