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Moondrop, a prominent Chinese earphone manufacturing brand, has garnered widespread recognition for its diverse range of earphones that span across various price points, from budget-friendly options to premium, high-end models. Among their impressive lineup, the Starfield stands out as one of the most hyped and well-received earphones, living up to the expectations set by reviewers and enthusiasts alike.

Moreover, Moondrop boasts a remarkable track record of producing top-tier, exceptional-sounding earphones. Notable examples include the acclaimed KXXS, as well as the highly-regarded Blessing 2 and the Blessing 2 Dusk editions. These offerings have further solidified Moondrop’s reputation as a brand that consistently delivers high-quality audio experiences for discerning music lovers.

After their several launches  and success of their high end wired earphones they also wanted to occupy the TWS market which is getting very hot nowadays in the market. As an introductory product moondrop have launched the Sparks TWS into the market marketing as they have the Beryllium coated drivers which is quite interesting in this price range for a TWS. In this review let’s see whether the Sparks stand up to the specifications claimed by the Moondrop.


Driver: 6mm Dynamic Driver

Diaphragm: Beryllium coated Dome + PU Suspension Ring

Housing Material: ABS Plastic

Bluetooth: V5.2

Audio Transmission: apTX Adaptive, apTX, ABC, AAC

Battery Capacity: Earphone – 50Mah, Charging Box – 700 Mah

This TWS uses the Virtual Diffuse Sound Field Technology which delivers the home signature sound of the Moondrop but it can be changed to your liking if you don’t prefer that style. It has TWS + hence you can now switch instantly to another device without disconnection from the previous one. 


  1. A charging case with earbuds
  2. Documentation
  3. A pair of foam tips with 3 different pairs of silicone eartips
  4. USB C cable 

The box is very nice in feel and has anime pictures over it. The box is slip-on type and inside the box there is the TWS and the case is embedded in the foam tray. Below those foam trays there is the documentation which contains the warranty card and other user manuals. 


The design of the case is very minimalistic and neat. The case comes in a purple colour which is again Matt finished hence no more prone to scratches. The case feels very nice and velvety to touch. The lid has a metal hinge hence it will last long for sure. The lid closes and opens very silently and does not provide that satisfying click that we experience in the Airpods. The lid can be opened in a single hand. The outer casing is made of transparent plastic hence the charging lights glow very nicely. The branding is done on the top of the lid. On the back of the case there is the charging port and thankfully it’s a type C!

The Buds are designed very nice but the ergonomics are average. When the buds are inserted in the ear canal the buds don’t sit properly in the conca of the ear instead they just hang in there. The silicone tips alone helps in the fit and the body is completely out of the ear which might lead to frequent fall of the earbuds during your gym sessions and heavy workouts. For casual listening they are comfortable to wear. The isolation is very much average due to that fit issue. The touchpads are designed nicely with some sparkly pattern and have a vent for the microphone.


The Sparks touch control system is made very practical where the single tap gesture is not allowed since you may activate an unwanted gesture while adjusting the earbuds hence they are not available. Only double clicks and the triple clicks are available 


 The sparks has the app functionality but the caveat is that it’s available for android as of now. Through the app the touch controls can be altered and the Full band equalizer system is present through which you can alter the sound signature based on your liking. Through the app you can update the firmware of the Sparks . The app also displays at what codec are the earphones connected and the sampling rate of the earphone itself.


The claimed battery life by the brand is 7 hours from 100 – 0 and based on my listening I was able to attain 6-6.5 hours which is pretty comparable and decent enough. The case however got another 4-5 complete cycles of charge claiming another 35 hours of usage. The earbuds get charged completely within 30 mins after being placed in the case and the case needs more than a hour to get completely charged.


The call quality is good in the indoor environment and in the outdoors the mic picks up a lot of external noises. However I always prefer taking calls via smartphone instead of TWS hence it’s not a deal breaker for me but yeah this TWS is mainly designed for MUSIC!


