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How Good Are James Donkey 008 Headphones ?

So I recently came across James Donkey 008 on youtube and decided to share my adventure here. James Donkey is basically a brand that makes gaming mouse , keyboard and connecting cables. Recently they started a kickstarter campaign and raised HK$ 1,030,405 till date for these headphones.

They have made these headphones from scratch and it’s a quite new unique look. Ear pads are stuffed, deep and comfortable. The whole headset is very lightweight , but that also creates the problem that it moves very easily and you have to adjust it extra properly.

One other major problem is that its USB only , so no AMP.

Glowing LED is nice and volume control knobs on headset itself is also cool. Microphone records clear crisp voice but the retractor/connector can be a bit longer so that you can actually place the mic in front of your mouth. Magnetized pads , easy to remove and fit back.

Sound is something that they will need to work on , it’s alright but not that great. Built quality can be made more robust.

Check Them Out At Kickstarter

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