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Healthgenie 3911M Treadmill Review

Healthgenie 3911M 2.5 HP Peak Motorized Treadmill Review

Healthgenie 3911M is a motorized treadmill that can help you complete your new year resolutions at home. The machine comes with a 1 horsepower motor which peaks at 2.5 horsepower but stays awfully silent during usage. The machine has a maximum speed of 10 kmph so don’t expect this machine for running or sprinting, just use it for walking or light jogging. 

8Expert Score
Walking & light jogging

It’s a great way to engage yourself in cardio and to keep you more engaged. The treadmill has built -in speakers as well as AUX input so you can listen to your favourite music while working out. The machine has a pulse sensor and a safety lock which instantly turns off the machine when the user trips or falls to avoid major damages.

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  • Built in multimedia capabilities including speakers
  • Safety key to turn off treadmill when the user trips or falls off
  • Heart rate sensor
  • 100kg weight limit
  • Running space on the belt isn't big enough
  • Horsepower is low at just 1 HHorsepower
  • Build quality of the frame is just sub par
MaterialSteel alloy
Horsepower1 to peak 2.5 horsepower
Suggested weight100kg 
Maximum speed10kmph
Warranty3 years warranty on frame and 1 year warranty on parts and motor

It has a 3 inch display from where you can choose your preferred preset mode and there are 12 available to choose from. The display also shows the time, speed, duration of workout and calories burned. It can be folded up and stored easily without any hassle so this is an overall a very respectable treadmill for people who just want to start out their fitness journey and not for fitness enthusiasts, they might need to look someplace else.

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