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Kinera Idun IEM Review – Transparent Peaked

Kinera, one of the highly praised audio brands based out of China is known for its great craftsmanship in its product lineup and for their unique sound quality. The Norn is the most favourite IEM that i have tried and it belongs to the house Kinera. The Idun being their hybrid IEM with 1 DD (Titanium Composite) and 2 BA has entered the market to increase the competition in the price segment of under 200 USD and let’s check out does this really fare in this competition.


This unit has been provided to me as a part of a review circle organised by HiFiGo. The whole views are based on my observation with this product and based on my pairings with it hence it might differ from person to person.

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Kinera 7mm Titanium Plated Dome PU + 1 Knowles BA + 1 Kinera Customize BA

Impedance: 32 Ohms.

Sensitivity: 112+/- 2 dB.

Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.

8 Cores OFC with Silver Plated Modular Cable

Plug with 3.5mm , 4.4mm and 6.35mm


The Idun has that unique looking faceplate where it has that golden branches with that colourful gem in the center with branding running along the side with that unique white, blue colour tint combining all those details gives this earpiece a sexy and attractive design ever in an earpiece.

The whole construction is made out of hard resin and is based on a semi custom shell design. The connector is a 2 pin which is good and nicely recessed. The nozzle doesn’t have any lips for securing the eartips but thankfully the provided eartips are tight enough to seat in the nozzle area and does provide excellent seal and fit.

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The stock cable is one of the best in terms of looks and in hand feel. They have that nice bi coloured braided cable with metal connector area and a metal splitter and chin slider. The case provided along with the package looks gorgeous too where it’s a hard shell case with wood texture on the outside and soft lining on the inside.

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The sound profile of the Idun is more on a neutral to flat side. The main focus here is the upper midrange and treble section, the bass here is more on an analytical side rather than fun aspect. Technicalities are pretty great in the Idun and in this dissection of audio aspects you will see them in detail.


The bass in the Idun is pretty flat to neutral. Here the bass is tuned to focus more on a technical aspect by compromising the fun factor. Both the sub and the mid bass are not emphasised at all hence they are portrayed out flat. 

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SUB BASS: The extension is poor hence the rumble can’t be experienced here. The reach is poor and the weight is on the thinner side. The bass has excellent control and speed thus the separation and clarity in the bass region feels excellent in the Idun. Heavy bassheads out there should stay away from this since it lacks the rumble completely in trade off for the excellent separation and clarity.

MID BASS: The mid bass follows the same trend as that of the sub bass. Lacks the weight and attacks. The body in the bass region feels pretty lighter hence the fullness can’t be seen here. Rather the bass feels more controlled and well separated. In common both the sub and the mid bass region possess excellent technicalities by compromising the fun.

Overall the bass is flat, controlled, no bloat, clean and well clarity oriented. The attack, weight, and fullness are lacking in the Idun even though a single DD is present in the Idun. Even though the Idun is pretty strong in the technical aspect of the bass the added fun could have brought some life to the Idun and hope in the next iteration they solve it.

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  1. Bigfoot – Malfnktion
  2. Mountains – Hans Zimmer


The mid range is tuned pretty well here and since the mid bass is lean the midrange feels more open and the mid bass bloat is completely absent here. The lower mid however suffers due to that leaner mid bass hence the lower mid has that thinner notes and lacks the body.  The lower mid range in the Idun doesn’t feel like there is a presence of a dynamic driver. The upper midrange has that slight more emphasis hence the vocals might sound hotter occasionally and that too with some specific tracks.

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The piano notes and the kick drums have that nice presentation and in whole the instruments in the track are cleanly portrayed out without any sort of compression. The staging being very good in terms of size the presentation feels grand enough. The separation, clarity and separation in the midrange feels very transparent. 

Overall the mid range in the Idun is more on a transparent side with excellent resolution, clarity, detail retrieval and separation while compromising on the lower mid weight, upper mid occasional hotness.

The tonality of the Idun is more on a neutral side with no added colouration and while timbre remains to be natural too without any sort of metallic taste even though there is the presence of BA which is quite interesting.

  1. Blowers Daughter – Damien Rice
  2. Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye


The treble in the Idun is very nicely executed, same as that of the mid range. The extension of the top end is neatly done without any early roll off. The air it possesses is huge hence the separation and presentation feels grand enough in the treble section.

The brilliance and shimmer in the top end feels top of the line. With bright flavour on the top the Idun still manages to avoid the sibilance at all cost yet by delivering some impressive detail retrieval and resolution. The percussion instruments sound very natural and the whole frequency section feels combined and delivers a nice coherent sound even though they have that BA in them.

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The cymbal crashes and the electric guitar strings have that natural strike and the decay is very precise. The splash of the percussion instruments do sound more realistic and natural. 

The sibilance is not observed in the treble section and they are kept under control even while replaying sibilant prone tracks.

  1. Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits
  2. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven – Phil Collins


STAGING: The staging is pretty good in the Idun where the width and the height correlated with each other. They are not the biggest in terms of stage but the presentation feels grand and spacious overall. The intimate sensation is not felt here thus the staging feels wide enough to create a lively experience.

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IMAGING AND LAYERING: The imaging is pretty good here where the instruments placement is more or less precise with excellent layering capability. The channel sweep felt nice and smooth. Even while replaying some of the complex tracks the Idun was capable of portraying out nice imaging and layering and this is due to that nice clean bass response and lesser mid bass bloat.

Detail retrieval, resolution and track separation are above average for the price and it’s pretty impressive in fact. The Multi BA does play a nice role in bringing out some excellent technical aspects out of the Idun.



  1. Neutral Profile
  2. Tonality and Timbre despite the BA presence
  3. Clarity and Separation
  4. Technical Aspect
  5. Design


  1. Lean Bass
  2. Thinner Notes


Idun, the latest offering from the house of Kinera is a well rounded neutral package. The neutral heads out there! Its your item to be picked up! The Idun has that nice neutral sound profile yet with that engaging and lively sound experience and also don’t forget that this has one of the best designed faceplates!

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The bass being on the neutral side thus provides some excellent clarity, separation and technical aspect. The mid range is another string aspect of this earphone where it has that unique natural tonality with precise timbre. The staging being wide enough does provide that spacious and grand presentation. The treble has a very good extension thus providing some great shimmer and brilliance in the top end. 

The design is very gorgeous where that faceplate looks stunning and it’s definitely an eye -catching figure for sure. The golden coloured tree branches alongside that colourful gem in the center with cool white and blue tint gives the earpiece a stunning look overall.

Overall the Idun is a neutral masterpiece with striking design language and TRANSPARENT SOUND out there in the market!

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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I’m Kathiravan from Tamilnadu. A budding audiophile here with high love towards music and audio equipment. My first experience of enjoying the hifi audio came when I started to use budget chi-fi gears and now it came all along the way of reviewing the gears with high end stuffs. I love reviewing audio products.



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