Discover the KZ Linlong: An Audiophile’s Unexpected Wonder for Superior Sound Quality

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KZ, the renowned Chinese brand among audiophiles for its earphones, has always been a game-changer in the ultra-budget category. The brand’s Linlong model, a new addition to its budget lineup, features mature tuning, and in this review, we will take a detailed look at it.

We will discuss the design, fit, and sound quality, along with the technical specifications of the product. The review is unbiased and based on personal observations and not influenced by the brand.

The Linlong offers a well-balanced, organic, and transparent sound with a wide, semi-open back staging. It’s an excellent all-rounder in the budget category, with its sturdy metal construction and hard case storage box packaging, making it a standout product from KZ.

Here’s a table summary based on the detailed review of the KZ Linlong earphones:

BrandKZ (renowned Chinese brand among audiophiles for earphones)
DesignMetal housing with fixed cable, functional open-back design
FitSnug and comfortable, bullet-shaped
Sound QualityWell-balanced, organic, transparent sound with wide, semi-open back staging
DriverXUN-6 Dynamic Driver
Frequency Range20-40000 Hz
Connector Type0.75mm 2 Pin
Plug Type3.5mm Straight Plug
CableOFC Oxygen-free copper cable
BassPronounced sub-bass, clean and controlled mid-bass, mature and controlled bass response
Mid SectionEngaging placement of vocals, clean lower mid-section, elevated upper mid-section
TrebleMasterfully tuned, open and airy, natural sound with precise attack and decay
TechnicalitiesWide staging, precise imaging and layering, functional open back design enhances depth sensation
VerdictExcellent all-rounder in price segment, fresh package with mature tuning, solid build quality
ProsSub bass authority, organic tone, wider staging, open and transparent sound, practical storage
ConsFixed cable, leaner mid-bass (for bass heads)


  • Driver: XUN-6 Dynamic Driver
  • Impedance: 25±3Ω
  • Earphone Sensitivity: 103±3dB/mW
  • Frequency Range: 20-40000 Hz
  • Connector Type: 0.75mm 2 Pin
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm Straight Plug
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Cable: OFC Oxygen-free copper cable


  • Construction: Metal housing with fixed cable and comes with a functional open-back design.
  • Fit: Bullet-shaped, hence the fit is snug and comfortable.


This unit has been purchased by me from hence the whole views are based on my observations with this product and not influenced by the brand to manipulate this review. The views might differ from person to person based on the sources and pairings along with the product.


The sound profile of the Linlong based on the graph does follow a nice W-shaped curve, but in reality, they sound pretty balanced overall. The tone and timbre are kept as natural and organic as possible, thus no coloration has been seen, making them very different from other KZ models. A very transparent, dynamic, and open sound makes them a worthy investment in this segment, and we will discuss the sound in detail through the following sections.


The Linlong has been tuned to produce more sub-bass over the mid-bass to make them appear more clean, open, and well-separated.

The sub-bass is pronounced well with marker elevation, making their reach one of the best in the segment. It provides those subtle rumbles in the low end, providing a nice ethereal environment. Even the bass heads would be satisfied by the sub-bass presence in the Linlong. A clean and controlled sub-bass has been presented in the Linlong.

The mid-bass section is made cleaner by reducing its warmth. The fullness is adequate, but the bass heads would appreciate a little more presence. The bass can be termed as mature and controlled. The kick drums are clearly separated out, and this handles complex bass tracks without any issues.


The mid-section, even though it appears recessed on the graph, sounds nice and engaging with pleasing placement in the staging. The placement of the vocals is neither laidback nor too forward; rather, it’s in an appropriate position making them more engaging.

The lower mid-section is presented very clean since the mid-bass is not overly warm. The bleed is negligible, making them sound cleaner and well-separated. The male vocals have a nice body to them, and the engaging placement of them makes it even more charming.

The upper mid-section is elevated in a controlled fashion, yet keeping the sibilance out of the subject. Unlike other KZ models, the Linlong has a beautiful upper mid-presentation, making the female vocals sound smoother yet crisp enough.

The instruments in the background are neatly brought out without any congestion, and thanks to the bigger staging of the Linlong due to its semi-open back nature. The notes are widely spaced out, making them provide a nice grand presentation.


The treble in the Linlong has been tuned masterfully which sounds very open and airy. Due to its semi open back nature the treble seems to contain vast amounts of air making them sound more transparent and open. The shimmer and brilliance in the top end is pretty great for the price and no sort of congestion or crushing of the notes has been observed.

The cymbal crashes and the trumpets sounds natural and has that hint of organic timbre. The attack and decay of the percussion instruments are precise and don’t leave that after the splash effect. 

The detail retrieval in the treble section is really above average for the price where most of the nuanced notes and instruments are brought out well with adequate brightness. The sibilance is kept under control hence making them a good pair for longer listening sessions.


STAGING: The biggest star show of this IEM is the staging where this feels very wide due to its open back nature. The back vent is actually functional since closing them made the staging a bit closed during listening. The wider staging helped in providing a grand presentation with immense space for the placement of the instruments and the vocals. The height is adequate and the depth sensation is made deep enough since the sub bass is on the deeper side.

IMAGING AND LAYERING: Since the staging is wider the imaging felt effortless where the placement of the notes are precise enough. The layering is pretty good in the Linlong due to a very open and transparent sound. Notes of different depths and weights are neatly differentiated out without any disturbances.


Linlong, the ultra budget offering from the house of KZ is an excellent all rounder in this price segment. KZ really nailed this time with the Linlong even starting from the package where instead of giving a conventional type of cardboard boxes for the contents, they provided a nice hard case storage box in which all the contents are packed. This is definitely a praise worthy act from the KZ and hope they continue it in their next releases too. The earphone itself is completely made out of metal which makes them premium and sturdier, however the cable is fixed.

The Linlong adopts a XUN-6 Dynamic Driver in it thus sounding open and transparent which is pretty unusual from the KZ but they did it this time in a well fashioned way. The timbre and tone is organic making them sound more natural and realistic. The more concentration here is towards the sub bass which sounds fantastic for the price and in fact it’s one of the cleanest bass responses I have seen in this price segment. The mid bass has warmth but not overly done making them sound more clean and well separated. 

The mid range has an engaging presence with a good amount of detail retrieval. Both the upper and lower mid section are concentrated equally. The vocals are placed in a pleasing position and the organic tone makes them sound richer. The sibilance is kept under control and even while playing harsh tracks the earphones tend to smoothen them out elegantly.

The treble feels open, airy and detailed enough, thanks to the open back design. Has adequate brightness hence the percussion instruments to sound upfront and clear. The technical aspects are above average for the price and the staging and layering tends to be the superior aspects.

Overall, the Linlong is a solid earphone that offers great value for money. It is a fresh new package with a mature tuning overall, which is a welcome departure from KZ’s usual V-shaped, sibilant-prone tuning. The Linlong is an unexpected wonder from the house of KZ and is highly recommended for anyone looking for a budget-friendly in-ear monitor.



  1. Sub bass Authority and Clean Bass
  2. Organic Tone 
  3. Wider Staging and Layering
  4. Open and Transparent Sound
  5. Design (Open Back) 
  6. Value for Money (Practical storage case for simple bucks)


  1. Fixed Cable
  2. Leaner Mid bass (Bass heads Gripe)

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