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Blon as a brand is known for producing hype guns in the chi-fi world. The bl03 is one of its products which really changed the competition in the budget chi-fi world. The brilliant way of marketing carbon nanotube drivers for a cheaper price made it selling like a hot cake but does it really lives up to the hype in the current market now?. Let’s find out that in this review

Table: Blon BL03 Earphones Review

Driver10mm Carbon nanotube driver
Construction MaterialComposite Kirsite
Impedance32 ohms
Sensitivity102 dB/mV
Frequency Response20-20,000 Hz
Connector3.5mm gold plated end
PackagingSimple white box, rectangular shape, plastic transparent cover, includes IEM, sack cloth carrying pouch, and 6 pairs of ear tips
Cable2 core twisted cable with 0.78mm pin embedded, prone to tangling, recommended to upgrade to an 8 core SPC aftermarket cable
Build and FitEgg-shaped earpieces, two-component construction, glued together, glossy finish prone to scratches, available in Silver, Gun Metal, and Purple colors, fit depends on finding the right ear tips, noise isolation around 60%
SourceSamsung Galaxy S10 with Topping NX4 DSD amp
Sound – BassClean, impactful, and deep bass with silicon tips, foam tips may lead to boomy bass and lack of details
Sound – HighsSmooth highs, not overly sharp, good clarity, treble rolled off in the higher side, enjoyable with silicon tips
Sound – MidsSweet and smooth mids with natural timbre, slight bleed from upper bass adds body, forward mids, suitable for vocals
SoundstageWell-done, not the widest or most intimate, good instrument placement, decent imaging, slightly lacking in depth
VerdictAbsolute go for the asking price, beautiful, warm, and smooth signature, good build with great bass, suitable for various sources, cable quality and treble roll-off are drawbacks
ProsWarm and smooth signature, good build with great bass, good soundstage and imaging, affordable price
ConsTreble roll-off, slight bleeding of upper bass into mids, cable quality
ReviewerKathiravan C. from Tamilnadu, a budding audiophile with a love for music and audio equipment, experienced with budget chi-fi gears and now reviewing high-end products


Driver: 10mm Carbon nanotube driver

Construction material: Composite Kirsite

Impedance: 32ohms

Sensitivity: 102DB/MV

Frequency Response: 20-20KHz

Connector: 3.5mm gold plated end


The blon’s usual packaging comes here where a simple white box in rectangular shape with plastic transparent cover over the box. You get a pair of iem with a sack cloth type carrying pouch and 6 pairs of ear tips for getting good fit in your ears. At the back of the box the specifications are mentioned.

The included cable is bad in my opinion. It’s a 2 core twisted cable with 0.78mm pin embedded in it. The cable gets tangle frequently and the ear hooks are horrible. I would suggest you to get a good 8 core SPC aftermarket cable which will really enhance the fit and feel of the earphone.

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The earpieces are built well. They resemble like a shape of an egg and compact enough. They are made as a two component and glued each other with good seal but some users reported of splitting of the component and I believe that may be due to some external pressure. In my usage they held up well but the scratches are the major issue of the build. They get easily scratched if not well maintained since it’s a glossy finish. The R and L marks are printed on the inner side of the earpiece. 

They come in three colors – Silver, Gun metal, Purple and in my opinion purple looks beautiful and it’s subjective of course! Fit is good if you find out the correct ear tips if not then the seal will not be good enough. I tried all their tips but none of them were perfect for me so I used aftermarket tips to get good seal and it doesn’t mean that you will not get a good fit, try them out and see for yourself.

The noise isolation is not the best but isolates 60 percent. Since it’s not a custom shell design it’s not the best in sound isolation department.


Device: Samsung Galaxy S10

Amp: Topping NX4 DSD



For the price I really got amazed by its bass quality and quantity. It’s not that thumpy,  boomy or bloated bass where you can make them sound like that but with the silicon tips the bass is impactful, clean and deep bass which is very sweet. There is equal participation of sub bass, mid bass and upper bass which brings out the enough details in the sound. With foam tips the bass gets very boomy and leads to lack of details in the high region. I prefer the silicon tips, which makes bass a lot good and impactful.


The highs aren’t sharper and sound smoother to me. The upper mids and lower treble doesn’t have the peaky sharpness which causes fatigue in many listeners. The highs have good clarity with that extra smoothness which is really good for fun listening. The foam tips makes the highs tamed but with silicone tips they sound beautiful.

The treble is rolled off in the higher side which makes them loose some airiness and detail across the region but it doesn’t make not enjoyable.


The mids are the sweetest aspect of the bl03. They are nice and smooth and has very natural timbre. The mids receive little bit of bleed from the upper bass but it’s not done in bad way rather it adds little bit of body to the mids, makes them forward a little bit and makes them sound lush and fuller. This makes the bl03 a good pair for listening to vocals where it doesn’t sound like voice picking up via the microphone instead sounds very natural.


The soundstage is done very well here where it’s not the widest and not the intimate one. It has very good placement of instruments and imaging is good on these which makes them a decent pair of earphones for gaming too. They lack slightly in the depth of the soundstage nut it’s acceptable for the price.

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For the asking price this is an absolute go from my side. They sound beautiful, warm and smoother which makes them very enjoyable to listen. They go well with all sources and fairly easy to drive but they will be benefitted if you use powerful sources. And finally these are really worth the hype!



  • Warm and smooth signature
  • Good build with great bass
  • Good soundstage and imaging
  • Price


  • Treble roll off
  • Slight bleeding of upper bass into mids 
  • Cable quality

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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