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Kz Edx Pro IEM Review – The Real Underdog

KZ, the famous and the underdog brand of the ChiFi IEM industry needs no introduction in the first place. They are literally the People’s NO:1 choice for budget earphone options since they have a huge collection of IEM in the budget range. They release a new budget IEM every day like a tissue paper! And in addition to that rapid release formula the EDX Pro is their new product which of course is released to the successor for the old EDX. 

In this review let’s see how this EDX Pro performs against the competitors and will it capture the consumer’s attention.


No. of Drivers: 1
Driver Type: dynamic driver
Driver Size: 10mm
Sound pressure level (SPL): NA
Impedance: 24 ohm
Frequency Response: 10HZ-20kHz
Sensitivity: 112db

Audio Jack Size: 3.5mm
Cable Length: 1.25m
Cable Detachable: YES
Connector: 2Pin QDC


The design of the EDX Pro looks elegant and modern. The transparent plastic shell accompanied with the modern faceplate look gives this IEM an added premium in the looks. The circular metal faceplate does have holes and slightly acts as an open back IEM. The nozzle length is very good in length thus giving a nice seal in the ears. The provided eartips are good enough in providing a nice seal and the sound via that is very good. 

The usual KZ 2 Pin connector is present which is kind of proprietary. The fit is excellent and fits very snugly in the ears. Even though they are not the custom shell shaped they do fit very nicely like a custom shell one. They are available in three different colours and give a nice external appearance in all the other colours too.

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The provided cable is of very good quality and a nice improvement over the previous stock cables. Now the brown coloured poor quality is replaced by the nicely textured and the cable quality is much improved. Now the cable looks like the stock cable of the TFZ earphones which is very sturdy and hefty in hands giving that nice premium feel.


The sound signature of the EDX Pro is a slight V shaped sound but not a very drastic usual KZ in house V shape. The sound is overall pleasing in all aspects including the tonality, technicalities etc. A very surprising package from the KZ and a real underdog in this price segment making one of the best sound outputs. IN this review let’s dive into the in depth discussion about the sound of the EDX Pro.

Source: iPhone + Lotoo Paw S1

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The low end of the EDX Pro surprisingly blew away my expectations. There is no usual KZ style bloated bass with poor control and slower decay. Instead the low end here is very well controlled, textured as well as pretty fast in the decay section making them one of the cleaner sounding pairs in this price segment. I’m quite surprised by the low end performance of this IEM. 

SUB BASS: The sub bass reach is good enough with nice extension and the rumble is pretty noticeably heard with some sub bass prominent tracks. The sub bass control and the separation is above average and even though they don’t have that extra rumble in the sub bass region they are quite good for the price and they have achieved that spot for the sub bass which also gives that added clarity, control and fastness. The sub bass reach is quite subtle for bass light tracks but as per the quality I can’t complain in that aspect.

Especially in the track “SIRENS OF THE SEA (ABOVE AND BEYOND CLUB MIX) – OCEAN LAB”, the sub bass presence is very sweet in the EDX Pro, the whole presentation felt very dynamic and the sub bass authority and the rumble is very nice. The weight and the control is impressive and still managed to keep the rest of the track very clean. The vocals are rendered without any disturbance and the technicalities are very impressive too which we will discuss in a later part of the review.

MID BASS: The mid bass is another sweet aspect here, the control and the speed especially are very good for the price and if not it’s the best that I have seen in a KZ earphone. The decay is pretty fast at this price making every track sounding very cleaner. Even when the faster tracks are thrown to the EDX Pro they just easily handle it without any issues. The separation and the clarity are really mind blowing. While maintaining the weight and the slam they were also able to give the separation and the clarity to the audio as well.

The kick drums especially sound very nice with excellent presence on the stage. For EDM and Pop this will serve you well with a nice forward presentation.

In the track “INSTANT CRUSH – DAFT PUNK ”, this being a faster track the EDX Pro is able to present them very cleaner and thanks to that clean mid bass response. The kick drums especially sound very nice and thumpy. The kick and the bite is present in every beat thus giving that lively experience. Though it’s a forward presentation I liked its energetic  response and the engaging experience.


The mid range of the EDX Pro is very good in terms of presentation which is quite forward in nature which gives that engaging and energetic presence overall. The V shape profile is not that drastic hence the instruments and the vocals don’t get pushed back that much. The tonality especially feels very good and near to natural which is pretty amazing for the price. The tonality has that warm tint but as an overall presentation this is pretty good considering the competition in this price range. The timbre of the instruments are pretty good too with a hint of brightness giving that sense of clarity and spalshiness.

The midranges don’t sound veiled at all and they are very straight forward in presentation. This is quite good but when it comes to listening at higher volumes they feel very aggressive. Since this being a very sensitive earphone the aggressive nature gets aggravated along with the high volume.

The upper mid emphasis is nicely smoothed out hence they don’t sound very harsh at all. The female vocals especially has that slight sibilance but not to a big extent. In fact I liked that extra emphasis on the upper mids which gives that extra clarity and separation. The lower mids have that nice body which is provided by the mid bass presence. The whole presentation of the mid range feels very energetic and engaging.

In the track “EASY ON ME – ADELE”,  Adele’s voice is brought out really well with a nice forward presentation. The vocal slightly feels right in front of the face hence at higher volumes they do sound slightly uncomfortable but the higher volume is not necessary at all since they are very comfortable at 40-50 percent. The instruments in the background are slightly recessed out when compared with the vocals but they are still clearly well separated and audible. The piano notes have a nice body and detail. The upper mid emphasis makes the S sound slightly sibilant but for me i love it since this gives the life to the track and that again brings the clarity.

