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JABRA ELITE 75T Review – Sub Bass Dodger

Jabra, a big brand name in the audio industry is known for its incredible Mic quality since they produce a lot of videoconference systems for meeting purposes. It’s based out of Denmark and a brand which has been in this audio industry since 1983. They are also involved in the consumer grade audio gears namely the Elite TWS series. The 65t model is pretty mediocre and I lost interest in the Jabra but then the 75t was released by the Jabra and in this review let’s see whether this can bring the Jabra back on track.

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JABRA ELITE 75T Review 1


Noise reduction on outgoing voice audio: Yes, 4-microphone call technology

Wind noise protection: Yes

Audio codecs supported: SBC, AAC

Speaker size: 6mm

Speaker bandwidth: 20Hz to 20kHz (music playback)
100 Hz to 8kHz (calls)

Microphone type: 4 x MEMS

Microphone bandwidth: 100 Hz to 10 kHz


Earbuds, charging case, USB-C cable (300mm), 3 sets of silicon eargels, warranty and warning leaflets


The design of the 75t is pretty circular shaped with some ergonomics to fit the ear canal. The nozzle area is pretty lengthy hence the insertion is pretty deeper and the seal is quite snug inside your ears. The physical button is included in the external area hence no more false touches and the buttons are pretty tactile and doesn’t cause that feeling of pressing the earbuds itself instead of the button alone. The button also houses the small tiny LED’S for showing the status of charging and pairing. The outer surface also incorporated the mics for calling and for the ANC.

The case is very compact and portable. The best thing about the case is that they are flat bottomed! Hence the case case can be placed upright and no more scratches in the other surfaces. The case is however matt finished hence scratches are not that prone. It has the Type C port for charging and no wireless charging coil present. The buds are securely placed and held by the magnets which are strong enough. The lid of the case is magnetically closed and a metal rod connects the base and the lid but I’m not sure whether they have the metallic hinge. Overall the case is easily pocketable.

When coming to the fit this is the best i have to say. The sealing is the best but I would prefer some kind of vents for pressure release since due to this tight seal a lot of pressure is created hence while running the thumping sound can be heard which i’m not a big fan of. 

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JABRA ELITE 75T Review 4


The whole sound signature of the Elite 75t is a V shaped profile. At first i hesitated to buy this since this is going to be another usual V shaped sound but in the end i got really surprised! This is definitely a pleasingly tuned V shaped and as a spoiler i can say that this can definitely boost your workout performance by 30 percent! Just kidding but this will definitely help you finish the last bit of your cardio sessions without trouble. 

And another spoiler is that if you love the sub bass more than the mid bass then this is the only option for you in the TWS market as of right now in this budget range. In this sound review let’s dive into each section in detail.


The low end is the ultimate star show here and you will definitely love this section in the 75t. Hands down the only TWS that I have heard that beat the XM3 in terms of bass. The sub bass here is especially superior to all the TWS that I have tried. Most of the V shaped TWS that bump in the mid bass and on the treble region rather than focusing in the sub bass field but Jabra does a very good job here by focusing on the sub bass.

It’s deliciously tuned! I haven’t even heard this kind of sub bass in a wired iem either! The extension is great, the texture is great, the control and the tightness is very good for the price and being a TWS it’s very difficult to incorporate all the systems into a small package but Jabra did it!

Especially in the track “JETLAG CORPORATION – AES DANA”, the sub bass presence can be felt very evidently and man this just rattles your head! Since the seal of the TWS is also very tighter the sub bass is very powerful and sometimes it may even cause fatigue in longer listening sessions due to this kind of heavy bass but this can definitely fuel your hour of  workout. Even after this massive sub bass the separation and the texture is not compromised at all! They sound clean and neat, thanks to the non boosted mid bass.

In another track, “SCREENING – MR.BILL & FUNI”, the impressive ability of the 75t can be observed. The background sub bass drops can be felt nicely along with the other instrument and the laughs of the child. The separation and the texture is nicely done in the 75t. At 3:10 mark the sub bass just makes you drop your jaws cause it’s that nice!

“KASHMIR – MARCIN”, i have listened to this track via a lot of TWS but the 75t is one of the rare gems where it played very nicely with that sub bass awesomeness. The guitar strings can be heard very nicely and that separation is done very well. The timbre of the instruments are not realistic though and sounds slightly metallic.

“MUSA (RADIO EDIT) – ANDREW RAYEL” – Since the mid bass is pretty clean this track sounds pretty clean in the 75t too. The kick drums have nice attack and the bass is faster overall and it’s not that slower.

