FIIL Launches Diva Pro Bluetooth Headphones In India

“The Headphones From Future”

Don’t take my word for it , see for yourself. These headphones offer some amazing futuristic features.

Lets take a look at the features and overall experience offered by Fiil Diva Pro.

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FIIL Diva Pro Bluetooth Headphones Review


The headphone weighs around 800 grams and synthetic leather ear cushions with memory foam are quite comfortable. While the looks are amazing.

While speaker consists of 32mm titanium alloy high fidelity unit with NdFeB magnet.

Diva Pro Wireless HeadphonesBypass Bluetooth Go Wired 

There is also a 3.5 mm jack available next to charging port if you want to go wired. Which is actually nice.

Active Noise Cancellation

MAF (My Audio Filter) is their original patented technology. There are four audio modes available in MAF to maximise your listening experience.

The modes include: Active Noise Canceling, Monitor, Open and Wind.

Allowing you to listen what you want and block everything else. All of this can be controlled through their app.

Toggle Noise Cancellation

Yes , you can turn on or off noise cancellation as you please with a switch provided on the side.

You can even tweak it for more customization through their android/ios app.

Diva Pro Headphones Review and priceSound Quality 

Sound is quite great , very crisp and enjoyed by users. Balanced and clear sound which can be adjusted more by tweaking in settings as you please.

3D audio experience is said to create width , depth and height to sound. Surely you will be able to experience more details as compared to any normal earbuds.

Diva Pro Interface

Now this is a level up. Instead of going with buttons to change track , volume. You can just swipe on the cover of your headset.

Swiping forward and back changes the track while swipind up and down changes volume.

You can also use your voice to control the headset.

One more amazing feature is that taking of the headphones stops the music and when you them back on the music resumes. How wonderful is that.

4 GB Storage

You headphone can also work as a standalone music player in case you want to carry your smartphone. With 4 gb storage you can store quiet a few songs.

Call quality 

Call quality is as good as it gets with clear voice transmission and response.

Diva Pro Headphones ReviewFinal Word & Pricing

They might be a bit too pricey for Indian market but features offered are well worth it. And obviously the prices are low as compared to some other luxury brands.

So it’s up to you to decide whether you like them or not , we sure liked them though.

Check Latest PriceAmazon

Technical Specifications FIIL Diva Pro Bluetooth Headphones:

Voice search, 4GB storage, built-in HD audio player, Patented MyAudioFiilter Technology, Motion sensor technology, Max Wide 3D audio, Touch control, Bluetooth 4.1 aptX, foldable design

BT transmission range: up to 330ft.

Paired devices: up to 8 and may simultaneously connect with 2 devices

Supported codecs: AAC (for iOS)/Apt- X/SBC

Local decode: Flac/AAC/MP3/APE/WAV/OGG etc.

Noise reduction: hybrid active noise reduction, patented MyAudioFillter

Noise cancelling: up to 98%/96% in high/low frequency

Speaker: 32mm titanium alloy high fidelity unit with NdFeB magnet

Frequency range: 15Hz~22kHz (BT mode), 10Hz~40kHz (wired mode)

Impedance: 32ohms

Sensitivity: 110dBSPL/V,1kHz

Speaker distortion: <0.5%@100dBSPL, 1kHz

Cushion: protein leather, memory foam

Check Latest Price – Amazon

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