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Meze 12 Classics V2 Review – Traditional Smoothness

Meze is an audio brand which is based out of Romania producing a wide range of audio gears and is widely known for its beautiful and elegant craftsmanship of their products. From the entry level product Classics 12 to the most expensive one The Empyrean has that drooling design language made out of finest materials available. The Meze has that home sound signature in all their products which is warm and relaxed. In this review let’s see whether this entry level Classics V2 has that same characteristics as that of their expensive ones.

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DRIVER TYPETitanium Coated Mylar Driver
SENSITIVITY101dB (+/- 3db), 1mW@1kHz
THD< 0.5%


The design of the V2 is just adorable and classic. It has that nice copper coloured aluminium chassis with the real walnut wood in the center of the body giving that nice premium look to the earphones. They touch cold in the hands and the logo of the Meze is imprinted on the faceplate of the body.

The fit is as usual that you experience with the bullet styled earphones. They provide decent noise isolation but not the best. The given tips are fine and do the part without any issues. A metallic splitter is given which is copper coloured too and the termination plug is metallic too and is copper coloured. 

The cable is cloth braided and the quality is very good and will last a long but the microphonic sound that it causes is very high and makes it unusable while travelling and doing some other activities.

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The sound signature of the V2 is more of a L shaped sound which majorly leans towards the warm side and has a darker background overall. This is a pleasing sound signature which will never fatigue you in the long run but it does have some caveats. In this review let’s see how this Meze sounds in detail.


The low end of the V2 is the meatier part here where the low end emphasis is done very well. Here the whole concentration is towards the mid bass region thus the sub bass presence is not that evident here.

Personally I’m a big fan of the sub bass more than the mid bass which gives that nice sense of rumble and extension but here it’s lacking that impact. The sub bass can be felt only in few nicely emphasised tracks like the “INSTANT CRUSH – DAFT PUNK”, this is a very good track to test out the sub bass presence but unfortunately the Meze can only deliver the mid bass with huge warmth but the sub bass presence is very subtle in this, especially at 1:27 the sub bass drops but in the V2 this sounds very tiny and subtle. The mid bass kick drums however sounds huge and meatier. The low end is meatier rather than impactful. 

In the other track “SIRENS OF THE SEA( ABOVE AND BEYOND REMIX) – OCEAN LAB”, this track is a pretty fast track and has that nice EDM effect hence the synths and the sub bass drops are all over. The V2 is able to handle these tracks nicely but a bit more refinement is required and the sub basses don’t rumble rather they bloom. The warmth in the overall track is more hence the brightness is lacking for that added clarity. The vocal is however rendered nicely thus they don’t sound fatiguing at all. They sound very smooth and warm hence this will appeal to a certain group of customers who like this signature especially.

Overall I’m not that impressed with the low end impact. It’s well bloomed, meatier and full bodied but lacks that separation, impact and the sub bass presence. If the above preference matches your style then this will definitely satisfy you.

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The mid range of the V2 is well balanced and positioned at a sweet spot. It’s not that relaxed nor too forward; rather it’s just like the singer is two to three rows ahead of you. The instruments and the vocals have that coherency so that nothing is pushed back further away from each other. 

The instruments however sound very congested and lack the space since the stage width is not that widest and it’s very intimate. The amount of air is very less in between the instruments hence they sound very closed. The vocals take the center staging and the channel matching is done very well.

The upper midrange doesn’t have that spike hence no sibilance is observed but at the same time this does affect the clarity of the whole presentation. The vocals don’t have that life in them due to no upper mid emphasis. The male vocals have that body and sounds good overall when compared to the female vocals. The clarity and the openness is lacking in the Meze thus they sound very closed in comparison to other dynamic earphones at this price point.

In the track “ EASY ON ME – ADELE “, her voice is good but not the best. The tonality leans towards the warm side and the vocal lacks that life in it. The body is however nicely done where they sound very much fuller. The piano notes sound nice and fuller. The track sounds however pretty much closed and lacks the sparkle in the high end. They sound very smooth which is not my taste and this might be liked by a certain group of consumers.

