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10 Best Winter Gloves in India

As the cold winter months approach steadily in India, it’s time to get out your sweaters and jackets to stay warm and cozy during these months. And while it is important to keep your body warm, it is also crucial to keep your hands warm and comfortable else they might go numb from the cold.

For this, you need a good pair of winter gloves that won’t be a hindrance in performing your tasks and will keep your hands and fingers comfortably warm too. 

Don’t worry, we have got you. In this guide, we have listed down the best winter gloves available in India along with a few tips on how you can compare and choose the right product for your use. 

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Which Material Winter Gloves To Buy?

Generally, you will find winter gloves manufactured in different materials but not all of these would be able to provide you what you need. So, depending on your requirements, different material gloves will be well-suited for you. If you stay in a rainy location or somewhere where it might snow, then you need a pair of waterproof gloves. For this, materials such as leather, Gore-Tex, polyurethane, etc. are a better choice.

On the other hand, if you are looking for casual gloves to keep your hands warm, then wool, fleece, spandex, and polyester are good materials to consider. Do keep in mind that while wool and fleece will keep your hands warmer than other materials, they won’t offer you much hand movement to complete simple tasks.

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So, if you wish to work while wearing the winter gloves, then opt for gloves made out of polyester or spandex materials. 

Best Winter Gloves in India

1. Unieco Men Women Warm Woolen Winter Thermal Knitted Gloves

One of the best winter gloves in India, Unieco Woolen Winter Gloves is simple and can be used by both men and women. This pair of winter gloves are made out of premium quality wool so it is both soft to touch and will keep your hands nicely warm. And since it comes in a single free size, it will perfectly fit the hands of anyone who is 15 years or above.

Although it has a plain design, the gloves look classy and fashionable and are extremely comfortable at the same time as well. You have a lot of color options available in this pair of gloves too and it is inexpensive so you can buy a single set or two or more in different colors for keeping your hands toasty.

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This exceedingly soft pair of winter gloves is easy to wash and maintain too. So, if you are looking for a good-quality, low-maintenance pair of winter gloves then this is the perfect choice for you.

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2. HIVER Men’s and Women’s Waterproof Teslon Gloves

This pair of fleece gloves by HIVER is great for casual use and will easily keep your hands warm during cold weather. The design of these gloves is plain and simple but there are several color options available for the users to choose from. One of the best things about this pair of gloves is that it is waterproof as well so you can use it when it’s raining or snowing too.

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And since these are touchscreen gloves, you can easily use it to manage your mobile phone, laptops, tablets, and so on.

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There are different sizes available in this product as well so you will easily be able to find the one that fits your hands comfortably and securely.

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3. SellnShip Touch Screen Winter Gloves

Another great option for keeping your hands warm is SellnShip Touch Screen Winter Gloves that is made out of wool. This pair of gloves is made from superior quality acrylic wool and conducive fiber so it is soft, warm, and works well with water as well. It is quite smooth to wear and is anti-bacterial treated so it is skin-friendly and safe to use.

Since it is stretchable, it comes in a single free size that fits most people perfectly.

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And the best part is that it features a conductive touch which makes it easier to work on your touch screen devices such as smartphones, iPad, etc. while keeping your hands warm.

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4. Gajraj Winter Knit Beanie Cap Hat Neck Warmer Scarf and Woolen Gloves Set

This set of a woolen cap, scarf, and gloves is a great way to keep yourself warm during winters or when you are traveling to a cold destination. You can easily use it as a daily warmer or to keep yourself warm in outdoor activities. The material used in the manufacturing of this set is high-quality knitted acrylic wool so it is quite soft and warm to wear.

Apart from that, the material is quite stretchable too so it can easily fit different hands size, head size, and neck size. It is comfortable and snug to wear and the soft fur lining inside the hat ensures warmth and durability.

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The design of the beanie is quite stylish as well so you would love wearing it both indoors and outdoors.

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5. HIVER Men’s and Women’s Waterproof Teslon Gloves

Another perfect option from HIVER, these Teslon gloves will offer not only good insulation but decent breathability as well. As a result, your hands will be warm while the gloves remain thin and light and allow better hand control. Since this pair of gloves is made from waterproof nylon and has a fleece lining, you can use it in snow as well. Also, the high-quality stitching of the gloves ensures durability and resistance to wear-tear.

This product also includes touchscreen capabilities in the thumb and the fingers so you can manage your smartphone, tablet, etc. without taking off the gloves.

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The durable water repellant finish keeps your gloves dry while the Velcro wrist strap ensures a safe and secure fit.

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6. Otia Winter Gloves

One of the best winter gloves for riding, Otia Winter Gloves are made from good material and is excellent for use in winter outdoor activities. The free size of these gloves fits everyone and the stylish design makes it quite popular among both men and women.

