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Fitkit FT200 Series Treadmill Review

The Fitkit FT200 Series is a high end motorized treadmill from Fitkit but this is not just a treadmill, take it as an invitation to the Fitplus ecosystem which allows you to control certain aspects of the treadmill with Alexa, allows you to keep a watch and track your progress through Fitplus app which works with a number of other fitness apps as well as get personalized diet plans and training sessions. This is something you’re not gonna get with some other treadmills out there but then again you are paying a premium for those things.

Fitkit FT200 Series 2.25HP (4.5HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

Rating: 8.5/10

Horsepower2.5 continuous to peak 4.5 horsepower
Suggested weight110kg for walking and 90 kg for running
Maximum speed16 kmph
Weight65 kg
Warranty3 year warranty on frame, 1 year warranty on parts and motor


  • 15 levels of inclination
  • Comes with a inbuilt massager
  • Comes with a fan and dual loudspeakers on the console
  • Wide textured running surface of 1240 x 420 mm
  • Lets you connect with Fitplus ecosystem and you can track your progress and get 3 months subscription of personal dietician


  • The motor can get loud during prolonged usage
  • Speakers are just average and can sound tiny at times
  • Weighs 65 kg which makes it a workout in itself to move it even with wheels

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As for the treadmill itself, it is a well built nice and strong treadmill with a Powerful 2.5 HP motor able to go upto 4.5 HP and reach a max speed of 16 kmph. The running surface is wide and textured with good shock absorption and comfortable bouncy feel giving you a vibration less smooth experience. It comes with a host of multimedia and other usual features like the LCD display to show your stats, heart rate sensoy, emergency switch and also an inbuilt massager which is a good addition. 

This motorized treadmill is a good machine as it is but what you’re really paying for here is the ecosystem that you won’t get with a lot of treadmills out there which makes this one stand out.

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