How To Get Best Gaming PC Assembled Under Rs. 65,500

Best Gaming PC Assembled Under Rs. 65,000

*Prices of some parts have increased , since we published the article.

Let’s accept it we all love to play video games be it on the tiny screens of our cell phones or on UHD monitors and screens in our living rooms!

Gaming these days is one of the most prominent form of leisure & competitive sport mainly due to the ever growing gaming industry and also the fact that video games have been an integral part of the present generation of kids and teenagers.

When it comes to gaming a Gaming PC has long been the undisputed king among all the gaming platforms.

It offers unmatched performance and features when put into a head to head battle against any and every gaming console in the market today.

But one question always puts all of us in a dilemma whenever we plan to buy a Gaming PC, should you buy a pre-assembled off the shelf Gaming PC from any brand or should we just put together everything on our own and make a self assembled Gaming PC.

Today I’ll be giving you five points as to why building your own Gaming PC is better than buying a pre-assembled Gaming PC from a computer store.

Why we should be assembled a GAMING PC?

– Assembled Gaming PCs are cheaper

How To Get Best Gaming PC Assembled Under Rs. 50,000

Yes that’s right when you buy every component separately & assemble it all together into a PC by your own self you.

It would end up spending less in contrast to buying a pre-assembled Gaming PC with identical or near identical configuration, if at all you manage to find one.

The concept is pretty simple, when some PC manufacturing brand sells you a PC they have to pay various taxes, duties, labor charges etc for every unit they sell you this in turns increases the total cost of the PC.

So theoretically if you buy a $1000 pre-build Gaming PC the actual cost of the PC would be around $600 with $400 going into the above mentioned stuff!

Now this extra money can be used by you into buying better components or other required stuff for your Gaming PC hence making it a cheaper or much better deal for you.

– Customization

How To Get Best Gaming PC Assembled Under Rs. 50,000

Buying a pre-build system means you’ll have to choose from whatever the manufacturer has to offer which mostly happens to be either an overkill for your needs or an underpowered system that would choke upon maximum workload.

Let’s say for example you just need a Gaming PC to run everything at ultra settings but that doesn’t mean you need to buy a PC that has a custom liquid cooling system or a fancy cabinet that spikes up the prices unnecessarily!

Build one’s own Gaming PC means you can decide what to buy and where to cut cost in accordance to your work need.

If it’s just for 1080p gaming then a good single card is enough with a quad core processor and 8GB RAM all stuffed into a simple cabinet to cut costs where it’s not necessary at the moment saving your bucks while delivering the required performance.

– Warranty and After Sales Services

How To Get Best Gaming PC Assembled Under Rs. 50,000

A pre-build system often comes with a one year warranty on the entire PC that you buy rather than giving you warranty on each component separately.

This might sound normal to you right now but consider this motherboards and graphics cards come with a minimum of 3 years warranty

And some RAM sticks carry a three years or even a life time warranty which my friend you lose in a pre-build system!

Gaming PC or any other electronics tend to develop issues in the long run which calls for a customer care support or even RMA at times.

In case of a pre-assembled system not only the manufacturer’s customer care is in charge of all your problems which most often proves to be of no help due to the various components in the PC.

The customer care executive has to deal with but also due to the fact that they deal with their component providers through a channel making it a long chain full of hierarchy!

In case of a self assembled system  not only you can contact a dedicated customer care personnel for each of your PC parts but also its a straight forward method for support or for RMA.

Cherry on the top is the comprehensive and supportive DIY community on the internet where you can get solution to almost anything regarding your PC from a whole lot of knowledgeable people and bloggers.

– The ease to Upgrade

Pre assembles Gaming PCs or any other PC for that matter mostly have no provision for upgrades and you mostly don’t even know what’s inside the cabinet as most of the times the branding on components is generic for the manufacturer.

Also most pre-assembled PCs are not build keeping in mind the concept of upgradation and hence only those parts are used that are required immediately such as the power supply unit on most PCs is enough to feed the immediate components making it nearly impossible to swap the present components with another one that requires more power.

On the other hand when you assemble your own Gaming PC you know what you’ve bought and where you’ve installed it. You are the best judge of your needs and expectations and hence assemble your PC accordingly.

For example, in case you can’t buy a powerful graphics card or more HDDs at present due to availability or budget crunch you can always invest in a bigger cabinet and power supply unit to lay a solid foundation for your future upgrades.

This not only saves you money but also is a hassle free method.

– It’s good for your brain & soul

Well of course it is! When you assemble your own Gaming PC you search, read and contemplate all the information that you gather regarding your potential build.

This makes you more knowledgeable about something that you love and are about to buy infusing you with more confidence about your machine.

Since gaming is felt is more of a passion, nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction that one gets while taking out new components out of the box, putting them together and feeling every bit of it.