The gloves are comfortable and have proper insulation with a fur lining so it is perfect for bike, cycling, and etc. trips. And the wrist cover design ensures that no cold air enters the gloves and keeps your hands protected from cold.

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Most importantly, its inner grip is anti-slip as silicone is used inside it. And while the gloves aren’t completely waterproof, you can still use them in light rain.

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7. Gajraj Men’s Gloves 

Made out of 100% wool material, Gajraj Gloves is another great product to keep your hands warm and comfortable in the cold. This pair of gloves work well in the mountains as well and is breathable so you won’t end up overheating while wearing it. Moreover, it is stretchable so it will fit your hands snugly and securely.

This pair of gloves is effective in -5 degrees C too and is quite affordable too. It is a good looking, basic pair of winter gloves that can be used casually. The only drawback is that it is a little tight on your wrist in the beginning but the elastic loosens up a little as you wear it regularly.

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8. Handcuffs Biking/Cycling Gloves

Another perfect biking glove to consider for winters, Handcuffs Gloves is made from lycra, neoprene, mesh fabric, and microfiber. This is why this pair of gloves is effective in protecting you from the extreme cold but also fits perfectly on your hands. That’s not all, you can even use them to access your smartphones and other touch screen devices due to the presence of the conductive metal fibers in the gloves.

Furthermore, it offers you an anti-slip grip which makes it easier to grab the handlebar when it is extremely cold too. And the wrist cover design of the product makes it easier to adjust and fit the gloves so that your hands feel warm yet comfortable inside the gloves.

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Overall, this is a good choice for people who wish to use their gloves for multiple purposes and want affordable pricing.

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9. Tex Homz Unisex Winter Gloves

If you tend to ride a two-wheeler a lot in winters, then Tex Homz Winter Gloves is the perfect option for you. This pair of winter gloves is manufactured using fiber and cloth that protects your hands from both cold and dirt, making it perfect for use on bike rides. 

The gloves have been stitched properly and are quite durable and are extremely affordable as well. Moreover, anyone can wear these gloves – men, women, children, etc.

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So, if you want a good pair of gloves for riding in winters then Tex Homz Winter Gloves is the right product for you.

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10. Zacharias Men’s Woolen Gloves

Last, but not least, we have Zacharias Woolen Gloves for men, that is simple yet effective in protecting your hands and fingers from cold. This pair of woolen gloves has a striped pattern in brown color and can be worn by both men and women. Since it has a basic design, it is not expensive while the woolen material ensures that your hands remain warm and comfortable on cold days as well.

It is quite soft on your skin and is available in free size. So, anyone can easily wear it and keep their hands perfectly warm.

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Which Type of Gloves For Cities vs Mountains?

Depending on the weather and your work, you could opt for any material gloves in the mountains. However, it would be a good idea to choose materials that are waterproof and likely to keep you warm in the mountains.

Make sure there are multiple layers in your gloves to provide you proper insulation and are tightly secured so that your hands are properly protected.

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Things To Consider?

Here are a few things to consider when you are purchasing the right winter gloves for yourself.

Check the Size and the Fit

First and foremost, you need to check the size of the gloves and how well it fits your hands. Gloves are usually available in different sizes – small, medium, large, and XL based on the width of your palms. So, you will need to first measure your palm width to find the right size for you.

A few gloves are in one size and can easily fit all sized palms too. But make sure that whatever size glove you end up choosing, it is snug and secure fit on your hands. While your gloves should be loose enough to allow the thumb movement, it should also block out the cold air properly.

Consider the Insulation Provided

A glove usually has multiple layers that affect the insulation provided by it. The insulating layer in the glove should be made from the right materials so that it is efficient in keeping your hands warm in the winters. However, you need to consider your body type as well when you choose gloves with the right insulation.

If you tend to sweat or overheat soon, then opt for gloves with minimal insulation else it can be dangerous for you. You will end up letting your hands outside due to the overheating which can result in hypothermia or frostbite.

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Select Breathable and Waterproof Gloves

Another important thing to consider is that your winter gloves should be insulated but made out of breathable material. This will ensure that your hands don’t get overheated so you won’t feel the need to take them off in regular intervals.

You also need to ensure that your gloves are waterproof, especially if you live in a snow-prone or rain-prone area. This way, your hands will stay warm and dry and you won’t have to worry about the gloves getting damaged during rainy or snowing days.

Look for Dexterity and Touchscreen Capability

Finally, while it is important to get a warm pair of winter gloves, you also need gloves that will offer you dexterity. A little control over your hand movements will make it easier to work and study and even drive/ride around your area. 

Another added bonus would be if the gloves are touch screen friendly and allow you to use your smartphones and touch screen devices easily. This way, you don’t have to compromise on your work or warmth during the winter days. 

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