In the other track “EVERY LITTLE THING – ERIC CLAPTON”, Eric’s voice is nicely rendered out without any harsh vocals. The male vocals sound really nice when compared to the female vocals since the lower mids have that nice warmth from the mid bass region giving a nice overall body to the vocals. The electric guitar strings in the background have that nice strum effect and the tonality of the mid range feels warm but they are very pleasing and addictive. The kick drums do sound as natural as possible and the impact is felt very nicely. The whole presentation feels slightly laidback and when it comes to dynamism they sound very smoother thus the engaging experience is slightly lacking.


The treble in the V2 is not the strongest aspect at all and bright signature lovers please stay away from this since this has a slightly darker background. It will mostly suit the people who like non fatiguing, less brighter and darker sound signatures.

The high end lacks the shimmer and sparkle thus they sound very dull in my testing. Even when paired with bright sources they don’t scale that much hence limit your expectations in the treble region.

The separation and the spaciousness are average, the detail retrieval is below average. The presence of air in the treble region is very restricted thus this area feels very intimate and lacks life. Of course this will definitely please the dark signature lovers but I would definitely need a huge margin of brightness for added clarity and openness.

In the track “JACK OF SPEED – STEELY DAN”, the cymbal crashes sound very subtle and not that impactful. The percussion instruments lack the bite and the sparkle in the top end thus they sound darker and monotonous overall. 

In the other track “WE RIDE (NO HI HAT) – RIHANNA”, the acoustic guitar strings do lack the bite and the stringed instruments do sound darker overall in the V2. An extra brightness would have given this V2 a life and new breath of air. The detail retrieval is also sub par and follows the resolution too.


SOUNDSTAGE: The staging is narrow in width. The depth is average but the width is pretty narrow thus everything feels restricted overall giving a very intimate presentation. The depth is average due to that bass depth but still they are not the best. The height is average too thus the overall staging feels intimate but not claustrophobic. 

IMAGING: The imaging is again not that impressive since the staging is narrow. The pointing of instruments feels slightly fuzzier due to that mid bass hump. The transient response feels smoother from one channel to the other. The positioning is done very well but the pointing out feels fuzzier especially when the track is busier.

When the 12 Classics come to the technicalities does some decent job but not the excellent i would say. They are average in terms of detail retrieval and resolution but the layering was above average in my testing. Overall if you are getting this mainly due to technicalities performance, then limit your expectations. The separation is good but lacks the presence of air in the midrange and the treble hence they sound darker and lifeless.

The tonality and the timbre are very good and sound very natural to the ears which are the biggest strength of this earphone for sure.



  1. Warm and Relaxed Sound Signature
  2. Design
  3. Non Fatiguing Sound


  1. Average Soundstage
  2. Too Relaxed and Dark
  3. Non detachable and Microphonic Cable


The 12 Classics V2, budget offering from the house of MEZE is an attractive package for sure but does they imply the same in the sound too? Well it’s both Yes and No. If you like a very relaxed, smooth and dark sound signature then this will be a big boon for you but I like some brightness and more detail hence this is not my cup of tea. 

The sound here is more on mid bass focused, very relaxed and smoother overall hence this will definitely appeal to the consumers who are awaiting for this kind of signature sound. An extra bit of brightness, more sub bass focused and less mid bass presence would have been a very good tuning in my opinion.

When it comes to the build they are excellent and the design they don’t need introduction at all since Meze is known for its craftsmanship in all their products. Made of aluminium chassis with unique real walnut wood in the center of the body gives this earphone a very nice premium touch. The cable is built nicely but has that annoying microphonic sound which is very bad for the price it’s asking.

So overall, the V2 is a solid package in terms of build and design and in sound it’s a mixed bag, with that in mind if you love the relaxed and smoother sound then this TRADITIONAL SMOOTHNESS will definitely satisfy you.

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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I’m Kathiravan from Tamilnadu. A budding audiophile here with high love towards music and audio equipment. My first experience of enjoying the hifi audio came when I started to use budget chi-fi gears and now it came all along the way of reviewing the gears with high end stuffs. I love reviewing audio products.



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