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Muse Hifi Power IEM Review – Wasted Potential

Muse HiFi, the brand based out of China is a newly established brand concentrating on the IEM market has released its new product POWER, a planar based IEM with an attractive pricing of 199 USD makes a nice place in the IEM Planar market. In this review let’s check out if this really gives a tough competition in the sub 200 USD planar market since the 7Hz Timeless already took its place.

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>New flat-diaphragm 14.5mm planar magnetic driver.

>Impedance: 32Ω.

>Driver Module: 14.5mm nanometer flat diaphragm planar magnetic driver.

>Frequency response range: 10Hz-40kHz.

>Plug Type: 3.5mm single-ended.

>Sensitivity: 106dB.

>High-purity single-crystal copper+Silver-Plated Hybrid cable.


The design is pretty standard for an IEM with a gold trimmed faceplate and a sturdy resin body. For the price the body could have been a metal but it’s not the case here. The provided stock cable is of good quality where they are completely cloth braided and the metal parts are used in the termination and splitter areas. The ear guides are slightly thicker making the fit a bit resistant.

The fit is pretty good and the isolation it provides is decent enough and one can easily find a good fit since they provide a nice selection of various ear tips in the package. The provided case is nice faux leather wrapped with magnetic closure and the branding over the case looks subtle and neat. 

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The sound of the Power is more transparent and open as told in the description of the earphone but lacks the qualities of the planar earphones that usually has. The driver that they have used here is og high quality (14.5mm nanometer flat diaphragm) but the quality that they deliver here is of very limited quality. 

The sound overall is more open and transparent but needs more mature tuning and definition. The staging is a pretty impressive aspect of this earphone but the dynamism is the lacking factor here that the planar usually has in them. Let’s check out each frequency in detail in the following sections of this review.

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The bass in this Power unit is pretty subtle in terms of both sub bass and the mid bass. The mid bass is slightly better than the sub bass presence but still they need more improvement in that area. The sub bass feels pretty null in terms of presence where even with some sub bass heavy tracks the rumble and the reach in the low end is very subtle to experience.

The mid bass is less in terms of quantity but good in terms of quality however. The mid bass has less bleed into the midrange hence the midrange felt pretty cleaner. The mid bass attack and slam is pretty weak making the bass impact very dull and powerless.

Overall the bass in the Power is pretty average in terms of quantity but good in terms of texture and clarity. The impact could have been better and misses on that planar bass quality where they would feel more impactful and powerful. The bass speed could have been reduced a bit to make the bass more fuller and presentable and I hope in the next iteration of the product they would change the negatives.

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The mid range in the Power is a pretty neat aspect of this IEM. The lower mids are slightly recessed out while the upper mids are exaggerated a bit hence you will definitely notice that slight sibilant for the letters “S” in the upper midrange section.

The tonality of this IEM is on the neutral side where it’s neither too warm nor too cold. The transparency that this IEM possesses is the main aspect here with its nice open sound. The staging is bigger and that’s one of the aspects that I like in the Planar setups. The bigger stage helped the Power in establishing the nice sense of space in between the instruments and the overall presentation felt much grander and open.

The vocals are presented in a well established position where they are slightly a bit forward too. The upper mid emphasis makes some sibilant prone letters to sound a little bit more harsh. The lower mids recession makes the male vocals sound slightly recessed. The timbre of the instruments are good and neutral too hence no metallic taste is observed. 

The piano notes and the acoustic guitar strings have a nice tone in the Power while the kick drums lack the impact and weight in the lower midrange section. 

Overall the midrange is pretty neat when compared to the other frequency response but needs a bit more improvement in the lower midrange fullness and the upper midrange emphasis reduction. The presentation feels overall grandeur and made the sound more open.


The treble in the Power is another well established frequency in the Power where the detail retrieval and the clarity in the top end is really nice and well tuned. The instrument notes are neatly brought out with a good amount of details in the background. 

The cymbal crashes and the trumpets sound really nice with great tonality representing the natural tone of the instruments. The electric guitar strings have that natural strike and tone delivering some impressive tonal aspect. The treble section has been tuned nice and smooth with no fatigue in the longer listening sessions. 

The upper end also feels more open and the presence of air is more than adequate. No congestion in the top end has been observed, making the treble section sound nice and open without putting out any restrictions on them. 

Overall the treble section in the Power is well detailed, clarity rich and open sounding. A smoother and safer tuning in the treble section but still this managed to bring out all the essential qualities of the top end.

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STAGING: The staging in the Power is pretty nice and wide with more than adequate width and height. The sense of depth is average since the low end in the Power is just average. The sense of width gave that nice grandeur presentation. The instruments and vocals had a great sense of space in between them making the separation felt better. 

IMAGING: The imaging aspect of the power is nice since the staging is nice and wide. The spatial cues and the instrument positioning feels more or less accurate. The channel sweep and the transition from one channel to the other feels smooth. The notes of each instrument can be easily spotted even in the busy tracks and thanks to that nice spacious staging and great separation of the Power.

Overall the separation and detail retrieval of this Power IEM is pretty satisfactory and meets the quality of a Planar driver. The technicalities aspect from this planar driver is extracted to the fullest. 

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The Power, the latest offering from the house of Muse HiFi is a Planar driver based IEM with the size of 14.5mm nanometer flat diaphragm is a well tuned package but also has a room for quite a bit of improvement to be done in several aspects. 

The design aspect of this IEM is pretty gorgeous with a nice gold trimmed faceplate with a nice resin sturdy body. The 2 pin connection feels nice and tight with some great stock cable in the market. The fit is good and the isolation it provides is great since they provide great options of tips to find the best fit for the user.

The sound aspect is the area that needs more improvement especially in the Dynamism. The planar is known for its impactful sound, especially that dynamic factor! The bass in the planar usually sounds tighter, punchier and has a good amount of reach and rumble but in the Power the quality just lacks rather the quantity like the texture and clarity feels nice. The upper midrange feels more emphasized hence the sibilant sounds are much more prone here while the lower mids fullness is absent thus the kick drums lack the impact in the sound. The treble section is the positive aspect of this Power where the detail retrieval and the separation is above average. Frankly I would choose the 7Hz Timeless over this Power for its impressive sound quality!

Overall a safely tuned IEM with much more improvements can be done in terms of sound if the drivers full potential has been extracted and i hope the WASTED POTENTIAL would be re-established in the next iteration of product from the house of Muse HiFi.

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  1. Transparent and Natural Sound
  2. Staging 
  3. Tonality
  4. Detail Retrieval and Separation
  5. Accessories


  1. Bass as a whole
  2. Upper Mid (Extra Emphasized) and Under Emphasized Lower Mids.
  3. Build doesn’t feel premium.

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I’m Kathiravan from Tamilnadu. A budding audiophile here with high love towards music and audio equipment. My first experience of enjoying the hifi audio came when I started to use budget chi-fi gears and now it came all along the way of reviewing the gears with high end stuffs. I love reviewing audio products.

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