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20 Best Women Winter Jackets in India

We all know that winters can be cold and unforgiving at times, regardless of whether you love the season or not. And if you don’t wish to catch a cold, you have to keep yourself warm and cozy throughout the day.

Yes, staying in a blanket full day sounds like a nice plan but we can’t hibernate for the entire 2-3 months too. Some of us have to report for work every day and a good winter jacket comes in use here. Our carefully curated list of best winter jackets for women in India will help you stay warm this winter season. 

In the cold months of the winter season, keeping yourself warm and toasty is essential. Especially if your city experiences extreme cold or if you are planning to travel to a cold destination.

And the best way to do this apart from layering up is by wearing a good, warm winter jacket which will keep you warm and comfortable during this time.

There are lots of winter jackets available in the market but it depends a lot on your requirements and your budget. Some people like to own a fancy winter jacket that they can wear for parties and stuff as well while some look for a good winter jacket for trekking and hiking trips.

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Which Material Jacket to Buy?

When you are selecting a good winter jacket, the first thing that you need to check is the material of the jacket. You have to remember that while most materials will be able to provide you warmth and comfort, the level of warmth will differ greatly.

If you need a winter jacket that is slightly waterproof and ideal for outdoor use then check out jackets made from nylon and polyester. These jackets are usually water-resistant and will keep you warm and dry in the winters.

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On the other hand, if you stay in a cold region and need something to keep you warm, then wool jackets are the best. They tend to be lightweight, sturdy, and can even manage a little snow. The only drawback is that they tend to be a little expensive.

Best Winter Jackets for Women in India

1. HIVER Women’s Nylon Jacket

Hiver’s long-sleeve jacket for women with a hood is great for keeping warm and will work up to -25 degrees. This black winter jacket is made from nylon material and is waterproof, windproof, and snow proof. It also features insulated heat reflective technology that makes the jacket warmer and perfect for outdoor winter activities as well.

The jacket comes with a polyfill lining, inner woolen liner, and a U foam padding that is warm and comfortable and good for both indoor and outdoor use.

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And there is also a detachable hood fur and neck fur that gives the jacket a luxurious feel while protecting your face from cold winds in the winter.

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2. Epsion Women’s Hooded Thickened Long Down Jacket

One of the best winter jackets for women, the Epsion down Jacket is a regular jacket that is available in different sizes. The outer material of this jacket is 100% polyester that is windproof, waterproof, and breathable while the down filling inside ensures that the jacket keeps you warm in all kinds of cold weather. Apart from the material, the slim and long design of the jacket is great too and will make you look charming and elegant.

It also features a high-grade zipper closure to ensure that no cold wind seeps inside the jacket. Moreover, it comes with a removable hood and fur collar that will keep your head and neck protected in the cold. You can easily use this jacket for business, traveling, and outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, camping, and so on.

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3. Qube By Fort Collins Women’s Cape Jacket

Qube Women’s Cape Jacket by Fort Collins is another great option for keeping you protected from cold winds and temperature. Made from 100% nylon material, this winter jacket is warm and comes with a hoodie to keep your head protected in the cold too. There is also fur lining on the hoodie which is soft and comfortable and will offer you additional warmth.

The design of the jacket is simple but there are multiple pockets available to keep your belongings safely and securely. There is a small pocket inside the jacket to keep your valuables and the jacket feature a zip fly with button closure to keep you dry.

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The jacket is quite lightweight and is good for use in snow regions as well. You just need to be careful when cleaning this jacket as it can only be hand washed.

Check Cheapest Price : Amazon ( Available in Mustard , Navy and Black colors)

4. THE NORTH FACE Women’s Gotham Jacket II

Another great winter jacket to consider is The North Face Gotham Jacket II that is made up of polyester and nylon and has a DWR coating. As a result, the jacket is water-resistant and comes with zip hand pockets to keep you warm and dry. The detachable hood can be adjusted and is lined with faux fur to keep your face and neck protected from the wind and cold.

