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Cvj Demon IEM Review – Smooth And Soothing

CVJ, the rising audio brand based out of China has produced some very good earphones such as the CSK, CSE etc.. Their catalogue is pretty small and have launched only quite a few models but every model had a unique sound and that’s the best part about this brand since they try new every time with their products. The Demon is their new project and said to be a very good smoother sounding IEM and in this review let’s check out how this fares against the competition out there.

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Impedance: 22Ω 110dB/mW
Frequency range: 20-20000 Hz
Plug Type: 3.5mm L Plug
Colour: Silver/Gold
Whether with cable: Yes
Earphone interface:2 Pin Interface
Whether with mic: Optional
Whether can replacement cable: Yes
Driver unit:1DD Dynamic Monitors unit

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The design of the IEM is a usual in ear style type and has the 2 pin connection for easier cable swapping. The faceplate is made out of Alloy while the body is made out of medical grade resin. The body is transparent and has a lip in the nozzle for secure ear tip seating. The fit is pretty good without any sort of noticeable disturbance. The ear fins are smoother hence no pain even after wearing it for longer listening sessions.

The included cable is average in terms of quality but for the price the stock one is nothing to complain about. The ear guides are slightly stiffer hence some work needed in adapting them. The included eartips are pretty good and do provide some nice seal and isolation.

The included carry pouch is velvet cloth wrapped but still nothing to complain about the price since most of the high priced IEMs don’t have  a carry pouch in their package!


The sound profile of the Demon is more on a L shaped profile where the bass is boosted quite a bit and the midrange is kept pretty neutral but the treble is rolled off very much noticeable and sounds way smoother. 

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The bass here is boosted definitely with some more emphasis over the mid bass region while the sub bass is good too but gets hindered due to that bloomy mid bass presence. The bass has a more fun aspect over the technical aspect like the texture, speed and the separation.

The bass here is tuned towards the fun aspect where the mid bass takes the stage and makes every beat thumpy and fuller. It lacks the texture and the separation and the bass speed is slower making the bass sounding so fuller overall.

In the complex tracks the bass instruments in the background sometimes get hindered out making the track less separated. The texture feels slightly underwhelmed where they have that grainy type of low end. The bass fullness is on point making the whole track sound fuller but lacks the separation. The bass would definitely give you a head nodding experience but nothing feels clean or articulated. Instead it just sounds like a normal budget old standard earphones but a bass head approved of course.

Overall the bass is more fuller, weighty, bloomy and mid bass focussed and misses out on the technical aspect like the texture, separation and clarity. The speed being too slow makes the track sound so much fuller and the fun is guaranteed. The tonality however in the bass region feels warm and smooth, thus giving a nice relaxing and soothing presentation.

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Tracks Used:

  1. Murphy’s Law – Recondite
  2. Mountains – Hans Zimmer


The mid range here is kept neutral with no boost in any of the upper midrange regions. Both the upper and lower midrange felt untouched with no added boost. The tonality is more on a warm and cooler side thus making the sound more closed out.

The staging being very intimate everything appears coming from a closed box thus the whole presentation feels intimate and boxy. The separation and detail retrieval in the mid range is average where the instruments like the piano notes are present but very mellow and smoothed out.

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The upper mid range lacks the energy thus the female vocals and the stringed instruments don’t shine at all making the sound overall dull and lacklustre. However the lower midrange carries that nice fullness from the mid bass presence making the lower mid a very lush and thick sounding one. The bass notes and the kick drums sound nice and fuller with a soothing presentation. 

The timbre and the tonality is warm and natural making the sound more cooler and relaxing. No harshness or unwanted peak is observed here making the listening experience a very non fatiguing and relaxing one.

Tracks Used:

  1. Perfect – Ed Sheeran
  2. Something to Say – Susan Wong


The treble here shows a pretty noticeable early roll off thus those sparkles, brilliance and shimmer in the top end can’t be noticed here. The treble sounds are pretty much smoother thus providing a well rounded soothing and relaxing sound overall. The cymbal crashes and the percussion instruments sound fine but not exciting where the attack and the decay of those instruments are pretty weak.

The trumpets and the electric guitar strings have no striking sound rather they are present. The sound overall is tuned to please the consumers who would like to listen to some good music in their bedtime or to relax their mind with some lo-fi beats.

The timbre of the instruments has not that serious issues where they are pretty natural and warm coloured to the most part. The treble is very offensive and smoother hence no sort of sibilance or harshness is observed. The energetic treble response cant be felt here; rather , the energy is taken away to provide a smooth and soothing experience. 

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Tracks Used:

  1. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven – Phill Collins
  2. Sultans Of Swing – Dire Straits


STAGING: The staging is pretty average at best where the presentation is very intimate. The 2d stereo separation is what is observed here. The closed out presentation feels everything sounding very close and near hence the spatial separation and positioning of the instruments don’t feel good. Both the height and the width of the staging is pretty underwhelming.

IMAGING: It’s fuzzy and unclear, since the bass is present too much the positioning of the instruments feels very unclear and not precise overall. The transient response doesn’t feel smoother and the channel sweep from right to left doesn’t feel smoother.

Detail retrieval and the track separation is average and nothing to brag about. For the price there is nothing to complain about.


The Demon, latest ultra budget offering from the house of CVJ is a well rounded smoother sounding earphone. The IEM carries a unique sound signature at this price point where most of the IEM are tuned towards the usual V shaped profile with boosted bass and treble making the sound more fatiguing in the longer run but this one is quite opposite where the bass is boosted quite a bit with more mid bass emphasis, neutral midrange with pretty natural tonality and warm, cooler timbre. The highs are pretty much rolled off and sounds way smoother in this price range.

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The technical aspect and the detail retrieval are not the best aspect of this earphone where they are average at best. The fun aspect here is the star show here with some nice head nodding bass and natural, warm tonality. The accessories like the carry pouch are a generous one for this price. The cable feels pretty good for the price with nice IEM construction overall.

The treble sounds inoffensive with a neutral midrange without any noticeable recession and the bass that gives you that groovy kind of feel makes this IEM a perfect one for you bedtime listening sessions and suits your soothing mood times.



  1. Warm and Smooth Profile
  2. Neutral Midrange 
  3. Smoother Treble
  4. Tonality


  1. Technical Aspect of Sound
  2. Treble roll off

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