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CCA CSN Review – Refinement

CCA is the sister brand of the KZ Acoustics which is known to produce a lot of wired and wireless earphones in the market for a while. Their sister brand CCA is known for its refined version of KZ earphones. Whatever the KZ produces the CCA refines their earphones by releasing their own earphones which attracts a lot of customers. The CCA CSN is the refined version of the KZ DQ6 which has three dynamic drivers whereas the CSN has a single dynamic driver with a balanced armature. In this review let’s see whether the CSN refines the DQ6 in a good way.


Drivers: 1 Dynamic driver+ 1 balanced armature

Frequency Response: 20-40000 Hz

Impedance: 22ohm

Sensitivity: 112Db/Mw


It comes in a simple white plain box with the image of the earphone printed outside with the CCA branding. While sliding the box opens and welcomes with the earphone itself and underneath it there are pairs of ear tips with a silver coloured 0.75mm QDC connector cable for the earphone.

The earphone itself is made in zinc resin alloy which is quite sturdier and the faceplate design is pretty nice and attractive. The grey colour faceplate matches nice and the CCA branding done on it is very subtle. The earpieces are custom shell shaped and fit the ear perfectly with good enough isolation. The nozzle is not very long and neither wide.

The tips included in it are very poor. Usually CCA provides the KZ starline tips which become pretty useful after reversing it but this time the white coloured tips are very soft and flimsy which doesn’t isolates well enough. Using the aftermarket tips or the KZ starline are highly recommended.


The sound signature is as usual what the CCA does where it is not aggressive V shaped as what the KZ does but in a very pleasant way. The tonality is great which is warn in nature.


The bass has a nice and tight impact which doesn’t bleed into the mids and gives the warmth to the vocals. The sub bass is fine and I would like a little bit more sub bass to get that extra rumble in the bass heavy tracks. The mid bass is adequate enough which gives the body to the music.

The bass strikes whenever it is necessary and it will surely satisfy the bass needs of an audiophile. For this price the bass has been tuned good enough and as I said since its being a refined version they toned down a little bit to open up the details in the song.


The mids are the special aspect of this earphone. The vocals are pretty forward which gives the sense of sitting in a wide open hall. The vocals are crystal clear with no hint of sibilance to me when listening to the female vocals. The warm tonality helps in giving body to the mids and very pleasing to hear for long periods of time. 

They are well centered and the instruments are very finely tuned to deliver a pleasing experience. Both the male and female vocals are very pleasant and very natural to hear 

The timbre is natural and no metallic nature is found during the listening experience.


The highs are well extended since it uses the BA driver which really does some good o=job in bringing out the details from the highs. The guitar strings strike naturally and no sibilance is observed during my listening period. The highs could have been slightly more extended but compared to the competition in this price range this one is way above average. 


The soundstage is average and neither very wide nor very narrow, it’s adequate and good enough for the price. The depth is above average and gives the sense of deepness.

The imaging is pretty impressive where it sweeps to the extreme right and to the left. The instruments can be easily pinpointed and gives that separation between each instrument.



  • Refined sound signature
  • Price
  • Sweet Vocals


  • Flimsy ear tips
  • Not very detailed highs


It’s definitely a major GO from my side. It has everything that an end consumer needs. From fit to the sound it just excels for the price they quote. It retails for 15-20USD which is a sweet price range and ticks all the boxes. If you are searching for a refined earphone in the budget category give a try to this which will never disappoint with your purchase.

The tips could have been better which makes the buyer to use the aftermarket ear tips otherwise even from accessories point of view its great.

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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I’m Kathiravan from Tamilnadu. A budding audiophile here with high love towards music and audio equipment. My first experience of enjoying the hifi audio came when I started to use budget chi-fi gears and now it came all along the way of reviewing the gears with high end stuffs. I love reviewing audio products.



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