The fit of the jacket is pretty great too and you can easily add several layers inside while maintaining breathability.

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The jacket is lightweight and can be used for casual purposes and several outdoor activities.

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5. Columbia Women’s Jacket

Columbia is a well-known brand for jackets and their winter jacket for women is definitely one of the best products to consider. Made from 100% polyester, the winter jacket is lightweight and durable and can easily be washed in a machine. The jacket features a delta ridge pattern and has down insulation that ensures that the user feels warm and comfortable in the extreme cold also when wearing this jacket.

There is binding at the hood, cuff, and hem to offer durability and protect your body against the cold winds. The jacket has a heat seal construction that helps in heat retention and prevents water prevention.

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Most importantly, it uses Omni heat technology that keeps you warm by reflecting the heat of your body with the help of thermal-reflective lining while the silver dots help in breathability inside the jacket.

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6. Cazibe Women’s Quilted Jacket

Cazibe Women’s Quilted Jacket is another affordable winter jacket that is made from 100% nylon and is available in several different colors. This winter jacket has a solid quilted design that looks stylish and features good stitching and metal zippers that make the jacket durable and strong. It also has a stand-up collar that will look stylish while keeping you warm.

There is also a hood with fur lining that can be used to keep your head warm and the zip fly with button closure keeps the jacket secure during cold temperature, preventing the wind from seeping inside.

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This product comes with two zippered pockets on the front and can be hand washed only.

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7. 32 Degrees Heat Womens Hooded 4-Way Stretch Jacket

Another great winter jacket, this 4-way Stretch Jacket by 32 Degrees Heat is both warm and lightweight. This jacket is ideal for people who travel a lot and is great for use as layering in winter months. The quilt lines on the jacket offer it an attractive look while the zippered hand pockets allow you to keep your belongings inside or use it to keep your hands warm too.

The jacket features a detachable hood and a stand-up collar for keeping you warm and feels very soft on your skin. It is also water-resistant so you can use it in mind rainfall as well. And it is extremely easy to clean as it is machine washable.

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So, if you are looking for a soft and warm winter jacket then the 32 Degrees Heat 4-Way Stretch Jacket is a great choice for you.

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8. WULFUL Women’s Waterproof Snow Ski Jacket

Perfect for snowy and rainy days, Wulful Women Ski Jacket is durable and warm. It also comes with a thick soft lining, cotton padding, and tight stitching to keep you warm during cold, windy nights. Since this jacket is both waterproof and snowproof and features waterproof zippers, it can be used for snow sports as well. 

The jacket comes with a detachable hood with Velcro that can be adjusted and will protect your head and neck from the cold and wind. Furthermore, it includes a drawstring hem to fit any size and keep your waist protected and the elastic cuffs prevent the cold from seeping inside.

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You also get 2 side pockets, 1 outer zipper pocket, and 1 inner pocket to keep your belongings.

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9. Amazon Brand – Symbol Women’s Jacket

If you are looking for a simple and affordable winter jacket then Amazon’s Symbol Women Jacket is the perfect choice for you. Made from 100% polyester, this winter jacket for women is good for casual winters and will look great with most outfits.

The quilted design of the jacket with a hoodie is available in several colors. And you have small side pockets to keep your hands inside to keep them warm in cold weather.

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While this jacket won’t protect you from the wind, it is good for casual purposes and will keep you moderately warm when you go out to meet friends or for shopping.

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10. CLASSIO FASHION Women’s Nylon Full-Sleeved Winter Jacket with Hood

Classio Fashion Women’s Winter Jacket is a great choice for cold temperature and looks pretty great as well. This casual winter jacket is made from nylon material and is quite soft and comfortable on your skin. The best thing about this winter jacket is that it is waterproof and snowproof so you can use it for most outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, and so on.

The jacket can easily keep you warm up to -25 degrees Celsius and looks quite fashionable as well.

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This long-sleeve jacket features detachable hood fur, neck fur, and inner fur, and is a great choice for keeping yourself warm and cozy during cold weather.