“ME! – TAYLOR SWIFT” – This is the track to test out the vocal separation amidst the bass instruments and this one did very well. Taylor’s voice is clearly separated out and the kick drums in the background sounds clean and the placements of the instruments are portrayed very well.

Overall the bass is well extended, sub bass focused, well textured, controlled and impactful. In terms of low end i can’t find a negative in this and yeah this might not be pleasing to neutral lovers but for pure fun and energetic listening this will definitely satisfy everyone. This is literally a subwoofer inside your ear canal.

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JABRA ELITE 75T Review 3


It’s a V shaped hence there should not be a high expectation in the mid range and its definitely recessed during my listening session. The vocals are pushed back and the instruments are pushed back further. A very laid back listening with smooth midrange. The upper mids are not that harsh thankfully. The lower mids need more emphasis and here they sound very tiny and for some classical listening this will never satisfy you. You always need to increase the volume to listen to those minute details and even then I’m not impressed with the midrange.

The timbre is another worse part here. The instruments sound artificial and metallic. The piano notes are not affected that much but the guitar strings and the cymbals surely suffer. The percussion instruments’ timbre is really out of the way and this is definitely not realistic. The background is very darker hence bright tonality lovers stay away from this. 

The detail retrieval in the midrange is not that impressive and it’s fine at best. The sub bass overpowers in some tracks which might give enough fun but for critical listening this will mask a lot of details in the song.

The separation and the space in between the instruments are good enough and overall a typical V shaped midrange and it’s fine for casual, fun, energetic and pretty laid back listening.

“GET LUCKY – DAFT PUNK” ,my go to track to test out the midrange clarity and separation. The 75t is fine but not the best. The guitar picks can’t be heard in detail and the cymbal crashes are not that sparkly. The kick drums sound nice and vocals are fine too with a good body. The timbre of the guitar strings again moves out of the way. Overall its dark, bassy and laidback which might be perfect for fun but not for some audiophile grade listening.

“WEIRD FISHES – NOORDPOOL ORCHESTRA ” , it’s a jazz track and the instruments in the track sound nice and clear. This shows the separation capability of the 75t but again the timbre is not natural. The layering is not the best. The overall bite to the track is present but that engagement lacks in the jazz genres and classical genres with 75t.

“MANJHA – VISHAL MISHRA”, the male vocal sounds well separated from the rest of the instruments but it’s placed very backwards and the vocal sounds slightly warmer and darker in tonality. The instruments have above average separation but that timbre affects me a lot.

“SULTANS OF SWING – DIRE STRAITS”, here the guitar strings separation can be appreciated well. The electric guitar doesn’t sound clumsy or crowded. The vocal sounds fine for most part and no sibilance is heard during my listening. If the timbre would have been better then this might have been a good midrange set too. 


The highs of the elite 75t is boosted definitely but not in a bad way. Usually the V shaped earphones always have the weird boosted treble which of course will lead to unwanted sibilance and causes fatigue in the long run but the 75t treble is smoother and cleaner.

The highs have enough sparkle and it’s within the limit. Even with some poorly mastered and harsh tracks the sibilance is very well controlled and overall the treble is pretty smoother. The separation as I said in the above two frequencies is excellent here too.

 Especially in the track “MR.BRIGHTSIDE – THE KILLERS ”, it’s actually a very complex track involving a lot of high hats yet the 75t managed to bring them out clean and clear. The guitar strings and the cymbal crashes are pretty nice and well textured.

In the track “DREAMS – FLEETWOOD MAC”, the cymbal crashes are clearly heard and the decay is pretty fast and clean. They are not that splashy and vibrant but it’s well controlled in terms of sibilance. The kick drums give a nice bite and attack while the cymbals give a smooth and relaxed presentation.

In another track “THE BLOWERS DAUGHTER – DAMIEN RICE”, the guitar strings are clearly portrayed out and especially at 2:20 the electric guitar plays in the left channel and it can be easily pinpointed. The violin sounds pretty smoother but again the timbre is not the best. 

The detail retrieval is not the best aspect of the 75t in the high end but as an overall sound no one will dislike it. They are smoother, well separated, textured and the whole presentation feels bigger and grand.

EQ SUPPORT: The elite 75t has the eq support and responds well to it. For me the stock sound was really great and I didn’t bother to change it but the personalised audio feature in the 75t is a game changer. It analyses your hearing capability by playing various frequency range noises and estimates the amount of your hearing capability. After the analysis it forms an EQ and after applying it they sounded even more good. Some of the TWS have this feature but they always end up in tragedy but in the 75t it improved the sound a lot! Worth trying in my opinion. 

