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Dunu Falcon Pro IEM Review – Spacious Limousine

Dunu is a brand based out of China and specialized in IEM and Cable manufacturing. This is my first encounter with the brand since I haven’t tried any of their products before. The TITAN series were known for their superior sound quality and the build. The Falcon Pro is their latest offering in the mid range segment and in this review let’s check out if the falcon pro really stacks up against the competitors in this price range.


This unit has been provided to me as a part of a review circle organised by Team HiFiGo. I have not been influenced by them to manipulate my views in this product hence the whole review is completely based on my experience with it and also based on my pairings and sources. This view might differ from person to person.



SENSITIVITY: 112 ± 1 dB at 1 kHz

IMPEDANCE: 26 Ω at 1 kHz


DIAPHRAGM: 10 mm diaphragm with amorphous diamond-like carbon dome and fully independent suspension surround

HOUSING MATERIAL: < 0.3% at 1 kHz


INTEGRATION(S): Dual chambered, anti-resonance shell design
Interchangeable tuning nozzles (Atmospheric Immersion, Reference, Transparency)

CABLE LENGTH: 1.2 ± 0.1 m

CABLE MATERIAL: 6N silver-plated OCC copper

CABLE CONNECTOR: Patented Catch-Hold® MMCX Connector

PLUG CONNECTOR: DUNU Quick-Switch Modular Plug System (NEW)


4.4 mm TRRRS Balanced
3.5 mm TRS Single-Ended
2.5 mm TRRS Balanced

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The design of the Falcon Pro is quite unique where it appears as an oval shaped design. The faceplate has that unique brushed finish in the borders while the center is polished and has the branding. On the brushed area the dunu branding is done in an animated way which looks really nice in real. In the inner aspect of the earpiece they have given three vents for the pressure equalisation.

The nozzle is of good length and has screwable tuning filters for versatility in sound. The MMCX connector area is nice and angled. The given cable is of good quality and the unique thing about it is the terminations can be interchanged. The additional terminations are also provided in the package thus you are covered to pair it with various sources. The interchangeable process is pretty easy and the connection is tight and secure. The cable in terms of in hand feel they are not that impressive but considering the practicality it possesses it seems they are one of the bang for buck cables.

The tuning nozzles are housed in a metallic plate and the nozzles can be attached to the earpiece via screwing.

The given eartips are good in terms of quality and one can achieve a good fit and seal via the provided ear tips.

The given case is a hard shell cloth braided green coloured case which is very nice in hand and does have a lot of space inside them to accommodate the earphones without any issues. The thing is the lid and the base portion is attached by an elastic string which makes the case limited in terms of opening hence it feels difficult to place the earphones inside the case.

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The sound profile of the Falcon Pro is very energetic and slightly a U shaped profile. The midrange takes a hit a little bit but with the different filters applied the sound does change noticeably making them a versatile IEM. The sound profile in each filters and the response in each frequency will be seen in detail in the following sections:

Source: iPhone + Zen Can + Avani


The low end is quite a dominating aspect of the Falcon Pro since they are that pronounced in every filter they provided. Even though they are pronounced they are not overwhelmingly done instead they are a sweet spot.

Especially i like the low end in the Atmospheric Immersion filter. Here the low end is more controlled, tighter and even the decay is at a sweet spot where they are fast enough at the same time they do provide some rumble in the sub bass region. The mid bas bleed is reduced a lot when compared to the low end in the other two filters.

Nonetheless the low end in the Falcon Pro is more of a mid bass focused which is kind of a con for me since i like the sub bass presence more. The sub bass is present but not that emphasized as that of the mid bass done here. The quality of the bass is better in the falcon pro where the texture and the detail retrieval in the low end is very impressive considering a single DD earphone. 

The low end has that mature texture while also trying to bring out the low end details as much as possible. The mid bass is overly emphasized in the reference filter compared to the atmospheric immersion which made the whole listening experience boxed out but this changes instantly after switching the filters.

The sub bass could have been improved a bit but that’s a small con otherwise the rest of the low end quality and the quantity is just well tuned in the Falcon Pro.

Tracks Used:

  1. Bigfoot – Malfnktion
  2. Instant Crush – Daft Punk
  3. Contact – Daft Punk
  4. Why So Serious – Hans Zimmer

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The mid range of the Falcon Pro is good in terms of placement and layering. Even though they are slightly pushed back especially the instruments the placement is done very well. The instruments are layered out very well thus they feel very wide and spacious.