In the track “ONLY TIME – ENYA”, the female vocal is nicely rendered while the piano notes and the guitar strings in the background are very well brought out without any masking. The whole presentation feels nice and wide with above average depth in the staging. At the end of the track the other background female vocals are nicely separated out from the center stage vocals.

For the male vocals in the track “SEXUAL HEALING – MARVIN GAYE ”, the male vocal sounds better than the female vocals. Here in the male vocal they have that fullness and body throughout the track. The imaging and the placement of the instruments are clearly rendered out without any messing up. The instruments in the left and right are well separated and neatly laid out. The male vocalists don’t have that in front of their face presentation. The guitar strings sound nice and bright, giving a clean bite and attack.

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The treble in the EDX Pros is extremely good for the price and if not this is the best I have heard out of the KZ lineup. The treble is inoffensive and not harsh at all instead they are very detailed and clean. The highs are well extended and give that nice splash in the top end. The cymbal crashes are pretty clean and bright. The decay of the crash is pretty fast but the splash and the brightness is slightly higher thus giving that slight harsh feeling during longer listening sessions. 

The instrument separation and the clarity is exceptionally good. The detail retrieval in the top end is above my expectations where the minute details are easily perceivable. The amount of air it just moves in the high end is pretty huge thus giving that nice sense of width in the whole presentation. 

The electric guitar and the trumpets do sound near to natural. The faster driver helped the EDX Pro handle the complex and faster tracks very well. The crashes decay and the attack are pretty quick and snappier giving a different listening experience in the KZ Lineup of earphones.

In the track “SULTANS OF SWING – DIRE STRAITS ”, the guitar strings are pretty complex here since a lot of guitars are involved here but the EDX Pro neatly presented it. The strings sound well separated and layered. The imaging and layering found to be excellent in this. The strings on the left, center and the right are clearly presented and easily can be spotted out. The cymbal crashes are very good in decay and attack but they sound slightly brighter, which according to me gives that nice sense of clarity and detail.

In the track “JACK OF SPEED – STEELY DAN ”, the highs are clearly rendered out especially the dynamic range and the spaciousness of the track is well appreciated here. Each and every instrument is widely separated giving a good sense of air and separation between each instrument. The cymbal crash at the start of the track is nice and splashy giving that clear and detailed sound. And man that trumpet sound at the start of the track is very engaging since it has that nice forward presentation.

The layering and the placement of the instruments are well done in the EDX Pro. The width and the depth of the staging can be well appreciated in this track by listening via this EDX Pro.


SOUNDSTAGE: The staging of the EDX Pro is moderate in width and height. In some tracks they feel very intimate due to that very forward presentation of the midrange but as an overall package the staging feels moderately wide and gives a nice sense of space in between the instruments and the vocals. The depth is very good and above average for the price. 

IMAGING: The imaging feels nice and precise overall and thanks to that clean and well separated mid bass and the low end. The sound nicely sweeps from one channel to the other without any hiccups and the transient response is pretty smooth. The instruments can be easily pointed out even in busier tracks.

The detail retrieval and the resolution are above average for the price. It’s better than most of the competitors at this price point. The best thing about the EDX Pro is they are extremely sensitive hence this can be easily run out of the smartphones and this also gets benefited from scaling power source too.

Tracks Used:

  1. Mountains – Hans Zimmer
  2. Crossing – Yosi Horikawa
  3. Hideaway – Jacob Collier
  4. Global Gear (Instrumental) – Punya Srinivas
  5. Jack Of Speed – Steely Dan



  1. Energetic and Engaging Fun Sound Profile
  2. Wide Dynamic Range
  3. Pretty Faster Driver 
  4. Layering and Imaging
  5. Exciting Mid Range
  6. Non-Sibilant Highs
  7. Design and Fit, especially well upgraded cable
  8. Above Average Detail Retrieval


  1. Thin Female Vocals
  2. Intimate Presentation ,slight laidback would have been great.


EDX Pro, The latest budget offering from the KZ is a fantastic overall value for money product. As a previous KZ user and an audio enthusiast who started the journey with his first ZSN Pro IEM, this EDX Pro just blew my mind! The sound out of this little gem is unbelievable! All the KZ earphones that I have tried previously had that weird Chifi V shaped tuning and that always sibilant treble but this one gem proved that KZ is still in this underdog game and striving towards excellence. 

The sound out of this is just too good where the unexpected controlled and clean low end, energetic midrange that never hurts, forward and engaging presentation along with the crisp and clean highs are a treat to the ears. This kind of sound has never been experienced by me in the KZ lineup. The transparent design is nice and that nice metal circular vented faceplate adds the extra touch in the look.

Overall considering the whole package the EDX Pro just knocks out everything other competitors out of the park! The previous recommendations of mine in this price range are the CCA CST, VE BIE, ZSN Pro X,CCA C10 etc and now the EDX Pro gets crowned as the KING in this price range and definitely this EDX Pro is the REAL UNDERDOG in this audio game!

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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I’m Kathiravan from Tamilnadu. A budding audiophile here with high love towards music and audio equipment. My first experience of enjoying the hifi audio came when I started to use budget chi-fi gears and now it came all along the way of reviewing the gears with high end stuffs. I love reviewing audio products.



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