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Kz X Hbb Dq6s IEM Review – Bad Guy In Disguise

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KZ, the brand based out of china is a famous brand among the budget audiophiles out there. Their recent launches seem to be pretty good in terms of sound and KZ seems to be improving their game and definitely one of the top contenders in the budget audio field. Now they have collaborated with HBB to renovate their DQ6 and decided to deliver some serious competition in the budget arena. In this review let’s check out how good the upgraded “S” version is.


DRIVERS TYPE6mm Single Magnetic Dynamic Drivers X2,
10mm Dual Magnetic Dynamic Drivers X1


The design is same as that of the OG version where the three DD are enclosed in the resin body and covered by a metal faceplate. Available in 2 colours, graphite and pink namely. The fit is really nice due to their semi custom shell shape hence it sits snugly inside the ears without causing any pain. 

The stock accessories are much improved over the OG version where the eartips are now starlines in white colour instead of that flimsy type and the stock cable is very good in terms of feel and looks. It still retains the QDC connector, could have been better if they have switched to 2 pin since after market cable options are versatile.

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The sound of the DQ6s is focussed more on the HBB target curve. The curve slightly leans on the nice bass presence with non recessed midrange and smoother treble with no unwanted peaks. The curve has been established very well in this earphone which can be evidently seen from the sound output of the DQ6S. 

The overall sound is pleasing and definitely a unique sounding in this price range and definitely a new sound for the KZ lineup. IN this review let’s check out in detail about how good they sound.

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In a single word to explain the Bass of the DQ6s is MARVELOUS. It’s tastefully done with equal emphasis over the sub and the mid bass region. The separation, clarity and the tightness is done very well. The mid bass bleed has been reduced a lot and they are less to null. The weight of the notes are more than adequate and makes the notes sound fuller and thick enough for pleasing listening. The control of the low end is pretty great hence even when the faster and complex tracks are replayed the DQ6s handles it like a champ.

SUB BASS – Reaches deep enough and provides a satisfying rumble in all those Hans Zimmer tracks. Definitely a basshead approved. 

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MID BASS – Has equal emphasis as the sub bass making the sound nice and fuller with weighty notes. Less to null mid bass bleed is seen in this IEM, the separation is stellar in the low end.

Attack, Punch, Separation, Control, Decay = 

Tracks Used:

  1. Why Do We Fall – Hans Zimmer
  2. The Batman – Michael Giacchino
  3. Flight – Hans Zimmer

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The mid range in the DQ6s is well tuned with great overall presentation. The vocals and the instruments are brought out with a really nice forward presentation. It’s not in the face setup like you see in the KZ models instead they are at a very sweet spot to listen. The separation and the imaging are the stellar aspects of this earphone.

The coherency of the three drivers are managed pretty great with great tonality. The tonality is slightly warm yet natural and has no sense of metallic taste or artificial timbre of the instruments. The piano notes and the kick drums in the background are presented well with nice note weight. Nothing sounds harsh or unpleasant in this ITEM hence the longer listen is a heavenly experience in this IEM.

The staging being quite wide, the separation and the clarity is exceptional. Despite the huge sub bad mid bass presence and thicker notes the mid range never feels congested or recessed rather they sound open and clean enough and it’s a speciality of this DQ6s.

The lower mid region has enough fullness carried along from the nice mid bass while the upper mid region is kept in control making this earphone a nice midrange contender too. The male and female vocals sound equally good with no thinner notes or harsh peaks in the upper mids making every note sound pleasant.

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Tracks Used:

  1. Perfect – Ed Sheeran
  2. Hello – Adele
  3. Day is Done – Peter, Paul, Mary


The treble in the DQ6s sounds pleasingly well yet delivers some good amount of details. The treble here is mainly focussed to deliver a non fatiguing longer listening type rather than focussing on bringing out every minute details. The air presence and the separation in the treble section is nicely done with excellent clarity in the top end. 

The brilliance and shimmer are controlled but if you want that extra added brightness and more sparkle in the top end then you might find it lacking but the tuning here will be liked by everyone out there. The cymbal crashes and the electric guitar strings sound beautiful with nice attack and decay.

The sibilance is not observed even with some sibilant prone tracks where everything is kept under control. The stringed and percussion instruments sound pleasing and softer yet they are engaging. They might not sound splashy and sparkly but still the timbre and controlled notes are done extremely well in this IEM. Overall very pleased with this IEM’s treble presentation where the quality meets over the quantity.

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Tracks Used:

  1. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven – Phil Collins
  2. Sultans Of Swings – Dire Straits
  3. Dreams – Fleetwood Mac


STAGING: The staging of this earphone is above average for the price where they are pretty wide enough and have a good amount of height too. The presentation feels grand enough and has a great amount of space in the presentation. Nothing feels congested or out of air. 

IMAGING: The imaging is another stellar aspect of this IEM where the placement of the subjects are done extremely well hence even in the faster and complex tracks they can be easily pointed out individually without any issues.

The detail retrieval is good but not the best and it’s not the main focus of this IEM in the first place. The track separation and the layering are done beautifully without any issues and overall the technical aspect of this ITEM is pretty solid.


DQ6S, the latest offering from the house of KZ is now made in collaboration with the renowned audio reviewer BEGGAR a.k.a HBB ( Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews). This version also has the same specs as that of their OG version DQ6 except the tuning has been changed by BEGGAR and the accessories too! And as a spoiler i can say that this is a 200 times worth upgrade over the OG version.

Coming to the sound, it’s fantastic in one word. This follows the curve of HBB where the bass is elevated a bit in tasteful manner, the mid range is brought forward with natural tonality, excellent separation and imaging while the treble is smooth yet detailed enough at its best. The bass in the OG version was bigger but very loose and not under control but in this version it’s been improved a lot and one of the best bass responses in this price range. The quality is exceptional where it’s thick, clean, separated, controlled and well textured. The mid range in this is beautiful where the vocals are rich and instruments sound realistic with nice smooth, warm presentation. The treble has been tuned pleasantly without any peaks and sounds smooth yet detailed enough.

Staging being wide enough giving a grand presentation. The imaging and separation are the star show here with some serious praise here. The stock cable has been improved and now starline eartips are provided rather than those flimsy crappy eartips.

Overall the DQ6S is an absolute value for money product cause for the price i cant state any ITEM that sounds this good! This is definitely a HBB’s target sound enclosed in a resin body making it a BAD GUY IN DISGUISE!

Regarding the Driver Issue: Recent tear downs has shown that the 2 tweeters are actually non functional and only the 10mm XUN driver is functional. Frankly i don’t care if the 2 tweeters are non functional since the sound is pretty exceptional and that’s the ultimate buying decision for me rather than the buffed up specs. Of Course it’s the brands fault to misinform the consumers and they should confront it, apart from that i can’t stop recommending this earphone since based on the sound this is definitely a must buy one for me!

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  1. Warm and Smooth Signature
  2. Quality Bass
  3. Separation and Imaging
  4. Tonality 
  5. Non Fatiguing treble
  6. Fit and Price


  1. For the price….NONE

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