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Ikko Itx01 Review – Innovation Redesigned

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IKKO, the brand based out of China is a well rounded company which has expertise in IEM, cable and Dac manufacturing. The famous model is the OH10 iem and it has got a great appreciation all around the world for its incredible performance and the stellar materials used and the looks. The brand has again put its design language and the functionality expertise in this product ITX01 too. In this review let’s check out how this fares against the competition in the current market.

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Decoding Ability: PCM 192Khz

DAC: SNC 8600

Compatibility: Android,IOS,Mac OS,Win10,Win11, PS5,Switch

MATERIALS: Aluminum Alloy

Interface: TypeC to PC ;100W PD TypeC Input*1; DATA TypeC*1; USB3.2 *3 ; 1* HDMI 4K 60Hz Output; SD ports*1,TF ports*1

Audio Port: 3.5mm Audio Output & 4.4mm Audio Output

SNR: 100dB

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THD: 0.01%

Maximum Output: 64mW

DIMENSIONS: 133mm*50mm*17mm



The design is just stellar! The ikko is known for their really good design thinking and they have shown this product. Their IEM’s have a unique striking design and the ITX01 continues to show their capability of design thinking. 

The whole product is made out of aluminium and the whole product looks sleek and simple. All the ports are aligned on the side of the product and the device has a single ended termination of type C.

The device does not heat up a lot even after the extended period of usage which is a pretty good thing to observe. Overall the design is pretty great and a well rounded design.


The sound signature out of the ITX01 is pretty neutral with no additional bass boost or the treble boost option available in the hardware or the software level. The neutral signature is a boon for this multipurpose dac where it makes the device much versatile thus all sorts of the In Ear Monitors can be used with this.

The DAC present in the ITX01 is a SNC 8600 which decodes at a rate of PCM 192KHz and they are average at best in terms of sound output. They don’t match up the competitors standalone DAC ability but since this has other added advantages like the USB hubs the sound output via this is not that complain bible. However the power output via this device is pretty low where 64mW is the max one can go.

All the observations made with the HiFi audio setting while the other two modes really disappoint for listening to music.

The low end via the ITX01 is pretty good in terms of control and cleanliness. The bloated bass cant be experienced here since this DAC represents the low end very clean. The bass has excellent separation overall with nice control. The decay is pretty fast with less attack. Due to this lighter taste in the bass the tonal weight feels slightly on the thinner side. The bass technically looks pretty good but needs some improvement in the quantity side. The punch and the weight is slightly lacking in the ITX01 thus the overall bass sounds leaner but definitely much cleaner, faster and well separated. So overall a technical low end is being delivered but needs some enhancements in the fun and quantity side.

The mid range delivered by the ITX01 is pretty good too with some natural tonality and the timbre of the instruments. The staging is as usual and does not compress or make the stage wider in any sense. The separation felt slightly clearer since the mid bass presence has been slightly tamed out. The layering effect remains the same without any issues. The vocal presentation and the instrument placement everything seem to be as usual and nothing has been altered by the ITX01.

The treble has been tamed out slightly making the V shaped IEM’s sounds slightly less sharp and sibilant but at the same time the lesser treble presence also made it more smoother and lead to the lesser retrieval of the details out of the track. The tone and the instrument placement felt as per the IEM’s standard and has no issues with it. The cymbal crashes and the electric guitar strings don’t have that sparkle in the top end due to that smoother treble section. The brilliance and the shimmer in the top end is slightly lacking in my testing. Overall the treble delivered out of the ITX01 is smoother, non sibilant but lacks the energy, sparkle and detail retrieval in the top end nevertheless they deliver a pretty much clearer treble section without any sort of congestion.


The best part of the ITX01 is that apart from the DAC function the added functionality. A portable USB hub has been provided with some technologically advanced upgrades like the USB 3.2 ports, TF port and a SD card port.

Even in the audio section they have included both the balanced and the unbalanced(4.4)  ports. There is also a type C port for charging and a PD 1000W port through which you can charge your Mac without any issues. A HDMI slot has also been provided which can run at 4k 60Hz hence the gamers who are involved in streaming their gameplay benefit from this.

There is a touch panel in the device where you can configure the sound modes. The modes are as follows:  Games, Movies and Music.


ITX01, the latest offering from the Ikko Audio is a well rounded package with some excellent added functionalities. Rather than just focussing on the audio section they have provided some really needed extra ports which are very useful in day to day life.

The device has the balanced and unbalanced ports, 3 usb3.1 ports, two type c ports where the one is PD supported and the other is the normal one. It also has the TF and SD card reader with a touch panel to configure the sound modes of the device.

Coming to the audio part since most of the consumers of this device are Audiophiles, it’s slightly disappointing in that aspect where it’s definitely not bad but it could have been better. The dac that they have used is not that high end but still delivers some clean and neutral sound profile. The amp section is pretty weak too where the max output is 64mW from both the balanced and the unbalanced port.

Overall the device is a pure INNOVATION REDESIGNED product to satisfy most of one’s technical needs from just a single product. The Ikko has done a really great job with excellent practicality. In the times where the brands are removing the ports from their electronic gadgets the IKKO IRX01 is a great boon for the customers out there!

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  1. Practicality
  2. Neutral Sound Profile
  3. Both Balanced and Unbalanced Ports
  4. USB Hub, Card Reader
  5. Design


  1. Battery Drain
  2. Power Output
  3. Gaming and Movie modes are disappointing in terms of sound

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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I’m Kathiravan from Tamilnadu. A budding audiophile here with high love towards music and audio equipment. My first experience of enjoying the hifi audio came when I started to use budget chi-fi gears and now it came all along the way of reviewing the gears with high end stuffs. I love reviewing audio products.



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