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11. Columbia Women’s Heavenly Long HDD Jacket

One of the best long winter jackets for women, Columbia Women’s Heavenly Long HDD jacket is slightly expensive but perfect to battle the winter chill. It not only features amazing craftmanship but has a good design as well and is perfect for both casual and formal events. This winter jacket has an omni-heat reflective lining that ensures proper heat retention, regardless of the temperature.

And the breathable technology and moisture-wicking property ensure that you retain your body heat in cold weather conditions while not overheating yourself. The material used in this jacket is polyester which is extremely lightweight and easy to maintain so you can wash it in a machine. It also features a comfort cuff that contains thumb holes to keep your hand warm. Also, the zippered pockets act as a security pocket for your essentials and as a medium to keep your hand warm as well.

While this winter jacket is expensive, it is well worth the price and will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

12. Qube by Fort Collins Women’s Jacket

One of the most popular winter jackets by Fort Collins, this Qube winter jacket is quite reasonably priced and perfect to keep you warm this winter. Available in two colors, this winter jacket is made up of nylon material and needs to be carefully washed by hand to preserve it and maintain it.

It has a plain design that is perfect for all kinds of use and the zip closure available in the jacket makes it quite easy to wear as well. This winter jacket also comes with an adjustable hoodie so you can protect your head from cold winds and keep your body warm and comfortable.

13. Forclaz Trek100 Women’s Mountain Trekking Down Jacket

If you are looking for a good trekking jacket for cold weather then Forclaz Trek100 Women’s Mountain Trekking Down Jacket is the perfect product for you. This padded jacket is thin yet warm and has an eco-design which makes it perfect for mountain treks. It is not even expensive and comes with a 2-year warranty so if anything goes wrong, you can always get it fixed or replaced free of cost.

This winter jacket has zip closure which makes it easy to wear and zippered pockets which allows you to securely keep your essentials while trekking. And one of the best things about this down jacket is that it is easy to fold it inside the left pocket using the zip with a double puller.

This might not be a good winter jacket for slushy wet weather but it perfect to keep the cold at bay while trekking in cold, hilly areas.

14. Columbia Women’s Jacket

Another popular women’s winter jacket from Columbia, this Delta Ridge Down jacket can easily handle the toughest and coldest climate conditions. This jacket feels like a comforter, keeping you warm and snug the entire time you wear it. One of the best things about this jacket is the omni-heat reflective lining and heat-seal construction which ensures heat retention with fewer chances of water penetration and down migration.

It also contains 650 fill power down insulation which is excellent at keeping you warm while being lightweight at the same time. Overall, this is a good winter jacket for extreme conditions and is a good long-term investment.

15. Forever 21 Full Sleeve Solid Women Jacket

If you are looking for a really stylish winter jacket to wear to parties and occasions then Forever 21’s Full Sleeve Solid Women Jacket is the perfect product for you. This jacket is made up of polyester so it can handle cold and a little bit of wet weather as well and is not at all expensive.

The zip closure with buttons ensures that there is no opportunity for the cold wind to enter your jacket, keeping you warm and comfortable. It also includes a hood with a fur lining which not only keeps your head protected from the wind but makes your jacket even more stylish to wear.

So, if you want a solid, stylish winter jacket for cold weather then Forever 21 Full Sleeve Solid Women Jacket is perfect for you.

16. Flying Machine Women’s Quilted Jacket

Flying Machine Women’s Quilted Jacket is another great casual winter jacket that looks stylish while keeping you warm in the cold weather. Made up of polyester material, this plain winter jacket is durable and warm enough to keep you comfortable at low temperatures. And the best part is that it can be machine washed so keeping it clean is super easy as well.

It comes with a zip closure which makes it super easy to wear and can easily be worn under a snowfall as well. It is also quite reasonably priced so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune. And the quilted design makes it quite stylish to wear and perfect for casual outings and events as well.

Overall, this is a good winter jacket for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money and wants a casual jacket to wear in cold weather.