The 6mm Beryllium coated driver really does the magic here. The overall sound signature of the Sparks is very refined and clean. It’s a slight W shaped sound signature to my listening and really packs some punch being a TWS. I didn’t have high expectations initially when I opened the box but after listening to my first track this thing just made me think that TWS are ataaning that wirels level for sound quality in terms of general listening. Let’s dive deep into the performance of each frequency.


The low end is very satisfactory in the Sparks. They have a nice punch and attack in the low end. It’s not as refined and slams like wired high end earphones but it’s very nice and above average for a TWS. The quantity of the bass is very nice and the mid bass is slightly more emphasized than the sub bass.

The sub bass has good extension and the rumble is very nice. They don’t go very low but that rumble can be heard evidently in bass heavy tracks. However in some tracks where the bass nuances are too little to observe then this will not be able to pick that up. Based on my experience with some TWS this one really excels for its price and even better than its competitors. The sub bass lacks the slam and weight, less resolved but overall the sub bass is very satisfactory and that nitpicking con may be that the wired high end earphones spoiled me!

The mid bass is elevated nicely and better than the sub bass presence. The mid bass however slightly bleeds into the mid section and causes slight congestion but overall the mid bass is tuned well. They have nice separation and texture which gives a nice rounded feel to the listener. The mid bass slightly feels thin hence lacks the body.

The bass however lacks the body due to that thin mid bass. The sub bass nicel digs deeper with sufficient rumble whenever it’s required.




The id range recessed when compared to the low end. The instruments are pushed back very much and need very keen listening to hear the nuances in the mid range. The male vocals are recessed slightly than the female vocals

The male vocals have a nice resolving nature and the texture of the male vocals are very good. The female vocals are presented much forward when compared to the male vocals hence listening to Taylor Swift is a bliss. The instruments sound very tiny and need to raise up the volume to listen clearly which of course is not advisable considering the ear health. 

The guitar strikes naturally and very well but the issue is with piano notes. They sound very tiny and very distant hence the detail retrieval is average in the Sparks. The lower mids are slightly recessed and the upper mids are elevated hence some harshness can be experienced. The recessed lower mids lead to the thin body to the overall sound hence for Hip Hop and Pop tracks this sounds very thin and lacking body overall.

The timbre and tonality is very nice for a TWS. They sound very natural and as expected since this being a single DD earphone. 




The treble has average extension but it would have been better if there is a slight more sparkle in the top end. The highs are airy enough to provide a sense of good instrument separation. The highs have good resolution and thankfully no sibilance or harshness have been noticed during my listening. The energy is slightly lacking in the upper end but overall as a TWS this sounds really nice.

The cymbals strike naturally and sound very pleasant to the ears. The high pitched female vocals are portrayed very well with no harshness. The cymbal strikes could have used a bit more brightness to get that overall clarity but even with this tuning they sound very smooth yet detailed enough for a pair of TWS.


SOUNDSTAGE: The staging of this earphone is very nice and above average in overall width, height and depth. They have a good sense of air in between the instruments and due to that nice sub bass the soundstage of this even got elevated a bit. 

IMAGING: The imaging is average at its best. The instruments are placed fairly precisely and well separated. The overall imaging is however slightly hazy due to the slight mid bass bleed. In very simpler tracks the imaging is very nice and when the track gets busier then it becomes hazy




The Sparks, a latest and the only offering as a TWS from the very known brand Moondrop is a blind choice as per my experience with it. They sound very clean, warm, detailed enough and airy to give you a great listening experience. For the price of 90USD this sounds really nice and punches even way above the price. They may not give you a detailed audiophile listening but for a semi casual and instead of going from mainstream brands this one definitely sounds way nicer compared to its competitors.  Even Though they don’t have high end functionalities like the ANC, Transparency, Wireless Charging etc they were able to deliver one of the best sound out of all the TWS I have ever tried in this budget range.

The TWS market in the chifi is not very popular when compared to in ear monitor market yet moondrop came up with this gem and they did it really well with exceptional sound being a TWS. If you want a fun yet balanced sound then this might be your pick and you will appreciate that indeed this is a true sparkle of a TWS!



  1. Smooth sound signature with tight bass
  2. Above average soundstage
  3. Battery life
  4. App support for android 
  5. Price and Build


  1. Unstable Fit

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