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Bqeyz Autumn IEM Review – Versatile Excellence

BQEYZ, the underdog brand based out of Guangdong, China is known for its excellent high quality in ear monitors. Their motto is simple “BEST QUALITY EARPHONES FOR YOU ” and in reality they fulfill that and the Spring series, Summer are proof of that. And to get added in that lineup of proof the Autumn is now included and in this review lets see why this is the best earphone that you can get under 200 USD.

Interestingly the BQEYZ went in a single DD route where their flagship usually will be a Tribrid where the Piezo is always included and surprisingly the Single DD is much capable.

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This unit has been provided to me by Elle Zhou, the proprietor of the BQEYZ Audio for a fair price in exchange for my honest opinion on the product. I have not been influenced by the brand and the views are completely based on my pairings and source hence it might differ from person to person.


Model: 13mm dynamic driver

Impedance: 46Ω

Sensitivity: 110dB

Frequency response: 7-40kHz

Cable length: 1.2m

Cable connector: 2pin 0.78mm

Plug: 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm

Bqeyz Autumn IEM Review 7


The design of the Autumn is the same as that of the Summer but now the overall size has been reduced to fit most of the ear shapes. Also the build has been changed to metal instead of the plastic used in the Summer.

The ear fins now are rounded and smooth hence the ear fatigue after longer wearing sessions are now not present. The outer is now matt finished hence the fingerprints and the scratches are devoid of happening. The interchangeable filters are given on the inner side of the IEM which can be easily swapped out using the given magic wand ( magnetic stick ☺ ). 

The 2 pin connector is nicely recessed inside the body and when the cable is connected they are nicely snug fitted, no loose connections are observed. The big air vent is provided on the inner aspect of the IEM.

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BQEYZ Autumn

Single crystal copper silver-plated mixed braid cable

3 pairs of tuner

Magnetic tuner pole

Tuner holder

6 pairs of eartips(S/M/L)

Carrying case

Clean brush

The given cable is very good in terms of touch, feel and look. The cable looks like it is made of graphene and it’s a SPC cable which is 4 core braided cable with nice supple in feel and the ear guides are easily adaptable. The termination area, splitter and the connector area are made of metal hence the durability is of no question.

The given case is a faux leather zipper pouch that got included in the Summer but now the touch and feel has improved.


The sound profile of the Autumn is fairly balanced and nothing feels cut out or recessed in the overall listening. The sound that this delivers is very surprising since most of the BQEYZ products are either a hybrid or a tribrid but this being a single 13mm DD the sound is much more matured, well tuned than their predecessors. The swappable magnetic filters added a big bonus point to this Autumn making this a very versatile IEM in the market. 


The low end of the Autumn is well tuned with delivering some great technicalities in the low end which most of the balanced and neutral guys love it but if you are basshead the normal filter will not satisfy you since that lacks the slam and weight rather it has more faster decay thus giving that nice separated and balanced profile. But here’s the magic, you need slamming bass then swap to the Bass filter just in a second using the magic wand that they have provided! In this section we will discuss the low end performance based on all the filters.

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Quality – Well textured, controlled, separated and has good technicalities. The low end feels faster in decay and attack thus they feel more open sounding and feels completely natural and just represents how a balanced to neutral bass would feel.

Quantity: Here’s the thing the quantity lacks in the normal filter. The slam and the weight feels very light thus the rumble is not that satisfying. Both the mid and the sub bass feels lighter and of course it’s a matter of taste since bassheads would prefer more rumble and the slower decay while the neutral lovers opposite.


Quality: Surprisingly in the bass filter even though the bass has been increased by +3dB the quality remains the same. Of Course the decay is slightly slower but other than that the texture, separation and the technicalities are not compromised. I’m just loving it in the bass filter.

Quantity: Now you are talking! With the bass filter you get that satisfying rumble yet maintaining that clarity and the separation. Now the decay got slower thus the rumble is very sweet to hear at the same time the mid bass is also slightly boosted but not overly done thus no darker background or congested feeling. Now the bassheads would be more pleased towards this set.

Overall the bass is just magnificent in this and this is what im talking about in the intro section, this is such a versatile IEM! The bass can be made from neutral to a monster within seconds! How versatile it is! 



Tracks Used:

  1. Bigfoot – Malfnktion
  2. Take It – Seige
  3. Without Armour – Hans Zimmer


The midrange of the Autumn is another marvellous aspect where both the upper and the lower mids are equal in terms of emphasis. The midrange never feels recessed or hazed out instead they are revealed up neatly. The balanced profile of the midrange is very beautifully executed here since the low end here is very good, where most of the earphones tend to have a hazy midrange with authoritative bass.

VOCALS: The vocals are beautifully rendered here where both the male and the female vocals have that fuller body sound. The positioning is done very well where they are not in the face type neither too laid back, they are positioned at a very good position in the staging providing nice engaging and the energetic stance. The tonality of the vocals is just balanced to neutral and almost looks like no colouration. No shrillness of the female vocal is observed thus the upper mid emphasis sounds beautiful here. 

Bass Filter: The mid range almost feels the same as the normal filter but in the bass filter there is slight decrease in the staging and just a hint less of open sound other than that it retains most of the technical aspects.

INSTRUMENTALS: The instrumental is positioned well here where all the strings, kick drums and the piano notes are rendered well without any recession. The timbre of the instruments sounds near to realistic without any colouration. The separation and the air is massive in the autumn thus nothing feel constricted out. The detail retrieval is above average and even though they are not upto the mark of ALL BA but still for a DD the coherency and the quality it posses is just marvellous.

