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Final Audio E1000 Review – Everything Should Be Balanced

Final Audio is a big name in the audiophile community since they have a vast range of high end earphones which sound supreme when compared to most of the chi fi stuff. A brand based out of Japan and making their products in Japan is known for its credulity in the sound quality, build and QC. Their E5000 and A4000 are widely known for their god tier sound and also for their hard to drive capability. To occupy the budget segment they have launched the E1000 and in this review let’s check out whether this one follows the trait of the big boys of the house. 

Final Audio E1000 Review 1


Driver: 6.4mm Dynamic Driver

Sensitivity: 102dB/MW

Impedance: 16 ohms

Termination: 3.5mm


This unit has been provided to me as a part of a review organised by Copplinn and I have not been influenced by the brand to manipulate the review. The complete view is based on my observation and based on my pairing and source hence it might differ from person to person.


E1000 is designed as simplistic as possible. The bullet shaped shell made out of plastic coming in three colour schemes is a very minimalistic approach i would say. The design however just simply works. They are very comfortable to wear and don’t cause any pain in the ears even after longer listening sessions. The final audio branding is done on the sides of the body also depicting the sides of the earpieces. 

The cable is non detachable which is one of the major negatives in this since most of the chi fi manufacturers provide a detachable cable for their earphones. The cable is the usual microphonic in nature but the best thing about the cable is that they don’t tangle much since the cable is good enough in thickness.

The provided tips are the true game changer here. The tips alone will cost the same amount as the earphone when purchased alone. The final audio ear tips don’t need the introduction since they are one of the best aftermarket tips available.


The sound profile of the E1K leans towards a neutral side and even the tonality and most of the aspects lean towards the neutral side. This is a very interesting set in this price bracket since most of the earphones in this price range are pushed towards that consumer grade V shaped or coloured sound. The E1K is a pretty uncoloured set giving a true to life reproduction of the tracks. In this review let’s dive into the in depth sectioning of the audio.

Source : iPhone + Zorloo Ztella + Shanling Q1 + Zen Can


The low end of the e1k is more on an accurate side rather than the coloured side. The bass is precisely tuned with no extra colouration or boosting. Both the sub bass and the mid bass are equally given importance hence the linearity and the homogeneity of the low end in this set is impeccable. 

SUB BASS: The sub bass in the E1K is pretty satisfying but it will never satisfy the needs of a bass head. The extension is average at best and the rumble is very subtle in most of the tracks. The sub bass even though they don’t dig deeper they are capable enough to give excellent separation, texture and control. The reach of the sub bass may not be sufficient but the quality of the presence is very nicely done.

In the track “ BIGFOOT – MALFNKTION “, the sub bass drops has excellent separation and control but lacks that slam, weight and the rumble sensation due to that faster decay of the bass. The sub bass here is more on a technical side hence most of the neutral lovers will like this but the bass heads will never. This light sub bass also gives a new experience to the casual listeners and opens a new world of technical ability of the high resolving earphones.

MID BASS: The mid bass is good enough here and pretty good than the sub bass presence. The mid bass has enough weight and body. The technical aspect is always good in the E1K giving the mi bass a good enough separation, clarity and the texture. This earphone is highly resolving hence the technicalities are great in every aspect. Again this low end presence will not satisfy a bass head rather it’s tuned towards the neutral profile.

In the track “INSTANT CRUSH – DAFT PUNK ”, the track is rendered very nicely and has that bass presence. The bass don’t feel thicker hence the slam and the weight is lacking here. The lighter bass helped the E1K in bringing out the essential technical elements like the separation, texture etc. Overall a well controlled, smooth, faster and textured bass.


The mid range in the E1K is the star show here. All the midrange and vocal lovers go get this immediately because in this price range i haven’t come across such a beautiful sounding midrange with natural and smooth tonality. The whole presentation is done in a grand stage and the layering especially is beautifully done here. 

