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Nicehck Ebx21 Review – Natural Breeze

NiceHCK is a Chinese based company producing a lot of high end audiophile grade earphones. They manufacture a lot of high end cables and earphones to satisfy the need of people demanding some good audio experience. The EBX21 is the latest offering from the NiceHCK which is an ear bud with removable cable. The ear buds are actually not my type since they don’t go snug in your ears hence the audio will be not dynamic and rich, no isolation etc but I wanted to give this a try so that I may get a chance to reconsider my opinion on them. In this review let’s see how the EBX21 sounds.


This unit has been given to me as part of a review circle conducted by the Hifigo Team. I have not been influenced by any means to manipulate this review and this is completely based on my testing with my source hence this might vary to your view. 


Driver – 14.2mm Dynamic Driver with Japan LCP diaphragm

Sensitivity – 121dB

Impedance – 32 ohms

Frequency Range – 20-32 KHz

Connector – MMCX


  • NiceHCK EBX21 ear buds
  • MMCX Connector Cable
  • Premium Carry Case (Denim Finished)
  • Foam covers (2 pairs)
  • Silicone Rings (2 pairs)
  • Cable Organizer
  • Donut style foam covers (2 pairs)


This is one of the best designs I have seen in an ear bud. They look modern and sleek. It’s completely different from a classic earbud design which has the usual smooth curved glossy plastic body with fixed cables but the EBX21 done this completely opposite by using CNC Machined Aluminum, sharp edges with matt finish and a MMCX detachable cable which looks awesome in real and feels very premium in the hand. Since this is metallic they have some heft towards the body thus providing a premium feel. 

The cable is also good where they are braided and covered by denim texture. In reality they provide a premium feel and are non-tangible. The cable has a Y splitter and the termination is 3.5mm with metal casing over it. The sides of the ear buds are marked with R and L and also differentiated by colors, Red for right and Blue for left.

There are no pressure vents since this is an open back design and no suction is created in the ear canal. The fit is fine; actually I’m not a fan of ear buds mainly because of their fit. They don’t provide isolation like an in-ear monitor because of its open back design. The rubber rings and the foam covers helped a bit in providing a good fit. 


Since this earbud is very sensitive it’s very easy to drive via the smartphone. For this review I have used the iPhone with the Apple Dongle and the Hidizs H2 Bluetooth DAC AMP.

iPhone + Apple Lightning 3.5MM Dongle + Hidizs H2

The overall sound is very natural and smooth in the EBX21. The transparency is very good in this earbud and the detail retrieval in the high end is very much appreciated. There is a lot of air in between the instruments and is very spacious thus providing a good sense of soundstage. It sounds balanced or flat overall hence the bass can’t be appreciated well. 


As this being an ear bud you can’t expect the sub bass rumble to bang your head. The sub bass is subtle whereas the mid bass elevation is done nicely. The mid bass gives a nice body to the sound overall and provides engagement. In tracks like WHY SO SERIOUS – HANS ZIMMER the sub bass can’t be felt very subtle so for fun listening this is definitely a no go. The mid bass however sounds very natural and smooth. The drums hit nice and the impact is very good. The slam and the rumble can’t be expected in an ear bud thus overall as an ear bud the EBX21 sounds very nice and smooth.


The mid section is the shining aspect in the EBX21. They sound very natural and transparent. The details are very nicely retrieved with good instrument separation. Both male and female vocals sound very natural and realistic. The tonality is exceptional and no timbre issues are found. The guitar strings sound very nice and placement is done very well. In tracks like SULTANS OF SWING – DIRE STRAITS the guitar strikes very nice. They sound very open and transparent.

Overall the mid section is the star performer here. They sound natural, transparent and more open thus the tonality is exceptional.


The treble is extended nicely and sounds very airy. The ear buds main advantage is the openness. They sound very wide and airy. They are very suitable for relaxing sessions. In tracks like the DREAMS – FLEETWOOD MAC there is no sibilance I experienced during my listening. When the cymbal crashes they sound very smooth and precise. Even for longer listening sessions this works very nice. It Sounds smooth, open and airy.

Overall the treble is well extended, open, airy and smooth without compromising the detail retrieval in the high end.


SOUNDSTAGE: The soundstage is the massive aspect here. It’s very wide and deep. They sound very opn and it gives a big sense of space in between the instruments. Especially in the tracks like GLOBAL GEAR – PUNYA SRINIVAS the whole listening experience felt like sitting in an orchestra. Overall this is one of the best soundstage monsters and being an ear buds this will not be a amazement to you.

IMAGING: The imaging is very good too. The instrument placement is neatly done and the transitions from the left to the right channel is very smooth and no stutters are observed. In the tracks like CROSSING –  YOSI HORIKAWA the rickshaw crossing is depicted very nice and smooth in between the channels.

LAYERING: The layering is also done exceptionally. On A track like CARDIGAN – TAYLOR SWIFT the background instruments are layered very well and it’s a very pleasant experience listening via this EBX12. They sound absolutely natural.

Overall the technicalities are delivered very well by the EBX21. This just makes me change my opinion towards the Ear Buds.


The EBX21, a latest earbud offering from the NiceHCK is tuned to sound very transparent and natural. They sound very open and have a nice relaxing sound signature to it. The mid section sounds very natural and the amount of detail retrieval is marvellous. The technicalities are exceptional, especially the soundstage and layering. If you are a bass head this will definitely don’t satisfy you but there are other options like the Vetala Earbud. If you like the open, transparent and natural sound then this is the one to get. This is my primary go to pick for a relaxed and natural sounding earbud.



  1. Neutral Sound Profile
  2. Great Technicalities and Soundstage
  3. Design and Build
  4. Natural Tonality and sounds Transparent


  1. Not the cheapest buds around
  2. Lack of Sub Bass

This Review is Written By KATHIRAVAN.C


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I’m Kathiravan from Tamilnadu. A budding audiophile here with high love towards music and audio equipment. My first experience of enjoying the hifi audio came when I started to use budget chi-fi gears and now it came all along the way of reviewing the gears with high end stuffs. I love reviewing audio products.



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