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LG UltraGear 32GK650 QHD Gaming Monitor Review

This 32 inch monitor from LGs UltraGear series which is a gaming focused series is a great bang for the price product. It speaks gaming from its red and black design and the sharp edges which is even visible with it’s V shaped stand and the stand itself offers a lot of adjustability so you can set it up exactly how you like it for your setup.

9Expert Score
Great Monitor For Gaming Enthusiasts

There are plenty of options in the market especially for gaming monitors these days but this one hits the sweet spot of 1440p resolution matching up with the great refresh rate of 144 hertz. This one keeps a steady refresh rate throughout and has a 5ms grey to grey response time which stands true to its promise although a little faster response time would have been better. 

This is a great monitor for gaming enthusiasts and people in the market for a 1440p monitor. You’ll enjoy playing games or even for productivity and leisure.

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  • Great color contrast and viewing angles
  • Dynamic Black stabilizer
  • Height, tilt, swivel and pivot adjustable stand
  • AMD FreeSync and also compatible with Nvidia graphics cards
  • VESA mount compatible
  • Blue tint out of the box
  • Low maximum brightness
  • Minimum IO ports
Screen size32 inches
Resolution2K 2560 x 1440
Panel TypeVA Panel
Response time5ms Grey to Grey
Refresh rate144 Hertz

As for the picture quality, the 2K resolution looks great and sharp. Contrast is great and with the dynamic black stabilizer you will get inky deep blacks without losing on details although you would have to adjust them as out of the box it has a very high blue tint and also you would need to turn on Freesync which even works well with Nvidia cards.

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