The kick drums have nice weight and impact, piano notes retaining that natural tone and positioning while the strings sound very natural too. The layering of the instruments are neatly done and one can easily point out the placement of the instruments.

Overall the midrange feels very airier and open sounding without any congestion along with that nice and pleasing tonality. The staging seems very wide and the technicalities are rock solid being a single DD. Especially that layering and macro details were found to be very promising. The micro details were also nice considering the configuration. A well tuned coherent midrange overall.

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Tracks Used:

  1. Hotel California – Eagles
  2. When Christmas Comes To Town – Polar Express
  3. When You Say Nothing At All – Susan Wong
Bqeyz Autumn IEM Review 6


The treble of the Autumn is excellent where it covers most of the aspects correctly. It’s crispier at the same time they never cause any ear fatigue. Has that energy in them thus they sound very livelier with open sound. The separation and the detail retrieval are very good for the price and it quite impressed me since it sounds very good that some of the BA earphones out there.

The treble brightness is nice and adequate giving this earphone a nice and open sound. Since the staging is also pretty wider and deeper the instruments and the vocals have a massive amount of room to breathe thus they never feel congested.

The sibilance is not observed in my listening and no weird hotness or peaks are observed during my listening.

BASS FILTER: In the bass filter the treble feels very good which is the same as that of the normal filter. They got that crispy and energetic sound yet keeping all the cons factors under control. It has a great amount of air and possesses some serious separation which is very pleasant to hear.

TREBLE FILTER: The treble tends to be boosted to +3dB which is good for some classical but for me they are not that great where the normal and the bass filter has better treble control over this. The treble is sparkled up too much and of course the treble heads out there will like it but for a balanced listening the bass and the normal filters would do the job.

The kind of treble that the Autumn delivers is equal to that of the Planar drivers. The achievement that the BQEYZ done with a single DD is impeccable. The treble is detailed yet smooth with some great resolution capabilities. Hats off team!

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Tracks Used:

  1. Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
  2. Sultans Of Swing – Dire Straits
  3. Jack Of Speed – Steely Dan


STAGING: The staging of the Autumn is big in all stances. In terms of width, height and the depth they feel bigger when compared to their predecessors. They feel nice and wide with the height being very nice. It’s difficult to find earphones with a nice height and Autumn is a rare case. The depth is nice and deeper, especially with the bass filter. In the normal filter the width is slightly more in quantity but the depth lacks while the wise versa in the Bass filter.

Overall the staging is excellent and it’s an expansive one with a grand presentation. 

IMAGING: The imaging is the other solid aspect of the Autumn. They feel very precise and easy to pinpoint even when the track is busy. The channel sweep feels very smoother and since the staging is wide and deep the layering of the instruments also felt very nice. No haziness or cloudiness is seen. 

Detail Retrieval and the resolution are excellent in the Autumn. Even some of the all BA iem would get lost competing this and this Autumn is that good! 

The macro details especially are very vibrant and beautiful. The balanced sound along with the colourful presentation that Autumn delivers is just mesmerising.

Tracks Used:

  1. Hideaway – Jacob Collier
  2. Sirens Of The Sea – Ocean Labs
  3. Without Armour – Hans Zimmer

The variance in the Technicalities while using the different filters are very subtle which is pretty surprising hence no need to compromise on the Technicalities in expense of the added low end or treble! An innovative innovation by the BQEYZ team for sure.



  1. Fairly Balanced Profile 
  2. Versatile with Swappable Filters
  3. Authoritative yet controlled Low End
  4. Airy and Open Midrange
  5. Smoother and Natural Tonality
  6. Clean and Well Extended Treble
  7. Staging, Layering and Imaging
  8. Premium Accessories


  1. None


Autumn being their latest and the flagship product from the house of BQEYZ Audio does tick all the boxes for being a worthy contender in this 200usd price bracket. From the beginning the BQEYZ products never let me down in terms of sound and this continues with the Autumn too.

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The Summer, their last product being very aggressive and energetic like a summer season, the Autumn from the brand marks the nice and smooth upgrade of the Summer. As the Autumn season transitions from the summer season with a nice and chill climate the Autumn shows the nice transition of the sound signature from being too energetic and aggressive to smooth, balanced and cooler sound yet with some energy. Overall I’m just loving this climate and its related Autumn sound!

The sound profile of the Autumn is fairly balanced with a slight U shaped profile. The bass being excellent in quality while the quantity can be changed in a matter of seconds by swapping the filters is just another level of innovation. The midrange feels airy and well separated with pleasing and natural tonality. The treble being detailed yet smooth edgeness gives the Autumn a solid support for claiming it to be the best sounding IEM under 200USD.

Those magnetic swappable filters are just mind blowing innovation and I would appreciate other brands to use this tech in their products too. I’m also in love with that magic wand ☺. 

The package is always to the level of BQEYZ Standards. That mini plate containing the filters is elegantly crafted. The earpieces are just bliss to touch having a nice metal construction with nice matt finish. The accessories given are premium in quality and no doubt in that.

Overall, do I recommend the Autumn? Hell yeah! It’s a perfect upgrade over all the BQEYZ Products and especially the Summer. Being a versatile and multifaceted iem i would pick this Autumn over any other earphone eyes closed. 

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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