How To Get The New Free JIO Phone Plus All Details and Specifications


JIO, doesn’t need an introduction. The company that took everything away from telecom giants like Vodafone and Airtel in a very short period of time. It gave the telecom giants a run for their money.

But recently, JIO has gotten its hands into the phone market. Nothing too fancy, but a simple looking device with a lot up its sleeves.

Mukesh Ambani has unveiled the JIO Phone at the Reliance Industries Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017.

The main aim of the device is to provide people with cheap options to use its 4G services, essentially free. It is dubbed as “India Ka Phone”.

Here is a rundown of everything you need to know about it.

 1  Effectively Free

– First let us discuss this. The JIO Phone is free. But wait a minute. They aren’t just handing them out, NO.

– In order to get one, you first must pay a deposit amount of Rs. 1,500 in name of safety deposit. Then, after 3 Years, if you return the phone, then those Rs. 1,500 will be returned to you.

– But if you decide to keep using the phone, then there is no need to return it and the company will keep the deposit amount.

– Now to get something clear, after 3 years, who knows how good or bad the condition of the phone will be, or whether it will be in one piece.

– And will meet the guidelines set forth by the company for returning the device, so either take really good care of your phone or just assume from the very beginning that you bought the phone for Rs. 1,500.

 2  The plan and its rates

– Note that the Rs. 1,500 you are paying is just for the phone, and not the plan included. It has its own rates.

– The base plan here will be Rs. 153 for 1 Month of free voice calls, free SMS, unlimited data and access to JIO apps.

– Now beware, this though it says unlimited, to daily limit is just 0.5 GB, after that the speed will drop from 4G to 128 Kbps.

– To increase this cap-off limit to 1 GD per day, you will have to pay Rs. 309 per month.

– There will be a weekly plan of Rs. 54 and a two-day plan of Rs. 24 with all the same features.

Phone Specifications-

As we know the phone is a basic phone with alphanumeric T9 keys. It has a 2.4-inch screen, and all the other basic functionalities like FM Radio, headphone jack, etc.

The other interesting bits are as follows-

1) The phone will have NFC built in for Tap and Pay features, which will be enabled after an update.

2) It will have a smart assistant built in, which will provide all basic assistant functionalities.

3) It will have all the JIO apps already preloaded.

4) There is a Rs. 309 plan which will allow you to stream LIVE TV via your phone to your TV by connecting it via a cable to a hardware that JIO is planning on selling separately.

5) This plan will have limitations of the Rs. 309 plan.

6) It is supposed to run on a modified version of Firefox OS know as KAI OS, with support for 22 regional languages.

7) It has an SOS feature as well, which can be activated by pressing 5.

8) It might be able to cast stuff.

When and HOW to get this phone?

– Some beta-testers will receive this phone on August 15.

– This phone will go on pre-booking on August 24 for general public and registered customers will get it in their hands from mid-September on first come first serve basis.

– They can pre-book this phone from the My JIO app or the online website or maybe from local JIO stores.

– JIO is planning to make upto 5 Million phones every week and supply it in the market.

Here are some FAQs-

1) Hotspot?

– The base model releasing now will not have hotspot, but upcoming models with Qualcomm chipsets are planned to have a hotspot.

– Though this feature will be originally unlocked, you might have to pay for it, or Reliance may just unlock it in a future update.

2) Dual Sim?

– Yes, this phone will be dual sim with mandatory JIO sim in first slot, and option for a backup sim in the second slot.

3) Apps?

– Yes, there is support for various apps like YouTube, Facebook and possibly WhatsApp, along with all the JIO Apps.

4) What amount of TV can I watch?

– As the daily limit is 1 GB, you will be able to stream at-least 3 to 4 hrs. of TV daily.

Should you buy it?

– This phone is aimed at the general public of India which still use the old feature phones from Nokia or Lava, which surprisingly is over 50% of the population of India.

– This phone will let them enjoy the benefits of internet in the real sense. But if you want to get this phone as a backup device, then well go ahead. It is a good choice.

In case we missed anything, please let us know down in the comments section. 😊

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