Where To Buy Xiaomi Mi Max Prime in India Online & Its Price

This phone from xiaomi is huge ! the massive 6.44’’ display puts this into the phablet category. The massive display also boasts of a full HD 1080p display which is great for movies and gaming.

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Where To Buy Xiaomi Mi Max Prime in India Online & Its Price


Display size


Pixel density


Full HD – 1920 x 1080

342 ppi  pp ppi







Internal storage

Octa-core CPU

ARM Cortex A72 + ARM Cortex A53


4 GB of RAM


Graphics  Adreno 510 GPU


Capacity 4850 mAH
Charging time Full –  3 hours

50% charge – 45 min to an hour

Estd usage hours Heavy – 8 hours

Moderate with wi-fi/data – 24 hours

Power saver  – 48 hours

Continuous video playback – 14 hours






Video Resolution

Video frame rate

Flash type


Front/Selfie Shooter

Single lens

16 MP  RGB Sensor




30fps and 120fps/710p(slo-mo)

Dual tone




Sim support



Network type

nano SIM + micro SIM, or micro SIM + microSD card




Now, it is a huge phone, but it’s by no means uncomfortable ! thanks to the lightweight lithium polymer battery pack, this phablet weighs only 207 grams !  the screen covers most of the face, leaving borders only on the top and bottom.

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Next up we have the impressive battery, there’s a 4850 mAH battery, it’s huge ! that’s a lot of battery for a phone. Thanks to the lithium polymer battery technology, we can now expect greater battery capacities in future smartphones, lithium-polymer are the lightest batteries around.

Where To Buy Xiaomi Mi Max Prime in India Online & Its Price

Following the lead of most manufacturers to date, the prime has the fingerprint sensor on the rear, this has it’s obvious ergonomic advantages. The front face is left mostly virgin with minimal features like the home, task view and back button.

The  camera  isn’t the main attraction in this phone, it’s decent, but is a step behind the current trend of dual camera. There’s is an option of slow motion but it’s only 120 fps that too on 720p. Stills in low light were a little shabby.

Where To Buy Xiaomi Mi Max Prime in India Online & Its PriceUnlike most xiaomi models, this phone is built like a rock, like a really sleek, well finished lightweight rock. There’s no sign of creaking, bending or any other funny business.

System Specifications

The system specifications aren’t much to speak of, the phone runs the stock Android 6.0.1 like a charm, very demanding games should not complaint and the big battery is certainly a plus for this. Octa core with all the cores clocked at 1.8 GHz is decent enough and certainly great in this price range.

Bottom line

If you like gaming, binge watching, streaming HD videos on Netflix on a rewarding full HD display, it doesn’t get any better than this.

The idea of either sim or storage has never attracted us, but hey ! there’s 128GB on the house, why even bother.


Best Buy at – Amazon

For ₹ 20k, the seal doesn’t get any sweeter.

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