17. HIVER Women’s Nylon Jacket 100% Water Proof Full-Sleeved Winter Jacket

One of the top winter jackets for women, Hiver women’s jacket is a little expensive but perfect to keep you warm even in the minus temperature. This winter jacket has a nylon exterior and a woolen interior with a fleece liner and proper cotton padding which ensures heat retention during extreme cold weather conditions.

One of the things which I love about this jacket is that it is weatherproof so you can wear it in snow and rain, alike. It also has adjustable cuffs, detachable and adjustable hood, and a lot of pockets so you can be all packed under extreme weather. Perfect for activities like skiing, snowboarding, etc., Hiver winter jacket will definitely not disappoint you and will keep you warm and toasty in all kinds of weather.

18. Fort Collins Women’s Jacket

Another good winter jacket option from Fort Collins, this women’s jacket has a nice design and color which makes it suitable for all kinds of activities and outings. Made up of 100% nylon material, this winter jacket is easy to clean and maintain but requires a gentle hand wash after a couple of weeks.

It includes a zip closure which makes it easy to wear and the hood on top with fur lining adds additional coverage to protect you from cold. The hood is also adjustable so you can cinch it tight to keep yourself warm and cozy when wearing it. And one of the best things about this winter jacket is that it is quite reasonably priced as well. Overall, this is a good casual winter jacket that is warm and stylish at the same time.

19. Wildcraft Women’s Polyester Husky Self Packable Jacket

Wildcraft is yet another popular brand that is known for its durable clothing and sports products. And their Husky Self Packable Jacket is no different from the rest of the products. This winter jacket is made up of polyester which makes this jacket warm and easy to maintain. It is also easy to pack so you can take it on your trips to any cold destinations that you want.

A little expensive, Wildcraft Women’s Jacket has a zip closure which makes it quite easy to wear as well. So, if you are looking for a durable winter jacket to keep you warm and don’t mind shelling a few extra bucks then Wildcraft Women’s Polyester jacket is the right choice for you.

20. Puma Women’s Jacket

Finally, if you want a casual winter jacket for winter then Puma Women’s Jacket is a good choice as well. This winter jacket has a minimal design and is made up of synthetic material which is perfect for machine wash as well.

This winter jacket is not even expensive and has a cool design and style which is perfect for casual events. So, if you want a simple yet durable winter jacket for slightly cold weather then Puma Women’s Jacket is the perfect product for you.

Things to Consider

Choose the Right Type of Jacket

There are several different types of winter jackets available in the market – hardshell, softshell, insulated jacket, fleece jacket, casual jacket, and 3-in-1 jacket. 

A hardshell jacket doesn’t usually have insulation and comes with a waterproof and water-resistant covering. As a result, this type of jacket is good for mild outdoor activities and can protect you from wind and water.

A softshell jacket acts as a mid-layer for winters and is only water-resistant. It usually has a fleece lining to keep you warm and the material is quite soft and breathable too.

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Fleece jackets are breathable, lightweight, and dry up quickly so it is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, etc.

For some serious winter activities, an insulated jacket is an ideal choice. This type of jacket has a waterproof outer and has an insulated lining to keep you warm and dry in extreme cold.

Casual winter jackets are popular these days as they come with a lot of additional features such as fur collars, hoodies, etc. These types of jackets focus more on the aesthetics than the function of the jacket.

Finally, a 3-in-1 jacket is great for all kinds of winter activities. It usually includes an outer shell jacket and an inner layer. So, you can use it together or separately, depending on where and what you are using it for.

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Select the Right Fit

Next, you need to select the winter jacket that fits your frame perfectly. Don’t go for an oversized jacket as the cold air will end up entering your jacket and prevent you from staying warm.

On the other hand, a tight jacket will restrict your movement so go for the correct fit so that you can keep warm and enjoy the freedom of movement.

Select a Jacket with Good Insulation

Another important thing to consider in a winter jacket is good insulation. One of the best insulation materials is down which uses duck and geese feathers. It retains warmth in the jacket while ensuring breathability and is extremely light as well. The only drawback is that it loses its effectiveness when it becomes wet so, opt for a waterproof jacket if you are going to use it in precipitation.