All this brings you more closer to your Gaming PC just like motorcycles and cars enthusiasts feel about their machines.

You are bereft of all this when going for a pre-assembled Gaming PC, I’d say that’s a deal breaker.

Okay so now that you are all pumped up and filled with basic knowledge let’s pour in a Gaming PC configuration for Rs 65,000 just to bring together what all I’ve mentioned above.

And also because the 65K mark is a sweet spot for Gaming PCs today which I’m sure most of you reading this have come here for!

A configuration for Rs.65,000 would be as follows :-


 1  CPU – AMD Ryzen 5 1600 ( 6 cores/ 12 threads )

How To Get Best Gaming PC Assembled Under Rs. 50,000

1) Most games these days require a minimum of a quad core processor to run properly so the obvious choice is the new R5 1600 hexacore processor.

2) The performance of Ryzen is unmatched and for gaming Ryzen 5 is the obvious bet here.

3) My choice is the 1600 as it comes with the Wraith Spire cooler out of the box which is more than competent to keep this CPU cool saving you the extra cost of an after-market cooler.

Check Price – Amazon | Flipkart (NA)

 2  Motherboard – ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING


1) Since we are going for a Ryzen 5 the B350 chipset based Asus ROG STRIX F

2) Gaming is the best option considering its premium design, Aura RGB lighting support, two full size PCIe slots.

3) And of course the after sales support and quality of Asus. Yes you can overclock your CPU on this motherboard quite easily.

Check Price – Amazon | Flipkart (NA)

 3  RAM – Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 2400 MHz Memory

1) We’ll be going for two sticks of 8GB each in this case rather than buying a single 16GB stick for better performance and other obvious reasons.

2) Corsair LPX Vengeance is one of the most versatile memories in the market today offering unmatched compatibility, performance and pricing.

3) 16GB of DD4 at 2400Mhz is more than you’ll need for gaming even at ultra settings so be rest assured.

Check Price – Amazon | Flipkart

 4  Graphics Card – GALAX GeForce GTX 1050 Ti EX OC 4GB

1) Due to the widespread unavailability of the RX 470 from AMD we’ll be going with the nVidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti from GALAX

2) Which is great card and the fastest variant for the price that it comes for.

3) Capable of running most of the present games at high settings at 1080p the card runs cool and doesn’t require much power so it’ll be light on the electricity bill.

Check Price – Amazon 

 5  HDD – Western Digital Blue 1TB

1) 1TB of Hard Disk Drive from WD spinning in at 7200RPM is the best in terms of mechanical hard drives out there for just around Rs.3500.

2) It’s ample of space for modern games that occupy upto 50GB of storage on the drive along with your multimedia files like music, movies and pictures.

Check Price – Amazon | Flipkart

 6  Cabinet – Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-04

1) The Corsair Carbide is extremely spacious for a mid tower case and offers unmatched futuristic looks with ample of air flow and a pair of LED fans that it comes with out of the box.

2) Since the case is available in three colors namely as red, grey and yellow all with combinations of black.

3) It offers a great opportunity to make your system look more like your personal reflection in taste and choices!

Check Price – Amazon 

 7  Power Supply Unit – Antec VP500PC 500W

1) This VP500PC PSU from Antec is build solid and offers constant and reliable source of power for this configuration.

2) In fact there is enough extra power with his PSU that you can add another pair of HDDs or a bigger graphics card in future without even thinking of changing your PSU so its an obvious pick here.

Check Price – Amazon 

So that covers our Gaming PC configuration for Rs. 65,000 in India and be rest assured as this configuration.

It would last you for a couple of years easily running all the present and upcoming games at medium to high settings at full HD resolutions.

The components are easily available and you can upgrade any part as per your requirement whenever you feel like without worrying about compatibility issues.

Now go and order your brand new-shiny Gaming PC and jump into the battlefield with all guns blazing out!

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siva mani
siva mani
2 years ago

Take a look at an updated and a very reliable build Here 50,000 RUPEES GAMING PC BUILD
This one should be able to handle any 1060 game at 60 fps without any trouble , This also uses the latest Graphic card from Nvidea Gtx 1060

Atul Singh
Atul Singh
2 years ago
Reply to  siva mani

At least check the price before you post… The cost is 70K plus… It seems more like false advertising.. By people clicking on the links… Even your link on 50% off on laptops…… Please update

Your bro
Your bro
2 years ago
Reply to  Shubham

Then create another post buddy, don’t be lazzy and change only date.

2 years ago

Its going above 60k…
I want under 50k

2 years ago

brother total price around 72000

1 year ago

Are They Compatible with each other , I am Actually beginner so I dont Know Much.And Which Desktop to buy

1 year ago

Dud, the price gets about 68k something…….The range was aboit 50000 right?

9 months ago

Want A new Pc Build Checkout here

Shiva sarkar
Shiva sarkar
9 months ago

Can you build a pc for me