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Cat Ear Audio is a newly established brand and they have launched an earbud and an in ear earphone namely MIMI and MIA. Both the products got good response from the community and to continue that amazing response they have launched this amazing cable that gives the lost sparkle to the earphones. In this review lets see how the sparkle is delivered and is it worth spending the money on this cable


This unit has been provided to me by my friend for the review purpose and I have not been influenced by any means to manipulate this review and all the statements I made here are my personal views and it is very subjective. The views differ from person to person and take this review as a grain of salt in your purchase decision. The view also depends on the gears and sources we use to test out the product.


Connector :  2 Pin/MMCX

Adapter : 2.5mm/ 2.5mm /4.4mm

Total Cores: 252 Cores.

Plating-Purity: 99.996%.

Coating Thickness ≈ 60mil.

Conductor Thickness: 26AWGx4.

Insulation Material: DuPont-PVC.

Cable Length: 1.2m±5cm.

>-196℃ Cryogenic Treatment For Components.

>Multi-strand Litz Structure.

>Premium Silver-Plated OCC Wires.

>Rhodium-Plated Copper Termination Plugs.

>German WBT 4% Pure-Silver Soldering Material.

>Available Termination Plug Options:- 4.4mm Bal, 2.5mm Bal, 3.5mm SE.

>Available Connector Type:- MMCX and 2-Pin 0.78mm.


The cable is very lightweight and supple enough to touch. I have used this cable in the BGVP NS9 and the stock cable of it is very heavy and thick. This one is pretty light yet durable with a nice supple texture. The cable has no microphonics during my usage and the termination plug and the y splitter are made of metal which gives the premium touch to the cable. The best part about this cable is that there are no memory hooks or the ear guides which increases the comfort overall hence easy to wear and can be used in a variety of earphones without any issues.



Since this cable came along with the NS9 to me for the review purpose I have used the NS9 to test out the cable.

Initially I disliked the NS9 honestly since the low end overpowered the midrange and the treble. The treble lacked airiness in the NS9 and the midrange is very shallow and veiled. The sound overall was very darker and warm which just removed the sparkle out of the equation. 

Then I just saw this cable that came to me along with the box and thought of trying it in the NS9 to check whether they can make some difference although I don’t believe in the cable swap for sonic difference. In my initial listening I just wondered whether I connected some other earphones lying in my table so I checked it twice and confirmed that it is NS9! Now they sound muchopen and airiness in the top end can be felt evidently

The lower mids now got the sparkle and engaging factor in the NS9. Now the lower mids don’t get overpowered by the mid bass and the treble got that nice sparkle and airiness which just made me reconsider my thoughts on the cable swapping. This also made me realise that why didn’t the BGVP did not provided this cable instead of the stock one’s?!

The cable overall improved the sound quality drastically and the main difference that you can identify is that the overpowering bass is now tamed down and the airiness and openness in the treble end is made clear.


The Tuxedo is the SPC cable from the brand Cat Ear and this one really blew my mind. This cable thing just made me reconsider my thoughts on cable swapping! An IEM which sounded very dark got some light and sparkle in it after the introduction of the Tuxedo. It really made me think that this might be a must but an accessory for me since this can help clear the cons out of the darker sounding earphones.

Buy this one, pair it with any darker and lackluster earphones..BOOM! You yourself made a big change in sound and you will start to love it! This is definitely a light giver for all the darker sounding ones out there!



  1. Provides nice sparkle and airiness to darker earphones
  2. Tames down the excessive bass
  3. Clarity in the mid range
  4. Excellent cable quality with memory hooks


  1. Strictly not for Brighter Earphones

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