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Ikko Opal Oh2 Review – A New Path

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IKKO, the brand based out of China is a well known brand established among the audiophiles providing some excellent value for money products like the OH10 and the Oh1. Both the predecessors being V shaped monsters specialised in the Bass and Staging the brand decided to start a new path for their lineup and that’s the OH2. In this review let’s check out how this performs against their own lineup and against the competitors.


Diaphragm type: Deposited carbon nano diaphragm

Material: Metallic+High-transparent polycarbonate

Sound Signature: Balanced

Impedance: 32 Ω

Sensitivity: 100dB

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz

Cable Details: High purity OFC silver-plated cable

Connecter: MMCX
Jack Type : 3.5mm

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This unit has been provided to me as a part of the review circle hence I have not been influenced by the brand to manipulate this review. The whole review is based on my pairings and sources hence it might differ from person to person.


The whole construction is made out of metal with some transparent resin for part of the faceplate. They are available in varied colours and look fancy too. The design is triangle shaped and it’s pretty small in size. Even though they are pretty compact they don’t fit the ear comfortably since the seal and the stability out of this earphone is not that great.

The eartips provided are pretty poor and the inner ear design language is pretty poor too hence the seal is weaker and stability is less. The whole paint is a matte textured hence no more fingerprints.

The connector area is the MMCX and it’s pretty loose in terms of rotation when compared to the competition. They swivel easily which is not a major concern but still a thing to notice.

The provided stock cable is pretty nice but definitely not great. The cable is pretty thin and the texture is nice and soft but needs some thickness to feel the premiumness.


The sound of the OH2 is pretty unique when compared to the sound of their previous iteration of products. Their previous products are the OH10 and the OH1 and both were pretty great in terms of sound and design language. The OH2 has a pretty neutral sound with noticeable roll off in the bass and the treble section.

The tonality has been kept as natural as possible but has a slight hint of brightness. Overall a smoother sounding and musical set of earphones which is pretty easy on the ears to listen to. Let’s check out in detail in this review.


The bass in the OH2 is pretty light and neutral. The quality is pretty great where the bass here has nice control, texture and speed while it lacks the quantity hence the bass overall appears tamed out a lot.

Neutral sound lovers would appreciate the bass here due to its faster, lighter and detailed low end section. The speed is pretty fast hence the sub bass rumble is too subtle in this. The mid bass is good but not weighty or punchier. Rather the bass is more mature, technical and neutral oriented.

The kick drums and the bass oriented instruments have a nice tone but lack the presence thus making the sounds less authoritative. The separation and the detail retrieval in the low end is in the moderate spectrum while the clean and textured bass is on the higher spectrum giving a nice audiophile grade experience. 

The bass here is in contrast with that of the previous product the OH10 where the OH10 is a pure bass monster while the OH2 is a light headed. The bass heads would definitely have a bad impression towards this product but the neutral sided bass would give a chance to you to explore the other side of the sea.


The mid range here is the ultimate star show here where the tonality is neutral to bright but for the most part they are pretty natural. The vocals are very melodious with a nice smoother sound overall. The presentation is nice where it’s neither too forward nor too laidback. The instruments in the background are kept in a nice position hence no noticeable recession of the frequency is seen.

The piano notes and the kick drums sound really good with some nice attack and decay. The notes sound moderately fuller and it could have been better if the mid bass presence had more weight and punch. The layering and the instrument separation in the mid range feels very nice with some great placement of the instruments. The staging is slightly intimate on the side when compared to that of the OH10 where the predecessor is a staging king with expansive width.

Overall the midrange is pretty natural with musical tonality, nice vocal placement and instrument separation . The detail retrieval is pretty good except the staging being not that big. The mid range is the excellent aspect of this earphone and it’s the most praised frequency in this IEM.


The treble is tuned for a smoother listening with less fatigue over longer listening sessions. The treble is rolled off pretty noticeable thus if you are expecting some serious detail retrieval then this is not the set you are expecting. Both the upper and the lower treble section is not that exaggerated to provide that non fatiguing listen.

The cymbal crashes and the guitar strings sound really nice with nice tonality and timbre. The brighter tone of the instruments gives that nice sparkle but yet still the treble feels less extended overall. The attack and decay of the instruments like the cymbals are pretty fast hence they appear more subtle and less emphasized.

The instrument separation and the detail retrieval are average since the treble section is not the great aspect of this earphone. Overall the treble is a perfect choice for persons out there looking for a smoother and a non fatiguing treble without compromising much loss in the details.


STAGING: The staging is pretty good but definitely not the best when compared to the beast like the OH10. The staging is neither too intimate nor that big. Instead they are average at best with both sort of noticeable compression and cramped out staging. The instruments are nicely spread out with a good sense of space.

IMAGING: The imaging is pretty neat here due to that nice clear bass presence. The layering is done well too. The instruments can be easily pointed out even when the complex tracks are replayed out. The transient response feels pretty nice and smooth and the channel sweep also felt adequately smoother.

The instrument separation and the detail retrieval are average at best but not worst too. They are pretty good for the price but definitely need some improvement in those aspects. If the treble section had been emphasized then these aspects would have got some real improvements.


OH2, the latest offering from the house of IKKO is a pretty good deal from them. The package is a well rounded one covering all the aspects. From the design to the sound, the opal has done it again!

The design language is pretty creative with a metal construction and a transparent resin for some part of the faceplate to give that modern and creative look making visible the golden circuit board. The fit could have been better since they are not that comfortable in terms of seal and stability. Overall a pretty good design language but with some space for the improvements on the table.

Coming to the sound, they are pretty new to the brand since this has a neutral sound signature which is a contrast to the predecessors namely the OH10 and the OH1. A different taste of music has been given to the OH2 and does please the neutral lovers out there. The bass and the treble is very light and has a noticeable roll off while the midrange takes up the stage by giving some musical tonality and well placed instruments. Above average technicalities for the price where the detail retrieval could have been better if the treble has been emphasized a bit.

Overall the OH2 is a product which complements their other two products very well in terms of sound which is a good thing from a brand to cover all the customers out there to match up their interests. Is this a good buy? If you are a neutral and a midrange loving person expecting it to be in the design language of Ikko then this is the product you need to add in your cart.!



  1. Neutral Sound Profile
  2. Musical Tonality
  3. Smoother Treble (Non-Fatiguing)
  4. Authoritative Midrange
  5. Design


  1. Rolled off Bass and Treble
  2. Detail Retrieval
  3. Fit

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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