The lower mids has that nice thick bodied sound carrying on from the Mid bass presence is evidently noticed here. The male vocals sound thick and forward hence the engaging and energetic experience is felt nicely. The male vocals don’t sound shrill or lean, instead they sound fuller and neat. 

The upper mid range is also nicely done where the presentation is nice and forward with fuller female vocals. The sibilance or the lean vocals are not experienced here. The upper midrange emphasis is not overly done.

The clarity and the separation is above average and most importantly the imaging and the layering are the strong aspects of the Falcon Pro. The detail retrieval area above average being a single DD. The spacious and the airier sound is neatly presented here.

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With the reference filter the mid range is not great at all where everything sounded muffled and boxed out but after swapping to the Atmospheric Immersion filter everything changed where the mid range is livelier and open sounding.

Tracks Used:

  1. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
  2. Perfect – Ed Sheeran
  3. The Blowers Daughter – Damien Rice
  4. Easy On Me – Adele


The treble in the Falcon Pro is well and safely tuned. The extension is good but don’t expect a god tier detail retrieval since this is not a hybrid or an all BA iem. The clarity and the presentation is above average for a single DD iem.

The presentation is engaging and fun signature yet still delivers some analytical sound too. The treble is not overly emphasized hence they don’t sound sharp or artificial. The cymbal crash sounds precise where the attack and the decay feels natural and snappier. The crispier sound of the cymbal is more engaging.

The treble has that adequate brightness delivering above average clarity. The separation of the instruments are neatly done thus they don’t sound clustered out. The shimmer and the brilliance in the top end is elegantly brought out. The stringed instruments and the trumpets sounds natural and has that nice tonality overall. They are not the brightest and crispiest sounding earphone and being in a fun profile the treble is nothing to complain about.

Tracks Used:

  1. Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
  2. Sultans Of Swing – Dire Straits
  3. Jack Of Speed – Steely Dan


STAGING: The staging is nice and wide. They feel very wide enough where everything feels nicely separated out with more than enough space in between the instruments and the vocals. The depth and the height is above average and they are not that big enough when compared to the width it possesses.

IMAGING: The imaging feels precise and easy to point out all the details without any issues. Even in the busy and complex tracks one can easily point out the things precisely. The channel sweep feels pretty smooth and the transient response also feels the same.

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The layering and the separation are excellent for a single DD iem. The macro details are better than the micro details. The resolutions are above average for the price too. 

TONALITY AND TIMBRE: The tonality feels thick and warm. They don’t have any metallic taste or have that artificial tone. Everything feels natural and warm. The overall tonality is non offensive and has that safe tonality. Even during longer listening sessions they are pretty good to listen to.

The instruments have that natural timbre and nothing feels artificial. Nice and thick sounding overall.

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  1. Staging and Layering
  2. Immersive and Thick Mid Range
  3. Macro Details
  4. Replaceable Tuning Nozzles
  5. Re-Terminating Cable


  1. Micro Details
  2. Sub Bass Leaness


Falcon Pro, the latest offering from the Dunu is a pretty great one in a Single DD lineup. The falcon Pro possesses a 10mm DLC Coated eclipse dynamic driver delivering some thumpy dynamic sound. The additional replaceable tuning nozzle design also adds an advantage to the versatility of the Falcon Pro.

The Falcon Pro profile is a U shaped with some engaging and fun taste to it. The stock sound out of the reference sound appeared too bloated out and had that noticeable mid bass bleed but after changing to the atmospheric immersion filter the sound appeared very nice and beautiful.

The whole sound appeared perfect with the atmospheric immersion filter and its kind of midrange focused thus the vocals and the instruments sounded absolutely wonderful. The low end is quite great and even had adequate quantity and quality in all the filters. It’s more of a mid bass focussed but it would have been great if the sub bass emphasis is done better.

The treble is safely tuned and has a clear and neat presentation. They are not the best in terms of micro details but the macro details are neatly laid out. The resolution is above average too. 

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So the Falcon Pro is priced at 219 USD and is it worth the price? Well it depends.. At a cheaper price the Timeless 7hz is available! The falcon pro does have some advantages like the forwardly presented vocals but other than that the Timeless does sound better. The stage width seems to be slightly wider in the Falcon Pro and even the layering is slightly ahead than Timeless. The timeless however excels in the low end, detail retrieval, treble and most importantly value for money. It all comes down to the preference of the user since after all the Falcon Pro is a SPACIOUS LIMOUSINE!

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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