The mid range however takes the hit on the instruments where they take a big back seat and they sound veiled. The mid range also has that hint of coldness hence the open sounding nature is slightly absent. The brightness in the midrange is slightly lacking hence they tend to appear darker. The vocal however has that nice forward presentation with that neutral and pleasing tonality. Its kind of addictive and non fatiguing in long listening sessions. 

The kick drums have enough impact but due to that lack of brightness the electric guitar and the acoustic strings struggle to take up the stage presence hence they sound slightly veiled and lost. The piano notes do have a nice impact but this too gets lost when the track becomes very bus or complex.

Both the male and the female vocals are rendered out very nicely. The upper mid graininess is not present hence they sound pretty smoother and clean

Overall the midrange is vocal focused and the instruments do take the backseat. The highlighting features of the midrange in the E1K are the vocals, wide staging, layering and the beautiful, pleasing and natural tonality.

Tracks Used:



The treble in the E1K is smooth yet detailed. The treble has that nice airier and open feel to the sound. The sibilance is kept under control and the brilliance is beautifully brought out. It’s not the brightest set out there but yet they were able to bring out the essential elements out of the track. The tonality again in the treble region is also very natural and neutral in signature. 

The highs have excellent separation and the texture is very nice thus they do have that roughness in the upper mids. The cymbal crashes are clean and smoother. No sort of harshness or sibilance is seen. The attack and the decay of the crashes are neatly laid out. 

The electric guitar strings and the stringed instruments have that nice strum and the bite overall. A bit more brightness could have brought an even more engaging and energetic experience but overall this soothing and relaxing sound gave this earphone a non fatiguing listening experience.

The detail retrieval is above average and the resolving nature of this earphone is excellent for the price. Overall the treble has nice clarity, separation, and resolution. The improvements needed to be done in the area are the brightness, which could have given this earphone a more engaging and energetic experience.

Tracks Used:



SOUNDSTAGE: The staging of this E1K is moderate in height and depth whereas the width is massive considering its size. The width is wide enough to accommodate all the instruments with adequate space and provide a nice sense of air in the stage. The depth is lacking due to that shallow low end performance. Overall the staging is not cramped out and doesn’t feel holographic instead they provided a nice wide staging with above average spacing.

IMAGING: The imaging is clear and precise. The fuzzy nature is absent and thanks to the clean bass performance. The instruments can be easily pointed out and the transient response is pretty smoother. The sweeping of sound from one channel to the other is pretty smoother. Even in the busy tracks since the low end is being faster the imaging felt precise and clean.

The other aspects like the resolution and the layering are top notch and one of the best in this price range. 

Tracks Used:




  1. Neutrality at its best
  2. Natural Tonality
  3. Layering and Wide Stage
  4. Price and Fit


  1. Bass lacks Authority
  2. Colder MIdrange


E1000, the ultra budget offering from the house of FINAL AUDIO is an excellent value for money product. This being a non-chifi product, they are priced very nicely since the tips that are included in the package alone costs the same when you buy it alone! 

The earphone leans towards the neutral side and in that perspective they have given their best in this earphone. They sound really good where the low end feels uncoloured, faster, textured. They may not have that weight or slam but when it comes to the separation and the resolving ability of this earphone they are top notch. The vocal has that natural tonality with smooth yet detailed highs. 

The technicalities of this earphone are one of the best for the price. The layering and the resolution are especially impeccable. Overall is the E1K a worthy purchase? YES even if you don’t like the neutral sound. After trying this out you will definitely fall in love with its smoother yet detailed and resolved sound. The E1K by its neutral sound profile made a big statement in the budget audio industry that “EVERYTHING SHOULD BE BALANCED”!

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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I’m Kathiravan from Tamilnadu. A budding audiophile here with high love towards music and audio equipment. My first experience of enjoying the hifi audio came when I started to use budget chi-fi gears and now it came all along the way of reviewing the gears with high end stuffs. I love reviewing audio products.



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