JABRA ELITE 75T Review 2


SOUNDSTAGE: The soundstage of the 75t is not that wide but it’s very deep enough due to the explosive sub bass presence. The width is pretty good overall thus not giving any intimate presentation. The depth is pretty deep giving that nice sense of 3D presentation. This depth of the soundstage really helps while watching movies. The height is moderate and overall the staging is very good

IMAGING: It depends on the track. If the track is not that heavy in bass like the classical then the imaging is pretty good but when the track becomes busier and busier then it struggles to portray out each instrument precisely. The transition is pretty smooth from one channel to the other and doesn’t have any 3 point imaging.

The detail retrieval and the resolution are not at all the good aspects of the 75t and not the worse too. They are good for a tws but still the ENCO X from OPPO deos the better job in terms of technicalities being a TWS. 

Tracks Used:

  1. Hideaway – Jacob Collier
  2. Crossing – Yosi Horikawa
  3. Games – Hans Zimmer
  4. Older Chests – Damien Rice
  5. Game Of Thrones (Main Theme)  – Alaa Wardi


Jabra is known for their quality mics since they are expert in that. The same continues with the 75t too! The mics are great and indoors the receiver didn’t have any complaints and even in the outdoors and noisier surroundings the mics were able to cut out enough background noises.


The ANC was actually not a feature of 75t when it was launched but later added as a feature by the Jabra Team via the OTA update. This is some interesting and brave move by the Jabra since this is the prime feature for the 85t! Where this OTA update will impact the sale of the 85t. 

Alright how’s the OTA ANC? Well it’s pretty useless IMO! It’s fine but doesn’t get in the game against the competitors and in fact even a cheaper earbuds has better ANC. The reason behind this is that since the seal is already very tight and perfect I am able to find a difference between ANC and NON ANC mode.


The transparency mode is pretty natural and doesn’t sound very artificial. The best thing in the 75t is that you can adjust the level of transparency by using the slider in the App. This is definitely a cool feature and this will be useful for people who use these earbuds while cycling where they can be aware of the traffic around them.


Battery time (with default settings): Up to 28 hours (earbud 7.5 hours and charging case 20.5 hours)

Battery time (with ANC on): Up to 24 hours (earbud 5.5 hours and charging case 18.5 hours)

Sleep mode: Auto off after 15 minutes without connection or 60 minutes without activity, configurable in the Sound+ app

Standby time: 6 months

Charging time: 2 hours and 20 minutes (full charge with dedicated 500 mA USB wall charger)

Fast charge: Up to 60 minutes when charging earbuds for 15 minutes in the charging case


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Supported Bluetooth profiles: HSP v1.2 , HFP v1.7, A2DP v1.3, AVRCP v1.6, SPP v1.2
  • Operating range: Up to 10 metres
  • Paired devices: Up to 8
  • Multi-connect: Two devices can be connected at a time
  • Auto pause music: Yes, when one earbud is removed from ear
  • Auto power on/off:
  • “ON” when earbuds are out of charging case
    “OFF” after 15 minutes without connection or 60 minutes without activity



  1. Addictive Sub Bass
  2. Smoother Treble
  3. Fit and Design
  4. Mic Quality 
  5. Battery Life


  1. Tonality and Timbre
  2. Too much canal pressure
  3. Master Slave Connection


The Elite 75t, an offering from the Jabra Team might be an older model but it is still relevant in this current times too. The Elite 85t was launched last year but still many users claim that they like the sound of the 75t more. The reason behind this is the explosive sub bass! It’s very addictive and can give you some nice head massages. In 85t the bass has been dialed down and overall the fun factor is not present in the 85t. 

The 75t has the best sub bass presence in the TWS lineup and i like this a lot since i can’t find a TWS that purely focuses on the sub bass rather than the mid bass which i mostly don’t like. The midrange is fine for a V shaped sound and the treble is smooth, relaxed and non sibilant. The soundstage depth is massive and the width is good overall. The detail retrieval may not be the best part but still it’s very good for a TWS.

The ANC is pretty mediocre but I don’t care since the seal is already the best in the market. The mic is great and I don’t need to praise this since Jabra is a brand which is specialised in producing quality mics for attending meetings! The Fit is excellent, design is good and overall a very solid purchase that one can make. The lack of wireless charging and the mono pair is a bummer and that lack of a second feature will impact a lot of users. 

Finally, are you a sub bass lover and you need some skull rattling subwoofer setup in your ear canal? Then just get this and you will be 100% satisfied. It surely is a Sub Bass Dodger in the TWS lineup.

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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I’m Kathiravan from Tamilnadu. A budding audiophile here with high love towards music and audio equipment. My first experience of enjoying the hifi audio came when I started to use budget chi-fi gears and now it came all along the way of reviewing the gears with high end stuffs. I love reviewing audio products.



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