Another popular insulation material is a synthetic material that will stay warm even when wet and dries off quickly. It keeps you warm as well but it can be a little bulky and heavy to wear comfortably. Also, it is less durable than a down insulated winter jacket so choose carefully.

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Opt for a Waterproof and Water-resistant Jacket

If you are going to be using your jacket in rainy or snowy areas, then opt for a jacket with a DWR or weatherproof coating. Opt for a jacket that is waterproof and water-resistant in such a case as you will be able to use it in both rain and snow.

DWR coating is perfect for snowy regions while GORE-TEX coating is ideal for places that experience tremendous rainfall.

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City Vs Mountain Jackets

If you need a jacket for trekking in the mountains, then you will opt for a highly durable winter jacket made from fleece lining and down material that also comes with a hoodie. This way, you will be able to stay warm in minus temperatures as well and will be able to move around easily while protecting your head.

However, if you are looking for a city jacket to wear with your outfits or to just keep warm at home, then you can go for casual jackets made out of synthetic material. You don’t need a hoodie in city jackets and can easily experiment with different designs and styles.

How to Choose the Perfect Winter Jacket

Here are a few factors and features to keep in mind when choosing the best Winter jacket for yourself.

Choose the Right Type of Winter Jackets

The first thing that you need to do is decide on the type of winter jacket you need. This mainly depends on the kind of activities that you are planning to indulge in. There are mainly three types of winter jackets available: Technical winter jackets, Casual winter coats, and Do-it-All winter jackets.

Technical Winter Jackets

If you are looking for a winter jacket which is perfect for winter activities like skiing, mountaineering, etc. then Technical winter jackets are the best choice for you. This type of winter jacket is usually lightweight and easily packable so quite travel-friendly as well.

Apart from that, they have hoods and pit-zips as well and include a durable waterproof shell which is perfect for layering purpose. 

Casual Winter Coats

For people who want a winter jacket which is warm and stylish at the same time. There are different styles and silhouettes available in this type of winter coat which will keep you warm but are perfect for standing out in a party or event as well.

These types of casual winter coats usually include large hoods with fur lining, handwarmer pockets, which look stylish but offer protection during extreme weather conditions as well.

Do-It-all Winter Jackets

Finally, if you want a winter jacket which works for all occasions then Do-It-All Winter jackets are your best bet. This type of winter jacket has features that are ideal for winter activities but tends to be stylish enough for a casual evening as well.

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Consider the Insulation Provided in the Winter Jackets

Another important thing to consider is the type of insulation that is provided in a winter jacket.

If you need a jacket for a dry, cold destination then a winter jacket with down insulation will be perfect for you. It is lightweight and easily compressible and will keep you protected from the harsh, cold winters. However, this type of insulation doesn’t work in wet weather so avoid purchasing it if you stay in a wet place.

For wet weather conditions, synthetic insulation is the best. It is slightly heavier and bulkier than down insulation but it keeps you warm and is generally lower priced than down jackets.

Look for a Weatherproof Winter Jacket

Make sure that you choose a winter jacket that has a weatherproof outer shell to maneuver tricky weather conditions. Look for a waterproof outer shell or for a DWR coating if you want to keep warm in cold weather.

A winter jacket with DWR coating is perfect for snowy places that don’t experience a lot of wet, slushy days. However, if you stay in a wet location then it would be better to choose a winter jacket with GORE-TEX outer shell.

Consider Additional Features of the Winter Jacket

And finally, do look for some additional features in your winter jacket like hoods, pockets, etc. A hood will not only provide you more coverage but will also keep you warm and will limit the amount of cold air entering your jacket.

An adjustable hood will be better as it allows you to keep yourself warm during heavy winds too as you can cinch it tight. Apart from that, pockets are really useful as they allow you to keep your essentials and can also be used to keep your hands warm.

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